uTest Scam Review: Website Usability Testing Job

Learn How You Can Earn $10 Per Usability Test at uTest!
Today I will be reviewing the website usability testing job at uTest. I have to say this was one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write.

Most companies provide you with most of the information that you’re looking for right on their website. But with uTest they also hire a lot of remote workers in other positions like web design. Since I was searching for the Usability Testing portion of this job I had to do a lot of digging, but came across a nice guide that gave me most of the information I needed for this review.

Although each test pays $10 this won’t be a huge income, there’re just not enough tests to make this a consistent large income If you’re interested in making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation to learn how I made over $13,000 online last month!

From what I can see uTest is not a scam in any way, so let’s jump right in this review and learn more about usability testing at uTest.

uTest Requirements

utest usability testing job reviewThe only real requirement at uTest is that you’re over 18 years of age. Of course you will need a device to take tests on, this can be a computer, mobile device, or gaming system.

They do not require any experience to join, but people with more experience do get paid higher rates. I was surprised to see on their site that they do hire some testers that make a full-time income, but most people have a full-time job and do this for some extra spending money.

uTest Application Proccess

If you decided to join uTest there is a simple form that will need to be filled out, this will contain some basic personal information first. After that you’ll pick your testing preferences such as written, video, bug finding, and functionality. Don’t worry they give descriptions for each!

Next you’ll need to submit your skills. This is basically where you tell them what languages you speak and if you have any prior experience usability testing. Next you will register your devices, this can be a computer, laptop, mobile device, and even gaming systems. After you’re done confirm your email address and you’re all set!

How To Get Tests From uTest

There are a few ways to get tests from uTest, the first is through supply and demand. I cover this a little bit later on, but you will have a professional profile on uTest with demographic information. The easiest way to get tests is by meeting the demographic information. To do this you’ll need to have your profile filled out completely.

The second way is the sandbox program, basically this is a program that some testers will get invited too. It’s a way to move up the ranks quickly and improve your tester score (also covered later).  If you get into this program and do well you’ll start to receive more and more tests overtime!

What Type Of Tests Are Available?

From what I can find there are a few different tests available on uTest. uTest refers to one test as a test cycle. Within a test cycle you could be giving written responses (basically taking a survey) about the website/app, finding bugs within the product, or giving a recorded usability test.

From what I found all test cycles are different, but you’ll be informed of what you need to provide up front.

How Much Does uTest Pay?

Everyone is going to be disappointed in me so if you can add to this section please leave a comment below. From what I can find you’ll be paid for each approved bug you find or any feedback that you submit within a given Test Cycle.

The payout for each portion of a test cycle is clearly identified, but each test cycle differs in pay. They say you’ll start with the lower paying tests and slightly work your way up to higher paying tests as your tester score improves over time. I can’t find any information on how much a typical test pays, but based on screenshots I’d say anywhere from $10-$50+,  but I know that the higher level testers, who do this as a full time job make over $1,000 a month, and some close to $10,000.

uTest does have two options for payments, PayPal or Payoneer, both payment options pay on the 15th and last day of the month.

uTest Tester Profile

When you join uTest you’ll be give a pretty detailed profile. This profile is going to include your demographic information, testing expertise, experience and skills, and any uTest achievements and badges.

This might not seem like a big deal, but you can promote yourself using this profile. Clients can also find your profile and request for you to work on their project. Now this probably won’t happen at first, but as you move up the ranks it’s more likely.

But at the beginning of working at uTest, it’s very important to have your profile complete, because this helps them send you better tests to complete and get paid.

uTest Tester Score

I’ve mentioned this through out the review multiple times. The way that uTest tracks your progress as a tester is with the tester score. Every test you complete will effect your tester score. It’s basically a score of how you compare to other testers. There’s 5 levels Gold, Silver, Bronze, Proven, and Rated. I’m not going to go into detail on each, but just know that the three higher levels, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, all have payment bonuses.

This means becoming a higher level will earn you more money on all the tests you complete.

Gold uTester

Becoming a Gold uTester is not easy and takes time, from what I can see the Gold program is available only to the best testers. The advice they give is to focus on quality of quantity. You will need a very high tester score to get in this program, but it has its benefits.

