2 Ways To Earn Free Pokemon Go Coins!

Do you play Pokemon Go? Here're 2 easy and free ways you can earn Pokemon Go Poke Coins!I know that I’m late to the game, but after spending some time with younger family members this holiday season, I was told Pokemon Go is still a relevant game/app people are playing.

So today I’ve put together a short list of ways you can earn free Pokemon Go Poke Coins.

The two sites on this list are legitimate, and I’ll show you proof that they pay below. If you have any questions feel free to leave comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. You can also check out my full reviews to learn more about the sites.

Even if you’re not interested in Pokemon Go, these sites have other ways to get paid so you might still be interested in joining. Make sure to check out All of the Extra Income Sites I Use.

Let’s get started, here are two ways to earn free Pokemon Go Poke coins.

How To Earn Free Pokemon Go Coins!

FeaturePointsRead Review

Featurepoints is an app that pays you to download other apps. You’ll earn points for each app you download that you can exchange for gift cards and cash payments.

The app is free to join and easy to use. Once you join start downloading the apps available, once you download and open the app you’ll earn points.

You can exchange points for Amazon gift cards, PayPal payments, and several other gift cards. They also have an option to exchange points for 550 Pokemon Go Pokecoins.

I’ve never played the game, so I’ve never cashed out for that reward, but here’s proof Featurepoints pays via PayPal!

feature points app payment

To learn more or to join, visit!


GiftHulkRead Review

GiftHulk is a rewards site, which pays you to do things like take surveys, visit websites, watch videos, refer friends, and much more.

Gift Hulk has hundreds of reward options including PayPal, Amazon, and Pokemon Go Pokecoins. Once you earn $10, you can exchange it for a $10 Pokemon Go gift card.

Again, no proof of getting paid the Pokemon Go gift card, but here’s proof that GiftHulk pays via PayPal:

gifthulk payment proof

To see all of the ways to earn and rewards visit my GiftHulk review, or visit to join for free!

More Ways To Make Money Online

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to earn free Pokemon Go coins. Both of these sites are legitimate and pay me each month. If you play Pokemon Go, this can be an easy way to earn some free coins.

If you have any questions about the sites listed above, feel free to leave comments below.

If you’re not interested in these ways to earn, check out these helpful links:

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2 thoughts on “2 Ways To Earn Free Pokemon Go Coins!”

  1. Thanks for these simple and easy to use website to earn Pokémon go coins or just some extra cash.

    I guessing since you used both of them, which one would you say is better in terms of how much money you can make?

    I’m not much into doing surveys, I like the one where all you have to download apps.

    • Hey Michael. 

      I prefer Featurepoints, but others really like Gifthulk because it offers several ways to earns. If you’re just looking to earn Pokemon Go coins I’d go with Featurepoints, but both are legitimate. 

      If you’re not interested in Pokemon Go coins, check out all of my recommendations

      Hope this helps and thanks for reading,



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