EarnHoney Review: Is Earn Honey A Scam?

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EarnHoney is a new reward site that pays you to complete offers, watch videos, play games, take surveys, and refer your friends.

I decided to write a quick EarnHoney Review because the site is pretty new and some people are wondering if it’s a scam.

Although there’re some reward sites that I prefer over Earn Honey, it seems to be a legitimate and is pretty easy to use.

In this EarnHoney Review I’ll cover how to earn, how to get paid, and the complaints I have with this site.

EarnHoney Review

Site: EarnHoneyEarnHoney Review

Score: 80 out of 100

Verdict: Legitimate

In this EarnHoney Review, I gave them a decent score and marked it legitimate. Overall, it’s a pretty good site, and I like that you can cash out at a very low dollar amount. With that being said, there’re not that many ways to earn and the main ways, videos and games, won’t earn you very much.

As long as you know this is just a small extra income, you should be happy with this site, but in my opinion, there’re much better reward sites out there.

How To Earn Honey Dollars


The main way to earn at Honey Dollars is by watching videos. The cool thing here is that videos just auto play after each other, meaning you can set it up and leave.

Before each video, they show an ad and then a video will plays. Most ads are 15-30 seconds, and the videos are around 1 minute.

Each video earns you some “nectar,” nectar will start to fill up the bar, once you’ve filled up the bar, you’ll earn Honey Dollars for watching videos. If you’re familiar with Swagbucks, it’s the same process.


You can earn money by taking surveys at Honey Dollars; they call it taking polls. When you first join there’re primary profile surveys that can earn you around 50 Honey Dollars right off the bat.

Once you complete your profile, you’ll start to receive survey invitations. Most surveys take 10-30 minutes and pay anywhere from $.25-$3. You’ll occasionally find surveys that pay more, but they usually have very specific requirements and are difficult to qualify for.


You can earn money by playing games. While you play a game, a video will be shown on the right of the screen. Most games pay up to 3 Honey Dollars per 10 minutes of playing.

At this time I only see a few game options, but on the FAQs, they say they offer many games in different categories. They also say that they add new games all the time. I’m not sure if I just don’t have many options right now or they just haven’t started adding games yet.

Refer Friends

EarnHoney does have a referral program that can help you earn more. You’ll earn 10% of your referrals lifetime earnings. Meaning if they earn 100 Honey Dollars you’ll earn 10.

They give you a link, a referral code, and let you share easily on social media.

It does say that referral earnings are added monthly by the 5th of the month. Most sites update it instantly, so this is a negative.

How Does Earn Honey Pay?

There’re two different ways to get paid by EarnHoney. The first option is by Amazon Gift Card. They have $1, $5, $10, and $25 gift cards. The higher the payment amount, the bigger the Honey Dollars discount.

Another option for payments is PayPal. PayPal payments start at $5 and cost 500 Honey Dollars.

It looks like they deliver rewards on Monday and Friday. PayPal payments go straight into your account, and Amazon e-gift card codes are delivered to your email.

EarnHoney Complaints and Concerns

Small Income

If you’re familiar with “reward sites” you know that all of them are just extra income opportunities. I use a ton of these sites, and there’s no way to earn more than $50-$100 a month unless you have a way to get thousands of referrals. If you ever see payment proof of $500 payments from reward sites, it’s because their referrals are making them money.

As long as you know that it’s just an extra income site, you’ll be pretty happy with Earn Honey.

Limited Ways To Earn

Most reward sites offer a few more ways to earn then what Earn Honey has. Personally, I think that completing “offers” is the easiest/most time efficient way to make money on reward sites.

Earn Honey does not have any offers to complete. It’s not a huge deal because they still have surveys, but I prefer reward sites that have more ways to earn.

Is EarnHoney A Scam?

EarnHoney is not a scam. There’s a lot of payment proof across the web, and it’s a decent reward site. I like that you can earn passive income with the videos, but it’s still going to be a small income. I also really wish they had some additional ways to earn.

Overall it’s a good reward site to join and earn some extra cash. If you’d like to learn more or join, visit

EarnHoney is not bad, but here’re the reward sites I prefer. Don’t forget to check out how I make a full-time income online with My #1 Recommendation!

Thanks for checking out my EarnHoney Review! Do you think EarnHoney is a scam?

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6 thoughts on “EarnHoney Review: Is Earn Honey A Scam?”

  1. the problem with earn honey is you can’t make a lot of money right away. you have to make atleast 100HD to make only $1. which is not enough i think

  2. Nice review. Like you said, with reward and survey sites, there’s no way to make a ton of money. I’ve used them in the past and just got tired of spending all that time for little reward. If you need a little extra cash, then great, but as an online business, you’re wasting your time. I like your recommendation. I’m definitely going to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Glad you took the time to read my review Andres. Like you said, just an extra income opportunity here that can earn you cash over time as you upload receipts.

      As you said, not an online business in any way. If you’re looking to start one, check out My #1 Recommendation to see how I make money online 🙂


  3. I appreciate that you are alerting us to what is legitimate and what it not on the internet! There are so many scams out there that your website has helped me to avoid most of them. You offer a great service! I agree with you that there are better ways to earn money online than earn honey. I have started my own website business and it has the potential for greater profits and can actually be fun! Thanks again.

    • Hey Philip great to hear that you enjoy my website and thanks for leaving a comment.

      Glad to hear that you agree that Earn Honey probably isn’t the best way to make an extra income and I’m very excited to hear you took a look at My #1 Recommendation and started your own website.

      Let me know how that goes and if you need any help getting started 🙂



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