Vipon Product Testing Review: Free Amazon Products?

Vipon is a site that gives you discounts on Amazon products in exchange for a detailed Amazon Review of the product (Optional.)

I have an extensive list of other Amazon discount sites, but Vipon seems to have the most variety of all the other sites on the list.

Vipon is completely free to join and has discount codes for multiple countries, not just the US.

Keep in mind that although Vipon advertises Free and discounted Amazon products, most of the items are just discounted.

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In this Vipon Product testing review, I’ll cover how the site works, what products are available, and if Vipon gives you free Amazon products!

How Does Vipon Work?

1. Join Vipon For Free

You can join Vipon as a buyer for completely free. Visit and click “Join as Buyer” to start the sign-up process.

2. Request Deal’s

The main page of the website is the deals page. You’ll see 100’s of deals available. They do have a search, and you can narrow the results down by category. You’ll see a picture of the item, what country the deal is available in, the cost of the item, shipping cost, how big the discount is, and how long until the deal expires.

If you find an item you’d like to have, click on request deal.

3. Seller Approves Deal

You can apply for any deal on the Vipon website, but the seller must accept you before you can make the purchase with the discount applied. My advice is to go back and leave detailed reviews on some of the past items you’ve ordered on Amazon. Although Vipon does not require you to leave a review, I’m sure sellers are looking for people who have left reviews in the past.

4. Complete Amazon Purchase

Once a seller approves you, you’ll see a link to the Amazon product and the coupon code. Visit the link and add the item to your cart. Begin the checkout process, during the checkout, you’ll be able to enter the coupon code to receive the discount.

5. Leave a Review (Optional)

Most of the sites that offer Amazon products at a discount require you to leave a review, so I was surprised to see that leaving a review at Vipon was optional. In my opinion, you might as well help the seller out and leave a detailed review of what you liked or disliked about the product. You do not need to disclose you received a discount since the review is optional.

What Items Are Available On Vipon?

Overall, the variety at Vipon is pretty good. Most similar sites have mainly electronic accessories, but Vipon has plenty of options in the following categories.

Vipon Shopper Rules

Every month you’re allowed to request 150 discount vouchers, but there’re a few rules to receiving the discount and keeping the products. Make sure to follow these rules:

  • No Reselling the product
  • Do not order more than 1 product
  • Do not share coupon codes with anyone else

As long as you follow these rules, you can get great Amazon deals, and most sellers will approve you!

Writing Amazon Reviews

As mentioned, since Amazon made a policy change, sites can’t make you leave a review in exchange for a discounted Amazon product. But If you have multiple reviews on your Amazon account companies will be more likely to accept you and give you their product discount code.

Companies are looking for detailed, honest reviews; they aren’t giving you a discount for a five-star review. Make sure to receive and use the product.

After, leave a 100-200 word detailed review of what you liked and disliked about the product.

Is Vipon A Scam?

Vipon is not a scam, it’s a legitimate way to get free, but mostly discounted Amazon products. They have a good selection of items available, and I like that you can apply for many coupons at one time. With that being said, I wish you didn’t have to apply for coupons because sometimes sellers take a while or never respond.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit

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Do you think Vipon is a scam? No of any other sites to get free Amazon products? 

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  1. Maybe someone can explain to me the point of having a sight with great deals if you don’t get approved because you want to purchase more than one item. I have travel plans and had requested 2 different passport wallets. I got denied for this reason. Isn’t the point of posting your items is to sell them. First come first serve I would think. The reason I come to these sights is too get good deals.


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