Raise.com App Review: Buy & Sell Gift Cards At A Discount

Learn How You Can Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards For Extra Cash at Raise.com! Raise.com is an awesome way to get rid of old unwanted Gift Cards and to get gift cards at a huge discount. I decided to write a short review to show you exactly how Raise.com works and how you can make some money selling gift cards.

Raise is actually a marketplace where people go and list their unwanted gift cards for sell, so if you decide to buy gift cards you’ll be buying from other people. Don’t worry the whole process is handled by Raise.com so it’s completely safe and scam free.

In this review I’ll cover the selling portion of this site. I’ll cover how it works, how much you can earn, and how to get paid.

Raise.com Review

Site: Raise.comraise.com app review get paid to sell gift cards

Price: Free To Join

Score: 85 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit

In my Raise.com Review I gave them a good score and marked it legitimate. There’s very few instances where I see selling gift cards as a good option. I’d recommend spending the gift card if you have the ability, but if you don’t you can easily list your gift card on raise and get paid cash.

Overall it’s a super easy site to use and everything is done electronically so it’s pretty much hassle free. If you have an unwanted gift card, Raise.com is a good option.

How To Sell Gift Cards On Raise.com

The process of selling gift cards on raise is super easy, but here’s some details about the process.

1) Enter The Store & Serial Number

The first step to listing your gift card for sale is entering the store. Not every store is available, but pretty much all major retail stores are.

raise.com scam review

Once you find the store it’s time to enter in the serial number so they can check the balance and deliver the gift card electronically.

2) Check Balance & Add Additional Information

Once you enter in the serial number you can easily check the balance of the gift card. It’s completely fine to list gift cards that you’ve used before.

If your gift card has an expiration date, you’ll need to enter that in as well.

3) List For Sale At A Discount

Once you’ve added your gift card Raise will automatically suggest a sell price based on how much the gift card is worth and the price of similar gift cards sold on the site.

Most of the suggested prices are at a 3.5% discount, but you can discount less or more.

4) Get Paid When Your Gift Card Sells

Once you’ve listed your gift card, just wait for it to sell. I recommend selling your gift cards electronically so you don’t have to mess with shipping and funds become available much faster.

Once funds become available you can cash out via Check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit.

How To Get Paid By Raise.com

There’s a few different ways to get paid by Raise.com. They pay via Check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit. Once you sell a gift card your funds will be available within a few days, usually instantly.

You can cash out at anytime and payments will be made shortly after. They do say on holidays payments will be delayed a few business days.

How To Earn More At Raise: Referral Program

Raise.com does have a referral program that can help you earn more. If a friend joins through your link and makes a purchase of a gift card you’ll earn $5 to spend on gift cards.

They also have an affiliate program for website owners. It’s through an affiliate network so some people will not be able to join unless you have a website.

You’ll earn a flat fee for everyone who signs up and lists a gift card. It’s more lucrative then the normal refer a friend program, but has limitations on who can join!

Raise.com Complaints

Why Sell Gift Cards For Less?

Yes you can make money by selling Gift Cards on Raise, but I think the obvious concern is why would you want to sell gift cards for less then what they’re worth? The only real reasons I can think of is if you no longer shop at a store or don’t have a location near you.

I know if I had a gift card somewhere I’d drive farther just to use it, but I guess some people aren’t interested in the that. To me it doesn’t make much sense, but if it fits into your situation Raise is an easy way to sell your unwanted gift cards.

Is Raise.com Legitimate or a Scam?

Raise.com is completely legitimate. If you have unwanted gift cards, this is a good place to get rid of them and earn some cash. Really I don’t understand why you’d like to give away gift cards, but I guess there’s a few instances when it makes sense.

I’d recommend using the gift card if you have the ability, but if not, head over to Raise.com to get started.

If selling your gift cards at a reduced price isn’t for you, learn how to make an extra income online or a full time income with my #1 recommendation.

Thank you for reading my Raise.com Review! Do you think this site’s worth selling gift cards on? 


My name is Brok and I am the Owner of Full Time Job From Home. I started making money online in 2013 and created this site to teach others how they can do the same. To see exactly how I make money online visit Start A Profitable Blog

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RuthM - March 16, 2016

What an interesting concept. I have never heard of this before. I wonder if they make much money as a business? Just thinking out loud. I can see why people would want to sell a gift card, as if it’s for a retailer you don’t use then it’s better to have some money back than a wasted gift card.

Do you know if it just works in the states or could it be relevant in the UK?

    Brok - March 17, 2016


    At this time it looks like Raise is only available in the US, but I’m sure you can find a very similar site that’s available in the UK if you’d like to use it.

    Like you said only good for someone that isn’t going to use the gift card, but might as well get some cash back.


Tyler Redlev - January 8, 2016

This is a great option for people who are full on gift cards.

Some survey companies and affiliate companies give you an option to pay you with gift cards that you can spend. But i think cash would be the first choice of probably most of the people.

Raise com has seen a great oppurtunityin this and made their move.

    Brok - January 10, 2016

    Hey Tyler thanks for checking out my site. I agree that it’s a good option if you have unwanted gift cards. I don’t think I’d ever run into this problem, but you never know!

    Thanks for checking out my Raise.com Review

    Let me know if you have any questions



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