6 Easy Legitimate Ways To Get Free Amazon Products

Learn 6 Easy and Legitimate Ways To Get Free Amazon Products In Exchange for A Review! Did you know you can get free Amazon Products just for writing a review of the product? Today I’ll show you six legitimate ways to get discounted or free Amazon products.

These sites are all very similar, but some do have a few differences. I’m going to explain generally how the whole process works next. Then I’ll give you any relevant details of each site below.

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Let’s go ahead and get started, here’s how the process of getting free/discounted Amazon products works and some great places to start.

How Does “Get Free Amazon Products” Sites Work?

The process is very similar on all of these sites, but each one is a bit different. I’d like to talk about how the general process of getting free Amazon products before covering all the sites. After joining any sites on this list, you’ll see a full list of products they offer at a discount.

If you find a product you’d like to try, just click on the claim coupon button. Some sites make you apply for the code and sellers have to approve you. You’re given a code that you enter during the checkout process. This code will apply the discount. You’ll continue the checkout process just like you would on a normal Amazon order.

Once you receive the product you should use it. After using the product visit the product on Amazon to write a review. Your review should be detailed and tell people what you liked and disliked about the product. They want the review to be honest.

After you write your review, you’ll be able to claim more discount codes from the site.

One thing to keep in mind is that some products might not have free shipping if you’re not an Amazon Prime member. You’ll still get the discount, but there might be a shipping charge.

6 Scam Free Ways To Get Free Amazon Products

SnagShout: Read Review: Most products fall into the cell phone and tablet accessories category, but there are other products as well. Limit of 1 item out at a time until you finish your review, then you can request another coupon. Most products are $1-$2, but you will find some products that are completely free.

Elite Deal Club : Read Review : The easiest site to get going with and claim coupons for discounted Amazon products. They release new products every morning at 10; you can have them send you an email with all of the new deals. Most products fall into the electronics accessories category, but you’ll find a few other products as well. Most items are under $2. Does offer a referral program to earn more!

AMZ Review Trader : Read ReviewAMZ Review Trader probably has the biggest selection of diverse products available, and has the highest ticket items. There’s some free products, a few that are $1-2, but most fall in the $8-$10 range. It’s still a big discount usually over 50%. On this site, you also have to request a coupon code, and the seller must approve it. I guess the idea is they want to make sure you can write quality reviews before giving you the discount. Overall a great place to get discounted Amazon products and the best site for higher priced items.

Dollar Deal Reviews : Read ReviewWorks a bit different than the other sites. You’ll pay $5 to get 500 points. Each item you request cost 100 points. When you go to purchase the item on Amazon, all coupon codes bring the balance to $0. So every product will be free on Amazon but initially cost you $1 for the points to claim the code. The rest of the process is the same, you receive the product and write an Amazon Review. The products available are a bit limited, but it seems that the items available cover many categories.

Giveaway Service : Read ReviewThis site has a lot of offers available in a wide variety of categories. They usually offer some huge discounts, but occasionally you’ll have to do more than just leave an Amazon review. Some products will request a social media post, video review, blog post review, and a few other things. Not all products require these additional steps, so if you don’t have the ability, there’s still some products out there for you to claim. You will have to apply for the coupon and meet all requirements. If you don’t mind the extra work, you can get some huge discounts, basically free products at Giveaway Service.

Home Product Testing : Read ReviewThis site has the least amount of products available, but there’s a variety of the products that they do have available. If you find a deal that you’d like to use, you will have to apply. The key is having past Amazon reviews on your account. If you have a few good reviews, you should have no problem getting approved for the discounted products available.

Are Free Amazon Products Sites Legit?

All of the sites on this list are completely legit and an easy way to get some free/discounted Amazon products. I have full reviews of each site so just click read review if you’d like to learn more. All are great options; it just depends on what type of products you’re looking for. For more information and ways to get free products to keep, check out this product testing e-book!

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Do you use any of these Free Amazon Product Sites? Let me hear your thoughts on these 6 sites!

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  1. This is awesome! I had no idea that Amazon gave away products. I most definitely am going to give it a shot. I am going to take a look at all of the six sites that you recommend. I will start with the fist one, Snagshout! Again, thank you for this information.

    • Thanks for checking out this list of 6 ways to get free amazon products. You should check out all of the different sites, because they usually all have different products on them.

      They also all work a bit differently.

      Thanks for reading and hopefully you can get some awesome free products on Amazon!


  2. This is the first I’ve heard of getting free Amazon products. Thanks for telling how it really is. I like your site too, very professional and easy to find stuff.

    I particularly like you’re #1 recommendation for making money online. It seems like you really can make a full-time income that way.


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