Scribendi Review: is Editing for Scribendi a Scam?

Scribendi provides editing and proofreading services for a wide range of clients. They do all of the legwork to ensure that there is plenty of work to go around.

In this review, I will look at the freelance job offered by Scribendi. They do have some requirements, but if you can meet them, the feedback and pay are good.

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Scribendi Requirements

Here are the standard qualifications you need to meet to be an editor for Scribendi:

  • University degree in a relevant field
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in editing, writing, document production, or language instruction
  • Native-level English ability
  • Excellent reading comprehension skills
  • Ability to follow written instructions
  • Able to work independently
  • Passionate about meeting deadlines
  • Average editing or proofreading speed of 1,000-1,500 words per hour
  • Microsoft Word 2010 or later on a secure PC (not Mac)
  • Broadband or high-speed Internet access
  • Must have a PayPal account to receive payments

Here are some other preferred qualifications:

  • Graduate degree in a relevant field
  • Access to additional word processing or document production software such as Star/Open Office, Word Perfect, LaTeX, Acrobat, Final Draft, Publisher, or PageMaker
  • In-depth knowledge of one or more style guides, such as Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, or APA

Scribendi Application Process

Applications are not accepted by email. They are very clear that you should not call or email about the job or a submitted application. They will contact you only if you proceed to the next step.

Before applying, you should read the Employment FAQ’s. After you’ve done so, if you want to apply, click here to go directly to the application page. You will fill out a questionnaire, and your information will be compared to their current hiring needs.

In the questionnaire, they want to know typical personal info such as name, address, phone, and email. After that, they ask a string of questions that will show your understanding of the job, and if you meet the requirements:

  • Have read the employment FAQ
  • I have secure broadband or high-speed internet
  • My computer has up-to-date virus-checking software
  • I can receive payments in USD through PayPal
  • I have Microsoft Office 2010 or higher
  • Can commit to editing or proofreading a minimum of 10 hours per week
  • I currently work for one of Scribendi’s direct competitors (on-line editing/proofreading company)
  • Editing speed of at least 1000 words per hour
  • I understand that Scribendi will perform regular quality assurance checks on my work
  • I understand that many of Scribendi customers speak English as a second language and I am comfortable editing ESL documents (ESL is English as a Second Language)
  • I own a PC that I can use for Scribendi work (not a Mac, which is not compatible with their system)

As you can tell, these are yes or no questions. After this section, you will be asked what time zone you’re in and your availability. Next, which days of the week you are available, and your employment objective:

  • 40+ hours per week
  • 30+ hours per week
  • 20+ hours per week
  • 10+ hours per week

The next 3 sections are about your education history, employment history, and other skills such as your editing experience and your area of expertise.

The final sections are your references and supporting documents (resume). For your references, they require three references who they WILL contact if you pass the initial application and exam.

The exam is a standardized test. It is designed to test some of the editing and proofreading skills you’ll need as a Scribendi editor. They never ask you to work for free. New clients are offered a free sample edit, but you will be paid to complete it.

You will receive notice by email if you are being considered for a position with Scribendi.

How Much Does Scribendi Pay?

Pay is project based. Because it’s project-based, it really just depends on how long it takes you to edit or proofread.

One review on Glassdoor says they are averaging about $20 per hour. Another reviewer said they are earning $15 to $20 per hour.

A third review claims they only made $8 per hour at the most. Sometimes they earned as little as $3.25 to edit a 2-page document that took them 30 minutes.

One reviewer put the pay in terms of cents per word. They have found jobs that were $0.02 and $0.03 per word, but state they are averaging only $0.01 per word.

Scribendi adds incentives of $0.05 to $1 to jobs that are not being claimed. But this isn’t a monetary incentive; you can only redeem it for gift cards.

Scribendi Schedule

The amount you work is up to you. They want editors to work full-time, but it’s not a requirement. At a minimum, they want you to edit 10,000 words per month to remain active on their roster of editors. The application asks if you can commit to editing at least 10 hours per week.

Work can be done at anytime as long as you meet deadlines so it is a flexible schedule.

Scribendi Feedback

I found some reviews on Glassdoor. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Good pay
  • Professional and organized company
  • You get 20 minutes to decide if you will decline a job
  • Plenty of work available
  • You can choose what you work on
  • The company provides tools to enhance your productivity
  • Great flexibility
  • Training provided


  • Clients can reject your work, and you will lose out on the pay if they request a new editor
  • Management will always side with the client, even if they claim your work was excellent or that the client’s complaint is invalid
  • When you are getting started, you will get the more difficult jobs that take more time (ESL and technical documents), so it will take time before you can earn more
  • Training is unpaid
  • Ratings are based on the client reviews and if they don’t know English to begin with, you could get bad reviews, and Scribendi does not investigate
  • Bonuses come in the way of points that can be exchanged for gift cards, not cash

One reviewer says it is less like an editing job and more like teaching English as a second language. However, another former editor said they were reprimanded for explaining an edit and told just to fix it. And this contradicts the company’s rule to not re-write anything.

Is Working for Scribendi a Scam?

Based on my research, Scribendi is a real company and not a scam. With any work from home gig, you need to be cautious and take the good with the bad. There were just as many good reviews as bad, so if editing and proofreading is your thing, this would be one to look in to. Here’s the link if you want to apply.

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5 thoughts on “Scribendi Review: is Editing for Scribendi a Scam?”

  1. I have done two stints editing with Scribendi. It is legitimate and has an organized, attentive staff at its headquarters.

    It was also the hardest work I’ve done, and for the smallest compensation.

    I do want to note, however, Scribendi does not always side with the client. An ESL client complained about my work, but Scribendi thoroughly assessed the document and sided with me. They gave me a quality assurance score of 100%.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Mary!

      Good to know that they will take an honest look at feedback and not just go by what the client says.


    • Hello. You say it is the hardest work you have done and with the lowest compensation. Have you found other online editing/proofreading/transcribing jobs that are easier and/or pay better? Thanks

  2. I have never heard of Scribendi until now. Sounds like a legitimate from what you explained however, it does sound a tiny bit back and forth on what they are really willing to pay you. I think I would be on the border as to trying them out. But, I do want to thank you for offering other opportunities at the bottom.

    Thank you

    • Thanks for reading Melissa! Glad you enjoyed the review. Ya make sure to check out the other options as well. You might find something much better depending on what you’re looking for!



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