The Binary Redemption Review

Here we are again taking a look at another Binary Options System. If you have followed my site you have learned that every Binary Options system or bot I have reviewed has been a complete scam. Guess what The Binary Redemption is a complete scam too!

The Binary Redemption system promotes a software, or what most call a trading bot, that can trade better and pick up small patterns that you can’t. Binary redemption trading app

They are giving you unrealistic hopes on income and the software just isn’t as good as the sales page makes you believe.

In this Binary Redemption Review we will see why this product is a complete scam and why you should stay away from Binary Option systems all together.


The Binary Redemption Review


Price: Free Membership + Money To Fund Account

Score: 10 out of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I have given the binary redemption system a terrible score and marked it a scam, because they are taking advantage of you. I will go into more detail in the next section, but they are giving you very unrealistic projected earnings, marketing this as free, selling you a system that is not up to their standards, and making a promise that can’t be kept.

Why Is Binary Redemption A Scam?

Sales Page

The sales page is pretty similar to any type of internet scam out there. First it shows that this is a limited time opportunity. It features a video that tells you that you’re going to be making millions of dollars with this fail proof system. One of my favorite lines is “2 months from now you will have made $1,000,000.”

Can you make that kind of cash with investing, Yes, but not with this system.

I have included a few screenshots from the sales page just to give you an idea of some of the false and crazy claims they are making.

the binary redemption scam

the binary redemption review

Just from the two screenshots above I see some false advertising, just watch a few minutes of the sales video and you can see hundreds of more examples.

The System

The main portion of this product is the trading system. Basically what the system does is recognize patterns within the binary options to help level the playing field and can automatically trade for you.

Sad thing is the system doesn’t work. Right now there are 100s of sites promising you the exact same software and if you do any research on those products you will know that they are all the same, COMPLETE SCAMS!

Don’t you think if this site was legit they wouldn’t make it FREE and just be getting commissions on the amount of money you’re depositing on your account?

Of course not they would be making millions of dollars for them self and sharing it with anyone!

Is It Really Free? 

Well of course not. To set up and account you don’t have to pay a dime, but with any type of investing you have to put money into your account. Shouldn’t be a surprise there.

Also with any type of investing or trading account there is going to be a fee for every trade you make.

With Binary Redemption the fee is 25% per trade. That means you’re going to have to win most of your trades and make a pretty good return on all those wins just to break even after your fee.

Binary Redemption is marketed as Free, but it’s really not.

False Promises

One thing all of these Binary Option Scams have in common is a few promises.

First, You’re going to make a ton of money and second, it’s guaranteed money there is not a chance of losing with this system.

If you’re familiar with investing or trading at all you know that there is no guarantee. Yes you can watch charts, go in with a trading plan, and put yourself in the best position to come out ahead on the trade, but there is no guarantee you’re going to earn any money.

Should I Join Binary Redemption?

In this Binary Redemption Review I have shown you exactly why this product is a scam. I have reviewed a ton of similar products and not once have I had someone comment saying this system is legit and that they have made money with it.

Systems like this don’t work and are created just to scam you out of money by giving you false hopes and making empty promises.

I don’t recommend Binary Redemption or any other Binary Options Trading system at this time.

Don’t get me wrong the process of Binary Options Trading is legit, not something I highly recommend, but the programs like this that promise crazy earnings and a fail proof system are all scams!

How Can I Really Make Money

Let’s get one thing straight in no way am I a trading expert, but I am an expert in spotting online scams and helping people make money online.

I know that these products are scams and if you visited this page you’re obviously interested in making money online. I have included a few ideas to maybe spark your interest.

To see the jobs that can make you a supplemental income online visit All Scam Free Jobs.

If you would like to learn how you could create your very own online business and build up a full-time job income overtime check out Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading this Binary Redemption Review, we know this product is a complete scam. Make sure to share with your friends so they don’t get scammed and leave comments if you have had experiences or questions about this product.

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