Learn how you can earn cash back for your online shopping with Rebate Giant. Payments made via PayPal and earn a $5 Sign-Up bonus!Rebate Giant is Closed, Check out these Cashback sites that pay me each month!

RebateGiant is a free online cash back shopping portal with a $5 sign up bonus. They offer cash back to over 1,500 online stores and also provide you with coupons before you make a purchase. They do offer a paid premium membership, but it’s not required to earn cashback on your online shopping.

There’re a lot of different cashback shopping portals; I prefer Ebates because they offer cash back to more stores. I also recommend learning about Ibotta. It’s a cash back shopping app that pays you to buy groceries.

In this RebateGiant Review, I’ll cover how it works, the payment system, the complaints, and if this site is a scam.

RebateGiant Review

Rebate Giant is Closed, Check out these Cashback sites that pay me each month!

Site: RebateGiantrebate giant review is it a scam

Type: Cashback Shopping

Verdict: Legitimate

In this RebateGiant Review, I marked it legitimate. With that being said, it’s not a cash back site that I recommend. There’re many other sites just like it that have more stores, higher rates, and better cash out options.

If you want to join RebateGiant, it is legitimate, but know that there’re some complaints from current and past users.

My recommendation is to check out my list of over 25 cash back shopping apps and sites.

How Does RebateGiant Work

Rebate Giant is Closed, Check out these Cashback sites that pay me each month!

1) Join For Free

RebateGiant does let you join for completely free and have access to all of their cash back shopping.

2) Find Your Favorite Store

RebateGiant offers cashback to over 1,700 stores. Find your favorite store, and you’ll see the cashback percentage, any coupons, and any cashback restrictions. Visit the store through the RebateGiant link and it will open in a new tab.

3) Shop Normally & Make Purchase

Once you open the tab to the store, you can shop normally and browse items. Once you’re done, add items to your cart and check out as you normally would.

4) Earn Cash Back!

Within 3-5 business days, you’ll see pending cash back show up in your account. Most cash back is approved within 30 days of the purchase. Once you earn $25, you can cash out via PayPal.

RebateGiant Payments

RebateGiant makes payments quarterly via PayPal. You need at least $25 in cash back earnings in your account to request a payment (sign-up bonus and referral earnings do not count.)

Once you request your first payout, payments are automatically sent to your PayPal account quarterly, as long as you have $25 in your account.

RebateGiant Referral Program

RebateGiant does have a referral program that earns you $5 for every friend you refer. You earn the $5 once they make their first cashback purchase through Rebate Giant.

They also give bonuses for referring more than one friend. For example, if you refer three friends in a year you’ll earn a $15 bonus.

RebateGiant Complaints

No Amazon Cashback

One of the most popular online retailers is Amazon. RebateGiant does not offer any cash back on Amazon purchases. Most other cashback shopping websites do offer some cash back at Amazon, but it’s restricted to certain categories. Not a huge deal since the other sites are limited, but I’d like to see some options for Amazon cashback.

Paid Account

All the cashback websites I’ve reviewed are completely free to join and use. RebateGiant does let you join for free and earn cash back, but they also offer a paid membership.

The paid membership is $9.95 a month and does have advantages like double cashback, but unless you plan on earning a ton of cash back, I wouldn’t invest in the monthly fee.

No Cash Back

This is a complaint you’ll see with most cash back sites because cookies are crucial to track that you made a purchase. Unfortunately, it’s part of it, but from what I’ve seen RebateGiant does not have the most helpful support.

That’s why I recommend checking out Ebates. It’s a much better cashback site with much better support.

Is RebateGiant A Scam?

Rebate Giant is Closed, Check out these Cashback sites that pay me each month!

RebateGiant is not a scam; it’s a legitimate cash back shopping website. In my opinion, it’s not the best; I prefer Ebates. I’m not a huge fan of RebateGiant offering a paid monthly membership, but it could be worth it if you spend a lot of money at an available store, because you do get a higher cashback rate.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit

Again, RebateGiant is not my favorite cash back website, check out over 25 ways to earn cash back to see the sites I prefer.

Cashback on shopping isn’t the only way to make money online, see all the ways I make an Extra Income Online here.

Do you think RebateGiant is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below! 🙂

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