Gold uTesters get access to all of the highest paying tests, most are making somewhere between $1,000-$10,000 a month.

Is uTest a Scam?

There is nothing about uTest that makes it seem like a scam, although there isn’t much information about the testing job around I still didn’t find any negative feedback. uTest does hire other positions and I did find some negative feedback, but those are the full-time employees and most of the feedback had to do with dealing with upper management, which you won’t have to do as a tester.

Overall I think uTest is a good usability testing website to join. Even as a beginner they accept and provide you with tons of information to get started on the right foot. It seems that uTest can only be some extra cash in the beginning, but if you get good at it and are interested it can be built into a larger income, and for a select few a full-time job.

If you’d like to learn more or to join visit Become A uTest Tester.

If uTest doesn’t sound like your thing you may be interested in some of the other work at home jobs or extra income sites that I recommend. Usability Testing isn’t for everyone, but you may find something right up your alley.

If you’re wondering how I work at home full-time providing you with reviews like these, check out My #1 Recommendation to learn how I made over $13,000 online last month!

Thanks for checking out this uTest Review, this site is not a scam, but I’m in the dark on pay rate. Do you have more information on how much a typical test pays? I’d love to hear any additional information you have about uTest in the comments section below!

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11 thoughts on “uTest Scam Review: Website Usability Testing Job”

  1. Hello

    Even I thought it might be a scam.. I joined Utest past week and I got invited which was my first paid project I felt so excited.

    Its not only about earning money… we can meet a lot of testers/TTL/PM from different countries.

    U test also helps in knowing about various tools, discussions, forums which is a very good platform for knowing testing knowledge.

    As mentioned in previous comments u testers will be rated for the work depending upon ratings, testers can earn as much as they can.

    I’m happy to be a part of Utest team now.

  2. ive been testing from march 2017, guys..its legit. i have NEVER earned so much from a testing site.(its april now) I got around …more than 5 test cycles, if i remember correctly. the more devices u have, the more tests u can get invited to. i’ve rejected a few tests too. the fee for each bug found varies from $1 to like $15 depending on how valuable it is. you test websites, apps. first come first serve type of testing. Sometimes its competitive, many testers work on each project. but its exciting:D you can find my username @lafarha. I’m not an advertiser, just a really satisfied tester:)

  3. I’m confused is Utest a process where a person checks out your website to see if there are errors or do you test other areas? and what type of errors will it find? Improper webdesign…bad SEO… mis-spellings? Do you make tests up…I find this concept interesting because I’m a teacher and maybe i can help someone. Thanks…Mac

    • Hey Mac,

      You’d be looking for web design and functionality errors within a site. uTest does offer some additional tests such as website feedback, which is just giving your opinion of different functions of the site, but the error finding portion would not be based around spelling or grammar.

      Hope this helps,


  4. Hi,

    Utest seems like an ok thing to get involved with for the right person.

    Since they don’t give you a lot of information about what the tests are or what you’ll be doing I find it hard to decide if this would be good for me or not.

    After reading your review I am fairly certain that Utest is not a scam so that good to know. Before reading your review I had only heard a little bit about it so now I feel like I have a better understanding of it. Thanks.


    • Thanks for the comment Robert,

      You’re right that uTest is not a scam, and maybe I didn’t do a great job of expaining the different tests. They do offer usability testing and bug finding, but they don’t go into detail on what a typical test is like.

      I’m assuming this is because each one can vary a lot.

      But thanks for dropping by and checking out this uTest review!


  5. Website is looking good. You have chosen a good domain name which improves your website branding and authority. By including the social plugins- it makes the content more user friendly.The quality of the content is simple and clear for the reader. Also, the way you have outlined your process is very clear for the reader. You have ended with a call to action for the reader. You have pretty much followed all the rules of SEO. This surely will lead you to higher conversions.

    • Hey Shivaram thanks for the comment

      Looks like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to On page SEO and the important parts of a post.

      Thanks for confirming that I’m doing everything right! =)

      Thanks for stopping by



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