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4 Ways To Make Money Losing Weight: Get Paid To Lose Weight!

Here're 4 ways you can get paid to lose weight. All are legitimate and pay via PayPal! Plus a bonus way to earn even more!The new year is just a few weeks away, and some of us will have the new years resolution of losing some weight. For most, they won’t have much success, but today I’d like to share four different ways you can have some extra motivation to lose weight.

On this post, I’ll share four ways you can make money losing weight. All four are completely legitimate and scam free, I’ve actually won some money on a few.

Below I give you an overview of how they all work, but I do have more detailed reviews if you’re interested in learning more.

Leave comments if you have any questions and good luck getting paid to lose weight!

4 Ways To Make Money Losing Weight

Healthy WageRead Review

With Healthy Wage, you get to set your goals and how much you’d like to bet. You can choose to lose 10-150 pounds in the time frame of 6-12 months. You get to choose how much you’d like to bet each month, anywhere from $20-$500.

You’ll weigh in the first and last day of the challenge. As long as you meet your goal, you’ll get paid your money back plus some extra earnings (when you sign up for a challenge it shows the estimated amount you’ll earn if you meet your goal). Payments are made via PayPal a few days after your results are approved!

I recently completed a step challenge at HealthyWage and I’ve included payment proof below:

healthywage payment proof

I highly recommend reading my full Healthy Wage Review. I give more details of the process.

Diet BetRead Review

Diet Bet is similar to Healthy Wage, but there’s not as much freedom. There’re two types of challenges to join at Diet Bet. One is a 4-week challenge where you’re required to lose 4% of your current body weight. The other option is a 6-month challenge where you’re required to lose 10% of your body weight.

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how to make money online

After you choose a challenge, you’ll need to find a game. Each game has a different wager amount ranging from $10-$100. Once you find the wager that’s right for you, you’ll be given your start date and goal weight.

If you meet your goal at the end of the challenge, you’ll win your money back plus a bonus for meeting your goal. Most members report earning 150%-200% of their wager, but it differs from game to game.

If you’d like to learn more, check out my DietBet Review. I go into more detail there.

PactRead Review

Pact is an app that pays you to work out, track calories and eat healthier. It has a similar set up as the other sites, where if you meet your goals you’ll get your money back and a bonus.

Pact works on a weekly basis, so each week you set your goals and the wager amount. You can track your workouts by using their app or other workout apps. You can use the My Fitness Pal app to track healthy eating.

As long as you meet your goals, you’ll earn a tad more than you wagered each week. From what I’ve found, meeting your goals earns you a small amount, not meeting your goals means you lose a lot more.

If you’d like to learn more, I highly recommend reading my full Pact App Review.


Higi is an app that rewards you for tracking your health. This is much different than the other sites listed on this page. You’ll basically earn points for tracking health and sticking with your goals.

There’re not any cash rewards or winning money. But you can redeem your points for store coupons. For example, you can unlock a coupon for 20% off Garmin products and 25% off iHealth products.

Again, this site is completely free to join, but not as lucrative as the other methods.


If you decided you’d like to lose weight over the next year, you’ll probably be interested in purchasing some supplements. I highly recommend checking out Ebates. Ebates is a cash back website that offers cash back to over 3,000 stores including sites like GNC and other supplement shops.

If you’re going to spend money on weight loss supplements, might as well earn some money back!

You can learn more about Ebates in my review.

Other Ways To Make Money Online

Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of ways to make money losing weight. If you have any questions or have experience with these apps, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below. I’ve used both Healthy Wage and Diet Bet before, and I know they’re legitimate and help motivate you. Let me know what you think.

Getting paid to lose weight is awesome, but it’s not for everyone. Here’s a long list of ways you can make money online for completely free.

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Have information about the sites listed above? I’d love to hear more in the comments below! 🙂


My name is Brok and I am the Owner of Full Time Job From Home. I started making money online in 2013 and created this site to teach others how they can do the same. To see exactly how I make money online visit Start A Profitable Blog

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