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Legit Online Jobs Review: Is it A Scam?

If you're looking for a work at home job, legit online jobs may be able to help, but probably not!Welcome to my Legit Online Jobs Review. You’re probably here to find out if Legit Online Jobs is A Scam before buying, which is great because I am going to be showing you exactly why this is not the best product for you to buy to find legit online work.

Legit Online Jobs has the basics down. They are going to teach you about affiliate marketing, but in this review you will find out why they could be doing a better job of teaching it.

In this Legit Online Jobs Review I will be showing you exactly what you will be paying for, show you all the training available, and my thoughts on the Legit Online Jobs system.

What is Legit Online Jobs?

Legit Online Jobs ReviewLegit Online Jobs is a company that provides you training on several different ways to make money online. Basically the main way they teach you to make money is with affiliate marketing, which is the #1 to make money online in my opinion. But the way they teach you to do it is with classified ads. As in Cragslist ads for example.

They also provide training on paid survey sites, selling on eBay, Drop Shipping, Building an Affiliate Website, promoting your own product, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click optimization.

When you buy this product you will receive tons of bonuses as well which will all be covered later on in this review!

How Much Does Legit Online Jobs Cost?

Legit Online Jobs Only Cost $34.95 that is a one time payment and a good deal for the vast amount of training and information you will receive.

The product is purchased through Click Bank so you can get a guaranteed refund for the first 60 days!

Legit Online Jobs Review

Legit Online Jobs TrainingWebsite: Legit Online Jobs

Cost: $34.95

Score: 60 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

I gave Legit Online Jobs a 65 out of 100 because I do think this product is legit and will teach you things you need to know. I do have a few concerns with the main ad cash system training just because I know classified ads don’t convert overly well. But I think anyone could go through the training and make some money with the system.

The main reason for the lower score is because although I think Legit Online Jobs is worth the $34.95 I think there are better places to go to learn about affiliate marketing. You can see my recommendation here.

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What You Get For $34.95

When you buy Legit Online Jobs you will receive a variety of training. I will go into more detail about it next, but here a list of everything you will receive.

  • Ad Cash System
  • Real Home Jobs (list of different work from home opportunities/job boards)
  • Paid Survey Training
  • eBay Store Training
  • Affiliate Website Training
  • Selling Your Own Product Training
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Ad Optimization
  • + tons of bonuses


Ad Cash System

This is the main part of the training at Legit Online Jobs. This training is based around affiliate marketing and classified ads. In the training you will be shown how to get started with an affiliate program, how to find products to promote, and how to write free and paid ads.

The training covers everything very well. I would say anyone with no experience in affiliate marketing would be able to grasp the concepts they are teaching. The training shows you step by step how to do everything with pictures as examples.

The only concern I have with this section is the process. The training is good and well-built, but from personal experience posting on classified sites really does not work very well. Conversion rates are very low. That is why most people making money with affiliate marketing build websites because conversion rates are much higher.

Paid Survey Training

As you can tell by the name this training covers paid survey sites. I was very surprised not to see just a list of surveys sites for you to join. But they actually do make an effort to help you succeed with paid surveys.

It covers tips such as using an auto filler and shows you exactly how to set it up.

eBay Training

This part of the training covers selling on eBay primarily using a store and drop shipping. Training will take you through everything from setting up an eBay store, deciding what products to sell, what merchants to drop ship with and tips on being successful!

Affiliate Website Training

This section covers building an affiliate website. Out of all the ways to make money online I believe building an affiliate website is the best and can set you up to make the most money. It’s what I do everyday and have been successful with. Personally I recommend a different company to teach you about this. You can learn more about them here.

This section of Legit Online Jobs really falls short. There is so much more to building a successful affiliate website that they do not mention. This section would only help you understand how building an affiliate website will work, but you need much more training then that!

Selling Your Own Product

This section covers selling your own product online. This is something I have never done so I was able to learn a lot from this part of the training.

It basically covers the process of having a website for the product, the sales pitch, and working with affiliate programs.


This part covers search engine optimization or showing up in Google and Bing. This training only scratches the surface of SEO, but does give you some helpful tips with back links.

Basically you will have to go somewhere else to learn about SEO which you learn here

Pay Per Click Optimization

This part of the training covers pay-per-click ads. They talk about getting started with ad networks such as Google Adsense and best practices for making more with ads. Basically a good overview of getting started with Pay Per Click, but nothing special. If you don’t know what Pay Per Click ads are there should be one at the top of this page!


When you buy Legit Online Jobs you will receive about 35 extra bonuses. I was quite surprised to see that many, but after looking into what they are most are short e-books with tips on various ways to make money online. I would say most of the bonuses would be helpful! You can see a picture of a few below!

Legit Online Jobs Bonus



  • Low Price + Money Back Guarantee
  • Variety Of Training
  • Main Portion of Training (ad cash system) is good


  • Some training is lacking
  • Affiliate website training is very poor

Final Verdict

Overall I believe Legit Online Jobs is a good buy due to the amount of different training it offers. I did not give it a great overall score because I have concerns with the Ad Cash System just because I know conversion rates with classified ads is very low. I think if you were to purchase this product and try the ad Cash System you would be able to make money, but not as much as an affiliate website.

The rest of the training is mostly a brief overview rather than really training, but it is a good place to start. Overall Legit Online Jobs is worth the $34.95 you will pay to gain access, but I think there are better places to go to learn more about affiliate marketing. My recommendation can be seen here.

You can see how Legit Online Jobs compares to My #1 Recommendation below.

What To Do Now?

As you can see from my final verdict I do think Legit Online Jobs is pretty good, but I believe there are better places to learn about Affiliate Marketing.

If you would like to learn more about how I make money online with Affiliate Marketing visit Start Your Own Online Business. This page is going to show you exactly how I make money online and how I learned to do so with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for reading my Legit Online Jobs Review. I hope you let me help you make money online by using the links above to find the perfect online job for you. If you have experiences with this company I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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