Auto Binary Spy Review

Does Auto Binary Spy Make You Millions On Auto Pilot or Is It Another Binary Options Scam? Lately Binary Option Trading Scams have been on the rise. Seriously I can’t even review them fast enough! Turns out that most of the products being put out there are complete scams.

Auto Binary Spy is no different. They are promising you unrealistic income and a guarantee that simply can’t be true. It’s trading you always have the chance of losing money.

The Auto Binary Spy scam promises you a fail proof system which includes a trading bot for commodities. The problem really isn’t the program, but the promises that are being made.

In this Auto Binary Spy Review we will take a look at what makes this product a scam and why you should stay away from this Binary Options systems and others like it.

Auto Binary Spy Review

Website: AutoBinarySpy.comauto binary spy review

Price: $37.00

Score: 10 Out of 100

Verdict: Scam!

I gave Auto Binary Spy a very low score and have marked it a scam. First I want to say that I am not a professional or expert in trading stocks or in this case binary options. With that being said I am an expert in misleading sales pages and money-making programs that are scams!

The process of Binary Options trading is not a scam, although it’s not the highest regulated trading it can be legit. I am not calling the process a scam, but I am calling this program, the Auto Binary Spy a scam due to its sales tactics and the guarantee of making money with this system.

Why is Auto Binary Spy A Scam?

Sales Page

The first issue I have with Auto Binary Spy is the sales page. They use a lot of big number incomes to show you that this system can make you a ton of money in a short time. Here is some screenshots.

auto binary spy scam

auto binary spy scams

auto binary spy

As you can see from the screenshots from their sales page, they have no problem promising you a ton of money from this product in just a few days.

Automated Bots

One thing I have learned from doing reviews on money-making systems is if its automated it’s usually a scam.

I’m not saying that computers and software don’t do some of the trading on Wall Street these days, but for a $37 product sold through ClickBank you’re not getting what the major investment banks are using to trade.

With money-making systems and most binary options scams they are promising you a software or bot that is the best ever, simply that is just not true.

My opinion is stay away from anything that’s automated because it’s most likely a scam.

No Guarantee 

Here is my biggest issue with this program. It guarantees that you can make money. First off, there is no guarantee that you will ever make any money with any program online. Second off you’re going to be trading, when you open a retirement fund or any investing account do they ever guarantee that you will make money?

Well they might say that to get you to join, but if you have received those monthly statements you probably know that’s not the case.

The fact this product is guaranteeing a large income within just a few days makes this product  a complete scam because there is no way of guaranteeing anything!

How Can I Really Make Money Online

In this Auto Binary Spy Review I have shown you why this product is a complete scam. To be honest I have not found a single Binary Options System or Bot that is legit, it seems that almost all are complete scams.

If you’re interested in how you can actually make money online I recommend checking out some of my other posts, considering that’s what this sites about I have some great opportunities to share with you.

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