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Pure Profile is an Australian based company that has taken a social approach to paid surveys. This program is available all over the world but is complete crap unless you live in Australia. If you live in Australia, you’re still going to run into a lot of problems (I’ll cover the complaints in this review,) and if you don’t live in Australia, there’re much better survey sites and other ways to make money online.

Pure Profile has been around since 2000 and had a pretty good reputation around the world until recently. Since 2010 they have basically screwed over everyone expect for the people living in the company’s homeland. There are a lot of different problems that Pure Profile has adopted in the last few years so let’s get started with this Pure Profile Review and take a look at what those things are.

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Pure Profile Scam Review

I gave Pure Profile a 20 out of 100 and do not recommend this product, because there are a lot of problems with this company and there are better surveys sites out there that treat their members much better. Just like a lot of other scam survey sites their customer service is terrible and all automated, people get kicked out of surveys regularly, and there have even been reports of people getting locked out of their accounts when nearing the cashout amount.

I recommend staying far away from this company and checking out some of my scam free survey sites here. But continue to read on to learn more about why Pure Profile is a scam.

Pure Profile Scam Concerns


Pure Profile does pay with direct deposit which is good, but there is a 30 day waiting period on your payments and there are reports of people not getting paid until 2-3 months. The minimum cash out amount is $25 and the maximum amount to cash out is $50. I’ve never seen a maximum put on a cashout amount before, but it’s going to take forever to reach the minimum cash out amount anyways.

Also along with the $50 maximum for each payout, you can only cash out $50 every 60 days. It’s not really realistic to earn that much taking surveys, but odd that the company has this restriction.

Customer Service

Since there have been problems with people getting paid in the 30 days a lot of people have tried to get in touch with the customer service. You can only email customer service, and it seems that all you get back is automated responses.

There was actually someone who emailed about payments and received an automated message saying it will be another 30 days. Then replied with a different question about getting locked out of their account and received the same automated message back saying it would be 30 days until they received their payment.

Kicked Out And Locked Out

Here is my biggest problem with Pure Profile. People who are taking surveys are getting kicked out of surveys at the very end. If you’re familiar with surveys you know that you have to qualify for a survey. They usually ask you a few questions at the very beginning of the survey and if you don’t qualify you have only wasted a few minutes of your time.

With Pure Profile people are getting to the very end of surveys and then getting kicked out with a message saying they did not qualify for the survey. This is a major issue because you may spend twenty minutes of your time and never get paid for it.

Another issue is people who are either waiting for payments or nearing the minimum cash out amount are getting locked out of their account. This has only happened to a few people, but if they do it to one person they won’t have a problem doing it to you as well!

Final Verdict

My final verdict on Pure Profile is that it’s a complete scam and you should not join this company. There are too many problems with people getting kicked out of surveys and locked out of their accounts. They have a high cash out amount that is very hard to reach when you can’t complete surveys and I don’t like that they have set a limit on how much you can cash out every 60 days.

Along with the very high cash out amount and waiting months for payments, I say this program is not worth your time.

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Thank you for reading my Pure Profile Scam Review. You know that Pure Profile is a scam and should be stayed away from, but I hope you let me help you make money online by taking advantage of the links above. If you have used this company or have experiences with any other scams, I’d love to hear about it below in the comments section. Once again thank you for reading my Pure Profile Review.

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6 thoughts on “Pure Profile Scam: My Pure Profile Review”

  1. Last year everything was perfect! 3-4 days wait for rewards. This year it seems they have got more slack. This is the 11th day since I redeemed my points for my PayPal reward. I have been told it now takes 10 days. Obviously this is not true. Their replies have also been extremely snarky and utterly rude.

    • Thanks for sharing Aaron.

      I agree not a site I can recommend and will never use.

      I do hope that you get paid the money that you’re owed though!

      Please let us know if you do every receive your earnings.


  2. what a scam this is !!!! as soon as i got to $25 they locked me out of my account with a message that just says oops something went wrong…yeah i’ll say…you are scammers!!!! i doubt i will get a reply from the email i sent as others havent had much luck….i had such high hopes for this but i guess i just wasted my time 🙁

  3. I totally agree with your review. Just today I did two surveys for pure profile and they did not pay me for either of them. I will close my account as soon as I can but in the meantime, who do I complain to about their scam practice’s in the UK?

    • Dz,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m sorry to hear that you had to waste your time to find out that this site is a scam. From all the feedback I’ve seen and heard Pure Profile is not worth your time. You should check out some of the survey sites that I have on my Extra Income page. These are all legit and will pay you for taking surveys.



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