Vicky Virtual Review: Is Answering Phones for Vicky Virtual a Scam?

virtual vicky virtual assistant review scam or legitimateVicky Virtual was founded in 2014 and is based in Chicago. They provide phone answering and basic reception services to small businesses.

If you’re pleasant on the phone and ready to work, Vicky Virtual is hiring! In my review, I will tell you more about the virtual receptionist job opportunity they offer.

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Characteristics of a Vicky Virtual Receptionist

If you want to join the Vicky Virtual team, you need to live in the US. Here are some other characteristics that will help you fit right into the culture at Vicky Virtual:

  • You need to love working from home and not having to commute to work or deal with a dress code.
  • A love of computers, and learning new programs will be very important to your success. You don’t need to know the programs going into it; you just need to be willing and able to learn.
  • You need to have a pleasant demeanor, and be empathetic and helpful to the people who call in, and also with your team members. Ninety percent of the job will be on the phone and or computer.
  • If it’s important to you that you do a good job, that will show through to your clients, your fellow team members, and the customers who are calling you.
  • You must be able to accept feedback and share the same honesty with others.
  • A desire to learn new things, and the willingness to accept change, will both be very important characteristics for anyone who wants to join the team at Vicky Virtual.
  • The ability to multitask and stay focused and calm during stressful situations will be an important trait for this position. Think Customer Service.
  • You’ll likely have more than one company that you’re taking calls for, so you need to be able to switch gears and quickly move on to the next call who is possibly calling for a different client.
  • Anyone who joins the Vicky Virtual team should have a sense of humor. The clients want you to build relationships with their customers, so you need to be able to make small talk if you sense that the customer is trying to chat with you.
  • You will want to be highly organized.

Vicky Virtual Technical Requirements

In order to perform the virtual receptionist duties, you’ll need to meet the following technical requirements:

  • Fast, reliable computer
  • Stable, high-speed internet connection
  • You’ll probably need a headset
  • A quiet workspace during business hours

Vicky Virtual Application Process

If you want to apply for a position with Vicky Virtual, click here to go directly to the application. Inside the application, you will fill out a complete application. In addition to your basic contact info, you are also asked if you are you a citizen, and when can you start. You’ll also have to fill out your education and employment history, including start and end dates, as well as contact info, probably to verify employment.

You will describe your skills and qualifications. They want to know if you have a Mac or PC. Next, they want to know if you have any inbound customer support, customer service, or call center type of experience. You’ll answer yes or no if you have strong computer skills, a reliable computer, stable high-speed internet, and a quiet workspace during business hours.

Next, they ask: do you have any experience answering calls from home using computer-based telephone software? They want to know if you can answer calls and type 50 WPM or more at the same time. And there’re more… are you upbeat on the phone? What are your short-term and long-term life goals? What are you doing to reach your goals? What motivates you to reach your goals? What are you so passionate about that you could teach a class about it? Why do you want to work for Vicky Virtual?

They want three references with names, emails, and phone numbers. Finally, after you’ve spent probably 30 minutes or more completing the application, you have the option to upload a resume and cover letter. I did that part to see if the application is populated with your resume, which it is not.

How Much Does Vicky Virtual Pay?

It is stated on the Vicky Virtual website that they pay $10 per hour for the virtual phone answering and receptionist position. Their most tenure agents are getting up to $15 per hour. They’ve only been in business for 4 years, so if the senior agents have been with them from the beginning, and they’re up to $15 per hour, that’s over 10% increase each year, which is more than you would get with most companies.

This is a contract position, so you will receive a 1099. But it is possible to be hired full-time and receive a W2.

When Does Vicky Virtual Pay?

Vicky Virtual pays their agents twice a month, on the 1st and 15th. They will pay either by direct deposit or PayPal.

Vicky Virtual Schedule

At Vicky Virtual, they hire mostly full-time agents, but they will hire part-time if needed. Their schedule is fairly set, but they are extremely flexible when time off is needed.

Vicky Virtual Feedback

I couldn’t find any reviews on Glassdoor. I did find a Facebook page, but there isn’t a lot of activity on it. A few people asked to follow up on their application and Don from Vicky Virtual said they would review applications and reach out to them if they are interested.

Many of the service reviews seem to be for lawyers. I imagine that the application process is as detailed as it is because the clients are professional people who expect a high level of service.

Is Working at Vicky Virtual a Scam?

Based on my research, Vicky Virtual is NOT a scam! If you have a quiet workspace and like chatting up customers, Vicky Virtual might be a good fit for you! If you want to apply for a position with Vicky Virtual, click here to go directly to the application.

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2 thoughts on “Vicky Virtual Review: Is Answering Phones for Vicky Virtual a Scam?”

  1. Hi, Brok. I would only believe that being partnered with clients, (perhaps even a few Fortune 500/1000 companies) that Vicky Virtual must have requirements specifically around agents who have a complete background and skills having to do with customer service and tasks normally associated with being a personal secretary.

    As I also recommend work-from-home jobs to readers as part of my online business, I know for a fact that similar companies that offer jobs as virtual assistants have very stiff requirements looking at the background and skills of candidates and that many would not even qualify despite sending in an application.

    In reading your very thorough review of Vicky Virtual I just could not get a sense if this company has the same expectations and requirements of so many other similar companies that I am aware.

    I must say that the pay, especially when a person hired eventually gets tenured with a 50% raise going from $10 on up to $15/hour is impressive.

    I noticed that you mentioned that their schedule if fairly set, and full-time agent jobs are offered. Would this be equivalent to a 40 hour/week job, with the individual really being able to earn a good salary?

    I agree with your assessment that Vicky Virtual, in business for 4 years, is definitely a legit work-from-home opportunity for a person who has skills with this venture.


    • Hey Jeff thanks for reading and giving your two cents on Vicky Virtual. 

      You’re correct they want to fill up a 40 hour work week which is what they consider full-time. 

      Keep in mind that it might be several different companies that you’ll work for to fill up those 40 hours. 



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