Clear Voice Surveys: Another Survey Site Scam

Clear Voice SurveysClear Voice Surveys is one of thousands of survey sites out there. Just like most this one doesn’t make the cut.

I have reviewed hundreds of survey sites and there are a lot of sites that actually do pay, but it’s the little things that set survey sites from just a site that will pay to a top rated recommended site.

Clear Voice Surveys is not a scam, but it’s not a survey site I recommend. Why you ask? Well we will cover that within this review.

Let’s dive right into it and see why Clear Voice Surveys is not a scam, but I recommend staying away from it.

Clear Voice Surveys


Price: Free

Score: 40 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit (not recommended) 

I gave Clear Voice Surveys an okay score and marked it legit, because from what I can see they do pay, but it does take a while. I also don’t recommend this survey site because there is much better survey sites out there. Like to ones here.

Clear Voice Surveys is not a scam, because people have received payments from this site, but there are a lot of things, which I cover next that make this just an okay survey site to join.

Why I Don’t Recommend Clear Voice Surveys

Requires A Phone

My biggest concern with Clear Voice Surveys is the requirement of having a phone that is validated on your account to actually take surveys and get paid.

When signing up it requires you to enter a phone number.

clear voice surveys review

Usually if a program asks for a phone I just enter a bogus one, but to use this survey site you must receive a validation text.

Once you validate your phone you will receive SMS messages letting you know surveys are available.

The issues with this is first you must have a cell phone, which shouldn’t be a problem for most and also when you give out your phone number to programs like this you always get calls for making money online products.

I review hundreds of products every year and get about 5 calls a day from people calling about making money online 🙁

No Cash Option

The very first thing I look at when reviewing survey sites is the payment arrangements. Clear Voice Surveys offers payments by Prepaid Credit Cards and Amazon Gift Cards and the minimum cash out amount is $10.

The big issue with this is that I like to see PayPal or Check as an option. PayPal payments are usually much quicker and of course it’s basically cash that can be spent or transferred to your bank account.

Clear Voice Surveys does not offer this option which is a major negative for me.

Expired Gift Cards

The next major issue with Clear Voice Surveys is there has been reports of sending out expired gift card rewards.

This means that the money you worked hard to get has been paid to you in a gift card which is worth $0.

With these complaints no one has had a good experience trying to get the issue fixed. People have said that Clear Voice Surveys has said that it’s their problem for not using it in time, but they were already expired before receiving them.

Not an issue you want to get involved in!

Locked Accounts

The next problem with Clear Voice Surveys is reports of people getting locked out of their accounts with “fraud” problems.

They have not done anything wrong, but can’t log into their account and all the earnings they have accumulated have been frozen and can’t be retrieved.

Funny thing is all reports of this issue have come from account nearing the $10 minimum cash out amount.

Long Credit Time Period

With most high quality survey sites, credit for taking a survey is added to your balance immediately. With Clear Voice Surveys it can take up to a week to get credit for a survey.

All this means for you is your waiting around for money that you have earned.

Is Clear Voice Surveys A Scam?

I covered this above, but I can’t call Clear Voice Surveys a scam, because they have paid have some happy members. I will say that there are a lot of problems with this survey site and honestly they fall short on the little things I look for in a survey site.

I don’t recommend anyone joining Clear Voice Surveys because chances are you will be a victim of at least one of the issues we talked about in this review and there is simply much better survey sites out there.

Survey Sites Better Then Clear Voice Surveys

If you are interested in taking surveys online I have a list of some great sites that I recommend on my All Scam Free Jobs page. Some of the highest ranking survey sites are CashCrate, SwagBucks, and Paid Viewpoint. 

If you would like to earn a bit more money and build your very own online business where you can gradually grow it into a full-time income visit Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading this post on Clear Voice Surveys. You know this site is not a scam, but there are far better survey sites out there. Don’t forget to share with you friends and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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