99 Dollar Social Review: Is Working for 99 Dollar Social a Scam?

99 social review scam or legitimate99 Dollar Social is a social media advertising company that helps small businesses compete in the social media world. They offer to run your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for $99 per month.

This company hires people for a full-time work at home position, called a Content Specialist. I will be looking at this position in this review.

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99 Dollar Social Requirements

The ideal candidate for the content specialist position will have the following characteristics:

  • They will be savvy in social media and be actively using social media
  • They must understand how businesses use the different social media outlets to brand their businesses and to engage their audience
  • They will love to discover and share interesting, and relevant content, be able to write creative intros that aren’t boring and also be able to write in a way that the client’s voice comes through in what has been written
  • Must be disciplined, and able to work independently
  • Needs to be organized and able to keep track of multiple projects
  • They need to be detail oriented, to the point of being a perfectionist
  • Must have perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and never make mistakes, which is 99 Dollar Social’s commitment to their clients
  • Applicants must be able to switch gears to work on something different and convey a different tone, based on the client
  • A sense of humor will help

99 Dollar Social Technical Requirements

You’ll need a computer or laptop with reliable internet service. You won’t be able to do this job from a tablet or smartphone.

99 Dollar Social Application Process

If you want to apply for the content specialist position with 99 Dollar Social, click here to get started. You’ll start with basic info, like name, email, and phone. Next, you can upload your resume if you have one. The next thing they want is a message from you, stating why you want this job, and why they should hire you. They’re going to learn about your skills though this message, so be creative, and be yourself.

Next, they want you to complete 3 writing assignments. They give you 3 fictitious clients and tell you a bit about their audiences. Following their guidelines, you need to write a social media post for each client. They’re looking at your creativity, grammar, spelling, and if you choose relevant content. Here’s what they want:

  • Find an article, video, or image that is relevant to the client
  • Write text to go along with the article, video, or image (within 120 characters)
  • Use hashtags appropriately

They even give you a clue: as an option, you can read an article about how to create the perfect social media post.

The three topics I received (who knows how often these change):

  • Dentist, targeting families in the Vacaville, CA area
  • Restaurant, targeting hungry people in Des Moines, IA
  • Vacation resort, targeting Vacationing adult couples who are middle to upper class

You need to pick an article, video, or image and create an intro for your client that is no more than 120 characters.

Last, you’ll click on a link to take a grammar and spelling quiz.

How Much Does 99 Dollar Social Pay?

99 Dollar Social pays you a flat rate per account, not hourly. But you get paid more as you get more accounts, so the busier you are, the more you will get paid.

Training is unpaid, so you’ll want to get through that as quickly as possible. But it should only be 6-7 hours of online training, plus a few conference calls with your team leader before you begin working.

Like most freelance positions, this is a contractor position. There are no benefits, and you will need to pay your own taxes.

When Does 99 Dollar Social Pay?

I did not get a good reading on how often they pay. One review made it sound like you get paid monthly.

99 Dollar Social Schedule

This is a full time, 40 hour per week, job. It’s all work from home, and they actually encourage working in your pajamas! But you’ll be very busy, and they don’t sugar coat it – you’ll need to work quickly and efficiently.

Your total number of hours will vary based on the number of accounts you have, which will grow until you are at capacity. Most people in this position have 100-120 accounts. You will be assigned new accounts daily until you get up to capacity, which it sounds like is when you get to the 40-hour mark. But again, it isn’t hourly; it’s per account. So they must have a scale of how long they think it should take for your assignments.

According to a review on Glassdoor, while it’s a full-time position, you can work whenever you want. So your schedule is completely up to you.

99 Dollar Social Feedback

There are only a handful of reviews on Glassdoor, but they are mostly positive. One review said they were making a good living wage within a few months.

One of the bad reviews said that they were lied to regarding pay to get them to work. However, the same review said they saw a co-worker cry at work, yet this is a 100% remote company, so I’m not sure if that’s a fair review.

Is Working at 99 Dollar Social a Scam?

Based on my research, I think that 99 Dollar Social is legit. If you’re looking for a full-time work from home position, this sounds fairly easy to get started. If you like writing, give it a try and let us know how it goes! Here’s the link to apply.


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Learn How You Can Work From Home Full-Time As A Social Media Manager For 99 Dollar Social!

99 Dollar Social Review

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