Survey Touch Surveys Review: Another Survey Scam?

survey touch surveys reviewSurvey Touch is a survey panel that is available in the US and India, but is this survey site a scam?

Survey Touch is not a scam, but it seems like the US based version is pretty poor. I’m not sure how this site works in India, but in the US it is pretty poor compared to other sites.

There are a lot of complaints that Survey Touch never actually sends you surveys and when they do you’ll rarely qualify.

In this Survey Touch Surveys Review we will take a look at the details of this survey panel and why I think it’s a scam.

Survey Touch Surveys Review


Price: Free

Score: 40 Out Of 100

Verdict: Legit, but Not Recommended

In this Survey Touch Surveys Review I gave them a bad score, but still marked this site legit. There are no reports of this company not paying their members, but there are a lot of problems with this site.

The problems mainly have to do with not getting surveys and those you do get they are hard to qualify for.

There are some good things about this site like they do pay with PayPal and have a low cash out amount of $10.

But with all that being said if you don’t get many surveys and can’t qualify for surveys you can’t get paid so it doesn’t matter how good the payment system is.

I don’t recommend Survey Touch, but here are some survey sites I do.

Survey Touch Surveys Scam

Not Very Many Surveys

Most of the survey sites that I recommend either have 10+ surveys available to you at all times or send you at least 5 surveys a week.

With Survey Touch you seem to only get a few surveys a week at the best.

All this means for you is less opportunities to take surveys and earn money. This leads me to my next issue with this site which is qualifying for surveys.

Hardly Qualify For Surveys

If you’re familiar with taking surveys you know that at the beginning of surveys you have to answer screening questions to see if you qualify for the survey.

With most survey sites you won’t qualify for all, but I’d say around 50% you will qualify for if the site is good.

But with Survey Touch people are reporting not ever qualifying for surveys. This is a major problem especially when they don’t send you very many surveys per week.

This means you have less chances to qualify and if you don’t qualify for surveys there is no way to take surveys and earn money.

Is Survey Touch Surveys Legit?

Survey Touch Surveys is legit, just because they actually do pay, but I don’t recommend this site to anyone. It really doesn’t matter if they pay because it’s going to take a lot of your time to reach the cash out amount.

If you can’t qualify for surveys you won’t get paid. That’s reason enough to stay away from this survey site completely.

I recommend not wasting your time with Survey Touch and checking out some of my top-rated survey sites.

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Thank you for reading this Survey Touch Surveys Review. If you have any questions about this company please leave comments below!

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