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Permission Research Review: Will You Get A Virus

Permission Research ReviewWebsite:

Price: Free

Score: 10 Out Of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

Permission Research is what I like to call a complete scam. They say that they have over 2 million members all over the world, but if that’s true some people really need to wake the heck up.

Permission Research is a market research company that collects internet behavior information by installing a program on your computer. They also offer surveys to collect more information from you and best of all you get nothing in return! I am kidding about the best of all part of course.

In this Permission Research Review we will take a look at how this company works and really answer the question, will this give you a virus.

Permission Research Review

I gave Permission Research a 10 out of 100 and marked it a scam because there are too many problems with this company and this site is about making money online, not wasting your time for free. The main part of this company is the computer tracking software and you find later in this review that it’s not safe and can harm your computer. The other way they collect information is through surveys. These survey may give you a reward from time to time, but most pay you nothing and are very long and difficult to complete.

I don’t recommend this company, but continue reading on to learn exactly why and find some other great alternatives.

What I Liked

For The Greater Good

Really the only thing that is a positive about this company is that instead of getting paid, which is a huge negative in my book, they will donate a tree for you joining and installing the tracking program. The program they donate to is called Trees For Knowledge and has been around since 1987. To me it looks like a legit organization so hopefully they are donating trees, but I have no way of knowing if that is true.

Personally I wish this company paid you in cash instead, but I know it’s great to donate. Either way the negatives of this company will make you stay away, even if you would like to donate your time for a tree!

Permission Research Concerns

Privacy Issue

With any type of computer tracking system there is always the issue of privacy. Permission Research states that it does not release any of your personal information, but does release what sites you visit, how you interact, and your online purchases.

To me this is way to much information gathering for a program that gives me nothing in return and I think it gives them way to much access to your personal information. I have seen a few different computer tracking programs and it’s the one that collects the most information, which to me is a huge negative and privacy concern.

Internet Behavior Tracker

I’ve already covered how the tracker raises privacy concerns, but is it safe? I came across a ton of complaints from people who installed the program and immediately saw their computer running slower and had additional software installed.

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So I decided to try it myself. I installed the software on my computer and did have a few extra programs installed along with it. One was a search bar that messed up my browser pretty bad and was extremely annoying. I also went ahead and ran my malware program and it advised that I remove 7 different viruses from my computer.

I’d say that Permission Research Tracking Program is not safe at all. Others and I, all experienced the same problems by installing the program so I can’t recommend you using this tracking program.


After signing up for Permission Research you will also receive surveys. They state that these surveys do occasionally pay cash rewards, but I have not been approved for any surveys yet and there are no reports of any members ever getting paid for taking surveys.

There are complaints that the surveys are extremely long, 30 minutes or more, and are extremely hard to complete. Meaning that they ask a ton of information on each page and it takes forever to get through it all.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend not joining Permission Research. There are a ton of problems with this company that can’t really be avoided, plus it’s not going to earn you any money. That part is fine if you’re a charitable person so I don’t want to classify that as a disadvantage. But since there are some serious privacy issues, the program is unsafe, and the surveys are difficult I have to mark this company a complete scam.

What To Do Now?

I do not recommend this company, but there is one computer tracking company that I do recommend. It’s called Gomez Peer Zone and it’s one of the only safe computer tracking programs out there. It won’t earn you a ton of money each month, but I earn at least $5 each month by letting this program run in the background of my computer.

If you would like to learn more about some fantastic survey sites, that offer easy surveys and actually do pay you for it, visit Scam Free Jobs.

One last thing I promise, if you’re interested in learning how I make a full-time income online visit Start Your Own Online Business.

Thank you for reading my Permission Research Review. I do not recommend this company, but I have left links to other scam free opportunities above. I hope you let me help you make money online by using the links. If you’ve been scammed by this company let me know about it in the comment section below!

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