Transcribe.com Review: Will This Transcription Job Scam You?

Learn How You Can Work At Home As A Transcriber for Transcribe.com!
After searching and reviewing some transcription jobs, I naturally came across transcribe.com. From the start, I could tell that this site was not a scam and that it might be a great place for someone who likes transcription to get a job.

I decided to write this review because they have a lot of requirements, and there’s a ton of information about this transcription job. If you’re not familiar with transcription, transcribe.com probably won’t be the best site for you. They do accept beginners, but they have a pretty hard test you must pass, and there’re some startup costs. Beginners should check out this awesome free course on general transcription. It will teach you what you need to know and help you find transcription work.

As mentioned, this Transcribe.com Review is going to be very detailed so stick with me, and we’ll cover all the important information about this job!

Transcribe.com Requirements

transcribe.com review is it a scamThe only real requirements to work at transcribe.com is over 18 and a US resident. There is some additional equipment needed, which I will cover next. Experience is not required, but the test is pretty hard so it will help!

As usual, you’ll need a computer with high-speed internet. The exact specs required can be found on their website. Transcribe.com also requires you to have some additional equipment that most sites that accept beginners don’t.

They require you to have your own transcription software; they recommend Express Scribe, which is a really good program in my opinion. They also highly recommend a foot pedal, used to rewind audio files. In total, assuming you already have a computer and internet access, you’ll be looking at an initial cost of $75-$100 just to apply. Which is why applying here isn’t ideal for someone with no transcription experience.

*They recommend a quality headset, but it doesn’t seem to be required.

Transcribe.com Application Process

I’ve already covered that you’re going to need your own transcription software to apply, so there is an initial investment before getting accepted. Once you have the equipment, there’re a few things you should do before you apply.

They leave a link on their site to the style and formatting guide. This is extremely important; the guide shows exactly how they’d like files transcribed. You’ll need to review this and complete a few transcriptions in the format they provide.

After reviewing the guide, you’ll download the audio file and transcribe it in your transcription software. One thing to keep in mind, they do require the file to have time stamps. Most transcription software does this for you. It shows how long it took you to complete the file.

After you complete the transcription, upload it to their website.

They’ll get back to you within 2-3 days with an answer. If you’re accepted additional information will be required, like payment information, and you can start transcribing.

How Much Does Transcribe.com Pay?

Transcribe.com does not have an exact rate for how much they pay for transcription. I can say that each project that you complete is clearly marked with how much it pays. Payments depend on the length of file and difficulty.

One thing to keep in mind is that pay rate is based on a percentage of accuracy. If you fall below the accuracy percentage, you’ll still get paid, but it will be at a lower rate since they have to pay an editor to go back and fix your work.

Transcribe.com pays by PayPal daily. Most tasks you complete will be credited shortly after, so it’s possible to get paid for tasks the same day you complete them!

Transcribe.com Work Schedule

The schedule is extremely flexible at transcribe.com. There’s no minimum or maximum requirement to how many hours you work. You can log on at any time and transcribe as long as there’s work to be done.

There are deadlines on jobs, so they do ask you to meet all deadlines if you decide to accept a job, but the hours you put in can be at any time.

This makes me think it’s set up to be part time work, meaning jobs aren’t always available, which is pretty standard with most transcription sites.

Is Transcribe.com A Scam?

Transcribe.com is not a scam. It’s a completely legit site that members are happy with. I will say this probably isn’t a site for people that don’t have any experience, just because there’s a small initial investment before applying.

If you’re confident in your skills or at least want to try, I’d say go ahead and buy the equipment. If transcription is something you want to do you can get accepted somewhere else and the foot pedal will come in handy.

It sucks I can’t find an average or at least give you an example of what a typical job pays, but they do say that they have part-time members making $500-$800 a month and top members making $2,250+ each month.

If you’d like to learn more or to start the application process, visit Transcribe.com Jobs.

If you’re a beginner and don’t want the upfront cost, check out some of the transcription jobs that don’t require experience.

If you’d like to see some other sites that can earn you an extra income or how I make a full-time income from home visit My #1 Recommendation.

Have more information on how much transcribe.com pays? Think this review is wrong? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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Carlton Gonder - July 11, 2016

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Maria - April 3, 2016

Great post and description of the transcribedotcom application process. For a seasoned typist and transcriber this could be a great way to supplement income. It definitely helps I’m sure to have the software and pedal so it’s great you mentioned that. I think this is helpful for so many people thank you!

    Brok - April 6, 2016

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Maria. Do you plan on applying? Let me know how it goes so I can share with others.


Martin - November 25, 2015

My first thought is that that is a very impressive url. I’m hoping there is a long tail keyword in there. Like some other reviewers. I can identify with a lot of your experiences and efforts. You seem to have had more persistence than I did. The site seems well organized and moving along seeing each review seemed easy enough and interesting. I like how you wrapped it up with what worked for you, and you intend to stick with it. A reader will feel comfortable with your suggestion just based on the shear number of your reviews.

    Brok - December 8, 2015

    Hey Martin,

    Thanks for the kind words about my website. I do my best to give accurate an honest reviews. Glad that you got the feeling of trust. I’m here to help so if you have any questions make sure to reach out


Dennis - July 27, 2015

Hey Brok, Just found your website. You certainly have a lot of things going on there. I like the fact that you believe in multiple streams of income. All those small payments can really add up. You seem to be focused on Wealthy Affiliate and helping people to learn how to build a website and make money online. Good on you. The more we help others the better chance we have of being successful ourselves. Keep up the good work. I will check out some of your recommendations.

    Brok - July 27, 2015

    Thanks for checking out my site Dennis,

    You’re right I’m a fan of having income come from multiple places, even if it is a few bucks here and there.

    I will say that Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation, and what I learned there is the bulk of my online income each month.

    Thanks for the kind words and for checking out my recommendations,



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