7 Work At Home Opportunities with Flexible Schedules

The opportunity to work from home is on the rise.

What once seemed like a needle in the haystack trying to find a legitimate work from home job is now a reality for many people.

Working from home provides many benefits for both workers and employers which is great for many people looking for ways to supplement or replace their traditional jobs.

When you start your search for work at home jobs, the ability to work a flexible schedule is appealing to many. You could be just starting this journey and building up income and experience around a full-time job. Maybe you have family needs to care for and need to be able to work around their schedule.

Finding a job that allows flexible hours may seem like a dream, but they are out there if you look. There are many industries where as long as the work gets done, it doesn’t matter when it is done.

As more workers find job flexibility as an important perk, companies are going to find ways to make it happen to help with employee retention.

The rise of digital nomads plus employees looking to spend more time with their families and an older generation not ready or having the ability to retire yet means companies will continue to look for ways to make remote jobs work.

If a flexible schedule isn’t essential, check out all of the companies that are hiring here!

Let’s take a look at some industries where you could find a work at home job with a flexible schedule.

7 Work From Home Jobs That Have Flexible Schedules

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a very flexible job.

Businesses all over the world are looking for content for their websites, plus internal communications with their employees, newsletters, social media posts and more.

If you love writing and have experience in a specific field, the chances are that you will be able to find a business that needs your services.

Writing can usually be done whenever you have the time provided you make the deadlines.

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If you’re interested in starting your own freelance writing business, we highly recommend the course at 30 Days or Less To Freelance Writing Success. If you’re not for sure if it’s right for you, check out their free e-book with 200 freelance writing niche ideas!


Virtual Assisting

Virtual assisting can be a great job with a flexible schedule. It all depends on the tasks that need to be completed plus whether or not your boss wants you working the same time as them.

Virtual Assistants complete many tasks that can be done anytime:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Researching
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Graphic design
  • Customer Service

Even doing tasks such as setting or making appointments can have some flexibility but would have to be done during business hours. You can see some companies that hire VA’s here.

If you’re interested in working from home as a VA, we highly recommend the course 30 days or less to VA success. You can also grab a copy of their free e-book with over 150 services you can offer as a virtual assistant!



Tutoring is a job that usually happens outside of normal business hours.
So if you need a job that has early morning or late afternoon/evening hours, tutoring may be a good job to check out.

There are plenty of companies that hire tutors to teach English online, like VIPKid!

While it would be working at home, you could also teach kids locally at the library or school.



Editing or proofreading is a job like freelance writing that has a lot of flexibility to it. Most employers don’t care when you get it done as long as you get it done on time.

This is also a great job if you have little pockets of time to fill and want to make some cash. You could edit a couple of documents at a time and have it add up quite a bit over the course of a week.

We highly recommend the course at Proofread Anywhere. They are currently offering a free webinar to anyone that’s interested in becoming a work from home proofreader!



Transcription is another job with pretty flexible hours.

With companies like, you will be able to work as much or as little as you need to. This would be great if you don’t always know what your capacity for working hours will be every week.

Since it’s up to you how much or little you work it will be a great way to earn extra money as seasons of life change. You can see all of the legitimate transcription companies here.

If you’re interested in working from home as a transcriber, we highly recommend the course at Transcribe Anywhere. You can join their free 7-day course to make sure transcription is right for you!


Customer Service/ Chat

Customer service is one of the top outsourced jobs by most companies.

Because of the global economy, companies are interested in having service agents or chat agents available for many hours outside of normal business hours.

If you need something steady and know that you will have pretty much the same hours to devote every week, this would be a good job for you.

You can see all of the customer service and chat jobs hiring on our Hiring Now page!


More Ways To Earn Money From Home

Finding a flexible work at home job isn’t as hard as it used to be and it will most likely continue to increase as companies see the benefits in hiring workers from home.

Many jobs that require writing, researching, editing can be done at any hour as long as it’s done by the deadline.

Transcription jobs are good when you aren’t able to work the same set of hours every week, and you need something that can flow with the demands of your life.

Customer service and technical support opportunities abound. Many companies have a number of different shifts which will allow you to find the right hours for you.

Take a look at what your needs are, and then research companies. You should be able to find something that matches your needs. Make sure to check out all of the companies that are hiring now!


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Do you know of any other work from home jobs that have flexible schedules? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!


If you're looking for a work from home opportunity that has a flexible schedule make sure to check out these 7 ways to work from home!

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