Andovar Review: Is Translating for Andovar a Scam?

andovar translation review scam or legitimateAndovar is a translation and localization company who hires freelancers. They are headquartered in Singapore but have offices in Ireland, Thailand, Colombia, India, the UK, and the US. They are always looking for full and part-time freelancers to help with localization of website, software, eLearning, and even video games.

Localization is the process of adapting something to a specific locale, in this case, websites or other technical applications.

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In this Andovar review, I’ll cover the requirements, application process, pay, feedback, schedule, and if it’s a legitimate work from home opportunity.

Andovar Requirements

At Andovar, they have a couple of different freelance options. These are the requirements for translator and editor:

  • You should have relevant experience in your field of expertise
  • You should be willing to take a short test to prove your ability (the test is free)
  • You need to own and use a CAT tool (CAT is computer-assisted translation)

For game localization and testing, these are the requirements:

  • You need to be a native speaker of your target language
  • You should be a gaming enthusiast
  • They want you to have experience in game translation or functional, cosmetic, and linguistic testing of localized games
  • Having a college degree and being familiar with translator workbench environments is a plus

Though neither of them lists it as a requirement, you will most likely need a computer and internet access.

If you want to do either of these positions, you will use the same application listed below.

Andovar says they only hire freelance translators and editors. They do not want to receive applications from agencies. Please only submit your application if you qualify and are a solo freelancer.

Andovar Application Process

If you want to apply, you’re going to go here to start the application. This is for the translator-editor position. Here’s what they are asking for:

  • Name
  • Company and job title
  • They want to know your place of birth (they are looking at your native language)
  • Birthdate
  • Current address (where you live now, as opposed to where you were born)
  • Phone
  • Email
  • What’s your website (if you have a professional online profile)
  • Do you have any instant messaging profiles (Skype, LINE, Google Talk, WhatsApp Messenger, Yahoo! IM, or WeChat)
  • What is your availability? Select full or part-time, and you can also select which days and times you are available
  • Are you using Mac or PC
  • What is your educational background
  • What is your professional experience
  • What is your native language
  • What is your preferred currency (choose from Euro, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, or US Dollar)
  • What is your source language and your target language or languages
  • What is your translation and editing rate
  • What is your daily capacity in words or characters per day for both editing and translating (you don’t have to do both, but they are giving you the option to apply for both)
  • What other services do you provide
  • What is your area or areas of specialization (they have a list of about 80 areas of expertise that you can select from)
  • What CAT tool or tools do you use
  • Do you have any credentials (certifications, licenses, or accreditations)
  • Last, you can upload your CV or resume

When you submit your application online, you will see a notification that your message was sent.

How Much Does Andovar Pay?

Andovar doesn’t list their pay rate. When you apply, you can state what your rate is. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll get it, but I think it means they will value your skill. It possibly also means that they want to find freelancers who have more experience and who have above average skill level.

Andovar Schedule

Andovar is looking for both full-time and part-time freelancers. When you fill out the application, you can select either full or part-time. You can essentially build your schedule by selecting which days of the week you are available and from what time to what time. I’m sure the more available you make yourself, the more opportunity there will be for you to find work. But it’s nice that you can say when you’re available.

Andovar Feedback

I found only one review on Glassdoor, and it was not a freelancer. In 2017, a full-time employee in India left a review, having worked there for 3 years, was very happy.

Is Translating for Andovar a Scam or Legit?

Based on my research, Andovar is legit! If you’re an experienced translator, you should fill out the application and see what they offer you. If you have experience with Andovar, help us out and leave your comment here!


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Andovar Review
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  1. They try to scam you through fake POs as they eliminated the word count view from Memsource, then you ask for it and they send you a totally different PO. The AP dept is alwasy months late with payments and when you contact them, many times they can’t speak English


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