9 Best Ways to Make Money Selling Clothes Online

Did you know the average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing every single year?! For the most part, we don’t resell, hand down, or repair our clothes. We just throw them out and buy something new. What a waste of money and perfectly good clothes!

Do yourself a favor and make the most of the great outfits sitting unused in your closet by selling them to recoup some cash. We have rounded up 9 of the best ways to sell clothes online to help you get started today.

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9 Best Ways to Make Money Selling Clothes Online

1. ThredUp

ThredUp is an online thrift store for lightly used women’s and kid’s clothes and accessories. With millions of users, this is one of the top sites for selling used clothing.

You can request a “Clean Out” bag on their site, which you use to send in your items without a shipping fee. ThredUp then pays out immediately for on-trend, popular pieces or lists high-quality items on consignment. You can select ‘Return Assurance’ to have unaccepted or unsold items returned to you for $10.99.

ThredUp has strict quality standards but accepts a wide range of brands. You can use their payout estimator to get a sense of how much your clothes are worth.


2. Tradesy

Tradesy only focuses on designer fashion and makes the process as easy as possible for the seller. List your items within minutes and get recommended list prices by Tradesy. Then, if you make a sale, Tradesy will send you a free shipping kit to send your item to the buyer.

Tradesy takes a 9% commission but provides top-notch guidance on selling designer products and handles payment, shipping, and returns.


3. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online thrift store combined with the social feel of Instagram. Poshmark accepts women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. You typically find brands like Michael Kors, Nike, and Tory Burch on the site. But you can find and list higher dollar and lower cost items.

Poshmark works by snapping a picture of the item you want to list, sharing your listing, and interacting with other buyers and sellers. Once you sell an article, Poshmark will provide you will a prepaid shipping label and you will be paid as soon as your item is delivered to the buyer.

On Poshmark, you earn up to 80% of the selling price of your items.


4. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading has over 30 brick-and-mortar stores across the country, but will also take lightly worn clothes via mail-in purchases. Request a bag, read their selling guide, and send in the items you want to sell.

Crossroads Trading will give you 50% of the value they price your clothes at for trade-in or 30% for cash. This makes it one of the lowest payback buyers on the list, but as you get your cash immediately on processing (no consignment) with their mail-in program, you may be willing to take the lower amount.


5. takes a wide range of clothing, including children’s items and toys. works as a consignment shop. You request a prepaid shipping label, send in your clothes, and lets you know which are accepted.

Your accepted items are listed on the site, and you receive a percentage of the price in cash or store credit (20%-70%).

If you want to send clothes into, be sure to poke around the site first and get a feel for the items listed. To keep people from sending boxes of completely worn out clothes, has instituted a rejection fee. If greater than 50% of the items in your box are rejected, you pay a fee of $10. If 25%-50% is rejected, you pay a $5 fee. While this may seem harsh, keeping reject rates low minimizes processing time and helps you get paid faster!


6. Material World

Interested in selling your designer items but don’t want to get trapped by selling prices that are too low? Material World could be a top option for you. Material World will send you a free trade-in kit, then sends you offer prices for each of your accepted items. You can reject or approve each offer, and have the choice to have your items shipped back to you.

Material World pays upfront, and you can cash-out right away with PayPal. If an item on the site catches your eye, Material World offers a 10% payout bonus for shopping the site using your balance.


7. Lil Jelly Beans

Lil Jelly Beans is a brick-and-mortar children’s and maternity clothes consignor based in NJ. However, you can mail items to them for purchase.

You can sign up to become a consignor and request a shipping label to send in your items. The site has a list of accepted items you can use to determine what to mail in. Once your items are received, your payout will be sent within 7-14 days. Note that the company does deduct $9.95 from your earnings to cover shipping costs.

Since children’s items don’t usually demand high dollar on resale, the shipping fee can eat away at your returns. You may be better off finding a local consignment shop, like Once Upon a Child for old kids clothes. However, if there are none in your area, Lil Jelly Beans is a good option.


8. eBay

eBay is the original way to sell things online, and with high-quality items and great pictures, you can benefit from creating a bidding war for your fashion items!

On eBay, you can list your first 50 items every month without a listing fee. You can choose an auction time frame or create a “Buy it Now” price. Determine whether you will pay for shipping or whether you will charge shipping to the buyer. There is some commentary that free shipping items are more popular, and since clothing isn’t bulky to ship, you may be willing to pay the shipping yourself.

When your item is sold, eBay does take a 10% fee. This method is a little more hands-on, but you do get to keep more of your profits!


9. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a free way to sell your unwanted clothes of all brands and quality online quickly, without fees. List items in the general marketplace to sell to a broad set of users or find local Marketplace groups to avoid shipping costs.

When selling on Facebook, be sure to take high-quality pictures that make your clothes stand out. Also, do some research before listing items to see what similar products are selling for on eBay and elsewhere. This will make it more likely that your items sell.

More Ways To Make Money Online

There are numerous ways around the web to get the most value for your unused clothes. If you are looking for a little extra cash, step into your closet. And if you are doing some spring cleaning, make sure not to miss the opportunity to sell or donate extra clothes before dumping them in the trash!

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Are you looking to make some extra cash? Do you have a full closet that you can clean out? Check out these 9 legitimate ways to sell your used clothes for extra cash online!

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  1. I’m really glad I discovered your 9 best ways to make money online selling clothes. This post gave me some tremendous ideas and resources to start selling my unwanted clothes.
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    Thanks for providing me with the information I needed.
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