TutorVista Review: Scam or Real Work at Home Opportunity?

tutorvista review is tutoring at tutorvista a scamIs tutoring for Tutor Vista A Scam, or a real work from home opportunity?

With, you can earn a corporate salary while working full or part-time from home. TutorVista was started in 2005, providing over 11 million tutoring sessions to date.

Its operations are located in India, but much of their market is abroad, with most of their services in the US. In fact, good communication skills in English is required.

In this TutorVista Review, I’ll cover the qualifications, and computer and connectivity requirements. I’ll also go over the application process, pay, schedule, and feedback from current and past tutors. 

TutorVista Requirements

Good English communication skills aren’t all that you need to be a tutor with TutorVista. They want you to have a master’s degree or more in your field. Or a bachelor’s degree AND a teaching degree. Some skills like Engineering will be accepted with less than a master’s degree.

They require that you work a minimum of 4 hours per day, and you’ll need a computer and reliable internet connection. Plus you’ll need to be willing to learn tools and technology that are being used in online teaching.

Specific Computer and Connectivity Requirements

  1. High-speed Internet access (ISDN, DSL, a cable modem or faster connection)
  2. Windows PC with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  3. At least 256mb RAM, and a Pentium 3 or faster processor
  4. Speakers and a microphone (or headset and microphone, speakers)
  5. Microsoft Word
  6. Digital Pen and Pad

Here’re some other tutoring jobs if you can’t meet TutorVista’s strict requirements.

TutorVista Application Process

It’s pretty simple: send your resume to, and they will contact you if you qualify, and they need tutors for the subject or subjects you have experience in. They are currently looking for Math, English, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology tutors. But you can send in your resume for other subjects, and they will contact you in the future if they need a tutor in your area of expertise.

TutorVista covers Kindergarten to the undergraduate level, so there is a wide range of opportunity if you’re an out of work teacher, or if you want to have a part-time job at night.

You’ll receive training of computer usage, technology tools, and familiarization of TutorVista methodology and curriculum for various grades. Training will include trial tutor sessions with trainers and other tutors. The amount of training you receive will depend on your skill level and the subject, but typically runs for 35 hours, over a 7 day period. There is no indication if the training is paid.

How Much Does TutorVista Pay?

I found another review site that says you can expect an hourly rate of $8-39 per hour based on your experience and level of expertise.

TutorVista Schedule

Although they boast being a flexible work-from-anywhere job, they require that you work a minimum of 4 hours per day. And later go on to say that you can choose part-time for 4 hours a day, or full-time for 9 hours per day.

The times are scheduled, so there isn’t a lot of flexibility, and many of the hours worked will be in the evening. I think it will be hard to work a full day if your day doesn’t start until late afternoon at the earliest. But full-time is an option.

The sessions are normally 45 minutes in duration. Once you have a student, they try to keep you together to give better continuity for both the tutor and student. It sounds like you will be able to work together to schedule mutually agreeable times or make changes to your schedule if you do it in advance.

TutorVista Feedback

Glassdoor has 33 reviews of TutorVista. They scored well overall, at 4 out of 5 stars. And 81% would recommend to a friend. I guess it’s all about perspective. Some said it’s flexible; some said it’s not. You have to work a minimum of 4 hours per day, and some commented that back to back sessions are common.

Pay is low was commented a handful of times. Several said it’s a good place to get started or to hone your tutoring skills.

Is Working at a Scam?

Based on the information that I found online and from current and former tutors, I do think TutorVista is legit! But you have to be highly educated and disciplined to do this type of work from home.

If you want to apply or see if you qualify, send your resume to Or check them out for yourself!

Please let us know if you have experience with TutorVista, or if you apply, we want to know! Good luck to you!

TutorVista has some pretty strict requirements. If you’re interested in tutoring but don’t meet their requirements, check out these 38 legitimate work at home teaching and tutoring jobs

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Learn How You Can Make Up To $39 An Hour Tutoring Any Subject From Home With TutorVista!

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2 thoughts on “TutorVista Review: Scam or Real Work at Home Opportunity?”

  1. Hi, As I have also conducted reviews of various work from home opportunities in tutoring, I noticed that this is the one company that I’m aware of that upon accepting qualified people, would then take the time to train them, thus assuring the fact that they could, provide a high level of instruction to students and in an ideal learning environment.

    Not all people, despite the number of degrees they may have earned, know how to act as teachers.instructors in mentoring individuals.

    The top end of the possible salary to be earned with this company is right in line with other legit online tutorial websites.

    And of course, as it appears that students would mostly come from the U.S., the candidate simply must have a command of the English language in order to be able to best articulate him/herself in an easy-to-understand manner.

    I agree, TutorVisa is a legit company, especially due to the fact that without question all candidates would have been properly vetted before being hired.


    • Thank you for sharing your experiences Jeff! 

      Glad to hear you can confirm some of the information in this review. 

      If you have any questions please let me know!



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