SurveyRewardz Review: Is It A Scam?

We All Know That Taking Surveys Online is Legitimate, but Can You Really Make Money Taking Surveys At SurveyRewardz?As you probably guessed, SurveyRewardz is a survey site that gives you points for taking surveys that you can exchange for cash and gift card rewards.

SurveyRewardz is owned by a rewards site called Points2Shop that offers many other ways to make money, not just surveys.

I decided to write a SurveyRewardz review to see if this site is a scam, it’s good to see they have a reputable parent company, but is it worth joining when you can take the same surveys there?

Please understand that taking surveys anywhere online won’t earn you much, and usually is a terrible hourly rate. If you’re looking for a large online income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this SurveyRewardz Review I’ll cover how to earn, rewards available, the complaints I have, and if this survey site is a scam.

SurveyRewardz Review

Surveyrewardz review is it a scamSite: SurveyRewardz

Type: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legitimate, but better ways to earn

In this SurveyRewardz Review, I gave them an okay score but did mark it legitimate. Honestly, there’re tons of legitimate sites out there that offer surveys. Compared to ones I recommend there’s nothing special about Survey Rewardz.

The only thing that I like about this site is that they have payments via PayPal and a few other cash options starting at just $1 (some forms of payment take a fee).

Other than the low cash out amount, this is just an average survey site.

Although SurveyRewardz is legitimate, check out the Extra Income Sites I Recommend over it.

SurveyRewardz Surveys

The only way to earn at SurveyRewardz is by taking surveys. They will never email you with new surveys, so you’ll have to log in to see available surveys.

The key at SurveyRewardz is to have your profile filled out completely and accurately. They will try to find the best surveys for you, but you’ll still need to qualify for the survey before completing it and getting paid.

It seems that most surveys pay from $.50-$2 and take 30 minutes or less to complete.

SurveyRewardz Quality Score

SurveyRewardz offers a quality score, which judges how accurate your answers are over time while taking surveys.

From what I’ve seen taking surveys will increase your quality score and unlock more surveys than members who have a low-quality score.

I really could not find any more advantages other than having a better chance of qualifying for surveys and more surveys available.

SurveyRewardz Rewards

SurveyRewardz offers a few different options for payment including PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Dwolla, Visa Gift Card, and Mailed Check.

The cash out amounts are different, and some options include a fee, so I’ve listed them below:

  • PayPal: $1 minimum, $.10 fee if under $10
  • Visa Gift Card: $5 minimum, fee varies
  • Dwolla: $1 minimum, $.25 fee if over $10
  • Mailed Check: $5 minimum, US only
  • Amazon: $5 minimum, no fees

As you can see, there’s plenty of options to get paid. Unfortunately, I could not find when they pay. Based on similar sites, payments are made within 48 hours, but the mailed check will be longer.

SurveyRewardz Complaints

Low Income

Just like every other survey site out there, SurveyRewardz will not make you rich. You’ll be giving your opinion and personal information out for a low price and when you factor in time it takes to find a survey you qualify for, you’re usually making less than minimum wage per hour.

Just know that if you decided to join SurveyRewardz or any other “extra income site” you’ll be making some extra spending money.

No Referral Program

I’m pretty open on this blog that most of my income from survey sites is from referring other members. With SurveyRewardz you won’t be able to refer friends to make some easy extra money.

It’s not a huge deal for most people because it’s not easy to get a ton of referrals, but I wish they had a way for you to make some extra cash without having to take surveys.

Need To Qualify

If you’re familiar with survey sites, you know you have to qualify before you take a survey and get paid. The only site that doesn’t require this is PaidViewpoint, which I highly recommend.

I’ve also heard some complaints of members getting kicked out at the end of surveys, with an error that says the survey has already closed. Not qualifying for a survey at the beginning is one thing, but spending 10-20 minutes and not getting paid will really piss you off!

Is SurveyRewarzd A Scam?

From what I found, SurveyRewardz is not a scam, it’s a legitimate survey site that pays, but it’s not a site I recommend. I like that they have low cash out options, but there’s nothing special about this site that makes it worth joining. I prefer all of the sites at Extra Income Sites I Recommend over Survey Rewardz.

If you’re set on joining, you can join at

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Are you a member of SurveyRewardz? Think it’s a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments section below! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “SurveyRewardz Review: Is It A Scam?”

    • I promote sites that I use and know are legitimate.

      I spend a lot of time writing reviews of bad sites, and save people the headache before they join or spend too much time on a scam.

      When I find a good site, I do recommend it and I do earn a commission in most cases.

      In no way is that a scam.


    • Surveys always target specific demographics and if there’s a lot of surveys targeting your demographic that just means more opportunities to earn. But understand the concern and appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback!


  1. SurveyRewardz seems like a scam to me.

    First, I *never* signed up there, but somehow they have a password I used on another site, and unencrypted too. They even emailed it to me in plain text.

    So now I get to shame both website for:
    1. Buying mailing lists.
    2. Selling mailing lists.
    3. Storing passwords in plain text in 2018.

    Even if they actually do pay, they do not deserve your time simply because they use shady practices.

    Stay. Away.

  2. I like SurveyRewardz for it’s cash vs. points rewards and no minimum to withdraw (ordinarily). What I don’t like is the lousy customer service where you have to wait up to six days for a response and when they hold your reward ransom because of a trumped up “issue with your account” which is the problem I’m currently dealing with. Requested a withdrawal of $30.00 and found the next day, that the withdrawal request was voided because of a mysterious “issue” that could take up to 6 business days to resolve and another day or two to finally get my earned rewards.

  3. They scam me I cash out 1.50and they deny my withdraw said to get in contact with support so I did they never reply back

  4. surveyrewardz is a scam, they would take advantage of you. i answer honestly and end up having multiple survey rejections. in the beginning i had no problems, few months later lots of issues, i started having problems when i was away from the site and come back to my quality score decrease majorly. do not join this site its great for a while and then they turn nasty.

    • Thank you for sharing Stephanie. I agree that SurveyRewardz is not the best survey site out there. Sorry to hear you had issues with this company.


  5. scam site, they dont want to pay out and will lock your account because you “used a proxy or public internet acess” they just want you to do surveys so THEY get paid then when you cash out the lock your account. dont waste your time on this shit site


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