Tripbase Review: Is Writing for Tripbase a Scam?

Tripbase freelance writing review is it a scam or legitimateTripbase is a travel blog written by four women who claim to have been just about everywhere. They are looking for talented writers to join their team.

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In this Tripbase review, I will cover the requirements, application process, pay, schedule, feedback, and if this a legitimate freelance writing opportunity!

Tripbase Requirements

Here’s what you need to be a travel writer for Tripbase:

  • You need to be passionate about travel
  • You need to have a good eye for what pictures will attract readers
  • You should be skilled at research
  • You need to know English well

If your sample article meets their requirements and standards, they will invite you to become a writer for their travel, food, and cruise blogs. It sounds like there are other blogs, not just Tripbase.

Tripbase Application Process

If you want to apply to write for Tripbase, you’re going to write and submit a sample piece. Currently, they’re giving you four options for the sample piece, which they will pay you for if they end up publishing it. And they’re only asking for 800 words.

Here’s where you will go to submit your article and complete the application. I highly recommend that you GO HERE FIRST to make sure they haven’t changed the sample topics, and to make sure you’re getting the complete instructions. Then when you’re on that page, scroll down until you see the link for submitting your article. That will also ensure that you have the current application form.

Here are the current options for the sample topic:

  1. Travel – “Don’t Make These 6-8 Mistakes Traveling in Dangerous Places”
    • For this article, you need to write 800 words on the mistakes you should try to avoid when traveling in dangerous areas
    • Include a numbered list of dangerous things to avoid that are not obvious to most travelers
    • Include a personal story if you have one and it’s relevant
    • Be sure to include a conclusion
    • For photos, you’ll need one main people image as well as a relevant photo for each point on your list (images will be loaded to an online album, they give you more info about how to do that)
  2. Food Photo Essay – “10 Meat Dishes that Will Make You Go Caveman”
    • You need to write 700-800 words on the hugest and tastiest meat dishes from around the world
    • Include some interesting info, like why we crave meat
    • Make a numbered list for your article, headed with the dish name and country of origin
    • Include an image for each dish
    • Please include interesting information about the dish, like a story about how it originated, how it’s part of the culture, and how it’s eaten
    • Include instructions on how to make it
    • Remember to include a conclusion
    • Images will be added to an album which they tell you how to do
  3. Food article – “7 Quirkiest Health Restaurants in the World”
    • Research to try to find the strangest health food restaurants and write 700-800 words about the places you find
    • You’ll want to include images of each place
    • Include interesting and relevant information about the health food market and trends
    • Try to include places from around the world; each should be numbered and headed with the name and location
    • Include background info on each and remember to include a conclusion
  4. Cruise – “8 Cruise Myths Uncovered”
    • Write 800 words about common misconceptions of cruises
    • Include background as to why these misconceptions happen and where they originated
    • You should include 1 main photo with people and an image for each myth that you uncover

When you have your sample article written and your images ready to go, you will click on the link at the bottom of this page, where is says “SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE HERE”. When you get there, this is the info you will give them along with your article:

  • Name
  • Email
  • PayPal email address
  • Which article you selected
  • Paste your article into the text field
  • Article word count (you can find this in Microsoft Word)
  • The URL for the online photo album containing your images (remember to set to ‘public’)
  • Paste your resume into another text field if you want to be considered for other opportunities with Tripbase

They give you many resources so that you have a chance to do well. You can look at the Tripbase blog to see examples of their articles. They also have another resource which they refer to as a micro-site: Breaking Into Full-Time Travel Writing. This micro-site would be useful to anyone who wants to be a travel writer.

How Much Does Tripbase Pay?

Tripbase pays $30 per article, or $25 if they need to replace any of your images. They pay via PayPal, but I didn’t see any indication as to how often they pay.

Tripbase Schedule

Your schedule will be whatever you want it to be. As with most freelance writing gigs, you choose what you want to write, so you have the freedom to choose as much or as little as you want.

Tripbase Feedback

It’s not clear if you’ll be picking your own topics if you become a writer for Tripbase, or if you’ll continue to receive titles with complete instructions. My best guess is that the sample articles are so clearly defined so you have a good chance of producing something they would be interested in. Be sure to follow the instructions they give you.

I thought the micro-site: Breaking Into Full-Time Travel Writing, might be leading to a sales pitch for a writing course, but it doesn’t appear to be. Several of the first links that I clicked on were no good, but many of the links are still good, and it actually does seem to be helpful.

Is Writing for Tripbase a Scam?

Based on my research, writing for Tripbase is not a scam! If you are a travel writer or want to become a travel writer, check this one out! If you want to apply, go here to find the list of sample topics and get started!


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Tripbase Review
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