PostMates Delivery Job Review: PostMates Job Information

postmates delivery job reviewWelcome to my PostMates Delivery Job Review. If you aren’t familiar with the job information you will be getting paid to make deliveries within your community. Right now PostMates is only available in a few areas, but they are expanding.

From what they say there are some people making up to $25 per hour, but that isn’t the average. Either way, this is a pretty cool opportunity that lets you set your own schedule and make a living or just some extra income on the side.

Keep on reading to learn some more information about becoming a PostMates Courier.

PostMates Job Information

As a PostMates Courier, you will be responsible for completing orders that come in for delivery. Now, these orders could be picking up groceries, take out food, or items from the store. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s appropriate.

You can set your own schedule and work as many or little hours as you want. You will be given a list of jobs that are available and can complete them to get paid plus a tip if you’re lucky!

Where Is PostMates Available

Postmates is now available in most of the US. To see if they’re hiring in your area visit their website here.

PostMates Requirements

To become a PostMates Courier you must be over 18 and either have a bike or vehicle to get around in. They are looking for people who take pride in their work and strive for great customer service. Having delivery experience is a plus, but is not required.

You will need a clean background and if you have a vehicle proof of drivers license, clean driving record, and proof of insurance.

PostMates Application Process

The PostMates Application process is pretty detailed. If you meet all of the requirements you can apply on their website. After you apply they will run a background check. If all goes well you will then be asked to attend a 30-minute online introduction course that gives you some information and what to expect when working.

The last step is to attend a local on boarding session that you will schedule where you can learn from employees and really get a feel for what you will be doing.

How Much Does PostMates Pay?

There really isn’t an exact pay rate, because it all depends on how many jobs are available and how close they are to you. But PostMates say some people make $25 an hour, which I find to be high. I’d expect more in the $10-$15 range depending on the orders available, proximity,  and how driven you are.

For each order, you will receive a large chunk of the actual order total, plus any tip that the customer gives you.

From what I can find PostMates pays weekly on Fridays through PayPal or Direct Deposit.

PostMates Complaints

As always no company is perfect so let’s look at some complaints current workers are having and some that might be a problem for you.


This really isn’t an issue, just more of a fact that you can’t do anything about. PostMates isn’t available everywhere and in the cities it is, your part of the city might not be very active. This means either few orders or having to travel to get to more orders.

Far Deliveries

Some couriers have complained about getting orders that require them to go way out of their way to make deliveries. Of course, if you’re on a bike this isn’t reasonable and in a vehicle, this is just an added expense that isn’t calculated into the pay for the order.

You may luck out and have a lot of orders that are nearby, but it doesn’t seem that you can avoid orders that are a bit out of range.

Lunch Deliveries

There have been a lot of complaints about lunch deliveries in the city where people want food picked up from a certain restaurant that doesn’t take call ins. This means you have to wait in line to get food which can take up some serious time.

Of course, you do get paid back for the purchase, but the time factor can cut down on how much you can make hourly.

Make $25 then Make $5

Like I’ve mentioned how much you make depends on a lot of different factors and each hour is going to be different. Yes you may get one hour with easy orders that can earn you some good money, but the next hour might have one order that requires you to wait in line and drive out of your way. This hour you may not make as much.

There really isn’t any way of telling so I wouldn’t depend heavily on this as a main source of income!

Is PostMates Legit Or Scam?

PostMates is a completely legit way to make money. As long as you live in the area and can get accepted this is a scam free way to make money. There are some setbacks to this job, as with any job, but overall it offers pretty flexible hours that you set and can be a unique way to make some extra income.

To me, this isn’t a quit your job type of opportunity just because the income can depend heavily on to many variables, but for a side extra income, it can give you some extra spending money.

If you would like to learn more or to apply visit their website here.

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Have More PostMates Job Information? Worked For A Similar Company? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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