Hits4Pay Review: Is Hits4Pay Legit?

hits4pay reviewWelcome to My Hits4Pay Review. In this review we will cover if Hits4Pay is legit and exactly why I don’t think it’s the best company to use to get paid for emails.

Hits4Pay has been around since 2001 and actually pays you for opening paid emails sent directly to your email. They also offer a direct Referral program and a secondary level referral program that helps you earn more.

Continue on reading this review to find out exactly why Hits4Pay is not the right company for you!

Here’re the legitimate companies I highly recommend!

Hits4Pay Review


Price: Free

Score: 50 Out Of 100

Verdict: Not Recommended

I gave Hits 4 Pay a 50 out of 100 in this review because I feel like there are much better programs out there that will pay you for opening emails. The two that really stand out to be are Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings.

The reason I don’t like Hits4Pay is that they don’t offer any other way to make money and they try to get you to join their referral booster program that is supposed to give you more referrals which earns you more money. But paying for referrals is never a good idea.

How Hits4Pay Works

1) Sign Up For Hits4Pay

2) Wait For Emails

3) Open Emails and Click the Link

4) You Get Paid $.02 per email

What I Liked

Referral Program

Basically the only thing that I liked about Hits4Pay is the referral program. The program is 2 tiered meaning you can earn from your direct referrals and also the people your referrals refer. For each email that your referrals open you will earn $.01

They do also offer some tools such as banner ads and an email invite tool that can help you gain more referrals.

What I didn’t Like

Referral Booster Program

One thing that I really don’t like about this program is they say you should join their referral booster program. The program cost $5.99 per month and will basically give you referrals that sign up for Hits4Pay without a referer. These people are distributed among the people in the Referral Booster program.

I don’t think this is worth it at all. Most likely you will not earn your $5.99 back for joining the program.

1 Way To Earn

The crappiest thing about Hits4Pay is the only way you can earn is through paid emails. There is nothing else other than referrals, but basically all programs now have referral programs. I cover this in the next section, but to reach the cash out amount it will take forever with out other ways to earn.

I really wish Hits4Pay also offered surveys, videos, offers, and other ways to earn. Because that is how you can make more money with paid to do sites. Unfortunately Hits4Pay does not offer any of these things which means you will not get paid very often unless you have a ton of active referrals.

Cash Out Amount

The minimum cash out amount for Hits4Pay is $25. Now you do get a $5 sign up bonus so basically you need to earn $20 to cash out. You earn $.02 for every email you open. If you can do a little math that means you need to open 1,000 emails to cash out. The problem here is that you may receive 0-10 emails a day. Even if you received the maximum of 10 emails it would take you 100 days over 3 months to earn $25 bucks.

To me that is a terrible investment of time to spend for the money you will get back. But like I mentioned above if Hits4Pay also offered surveys, offers, and other ways to earn this high cash out amount would not be a very big deal.

Final Verdict

Honestly Hits4Pay is completely legit, but I still do not recommend joining this company, because you are limited on how you can earn and unless you have a ton of active of referrals, which most people don’t, it will take a lot of your time to reach the minimum cash out amount.

If there were multiple ways to earn I would feel comfortable recommending this product, because it’s legit and they do pay, but I do want to save your time so stay away and check out some other things I do recommend in the next section.

What To Do Now?

Thank you for reading my Hits4Pay Review. I do not recommend joining Hits4Pay. Check out these other Extra Income Sites that have paid me!

Some people may be looking to make a full-time income online. I am sorry to say that sites like this aren’t going to cut it. If you’re looking to make enough money to quit your day job visit Start Your Own Online Business.

Thank you for reading my Hits4Pay Review. I hope you enjoyed your time on my website and take advantage of the links above to start making money online.


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  1. H4P owner sold his home, changed his phone numbers and never paid out any money owing from 2017 prior to closing the doors on H4P… HOWEVER he is still running DealsNcash but no longer replies to eMails or phone calls there either 🙁

    I have moved on to better things now


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