NextWave Review: is Working for NextWave a Scam or Legit?

nextwave review scam or legitimateNextWave is hired by companies, industry trade associations, and advocacy coalitions. These groups need people to make phone calls to educate and gather information or write someone’s story to demonstrate how an issue affects them.

NextWave is non-partisan. They identify and match people who agree with their client’s political stance and get them involved in the political process as either an Organizer or a Writer.

In this review, I will see what NextWave is all about and determine if it is a Scam or Legit.

NextWave Requirements

  • You need to be legally able to work in the US
  • 18 years or older
  • Able to meet the technology requirements
  • Must be able to follow a project through completion
  • Must meet performance standards
  • Should be flexible with your schedule to adjust to the needs of your clients

NextWave Technology Requirements

  • You’ll need a quiet, distraction-free place to work
  • NextWave utilizes cloud-based systems and your computer probably has the capabilities needed, or you can download what you need
  • Reliable computer
    • Operating system: Windows 7 through 10, or for Mac, Mavericks OS X Version 10.9, Yosemite OS X Version 10.10, or El Capitan OS X Version 10.11
    • Any up to date Antivirus software
    • Functional sound card
    • RAM: 2.0 GB or greater
    • CPU: Intel core i5 1700 MHz or greater
  • Must have High-speed internet access via a wired broadband connection, such as a cable modem, DSL service, or fiber optic connection (minimum upload speed of 7 Mbps or greater, and download speeds of 1 Mbps or greater)
  • Internet Browser (Internet Explorer Versions 10 or 11, most current version of Google Chrome, Firefox version 40, 41, or 42, Safari version 8)
  • Headset with USB connection; must have built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Noise Cancellation to ensure high-quality calls
  • Printer

NextWave Application Process

NextWave is currently hiring for two at home positions:

  • Political Outreach Telephone Representative
  • Writer for NextWave

If you want to start by seeing what is available, go here. Then you will click on the job you want to apply for and start the application process.

I clicked on the button to apply to “Write for NextWave.” The application is short and sweet. Give your basic contact info. They want to know if you can start working within 48 hours of accepting a contract. (Selecting NO will not disqualify you.) You need to attach your resume, and you can also submit a cover letter.

You don’t need to submit writing samples, but you will take writing assessments as part of the screening process.

If you want to perform both jobs, you can submit your request to do that once you have proven yourself in one role.

After you submit your application, if you meet their basic requirements, you will receive an email invitation for a voice audition over the phone, which is basically you calling them and leaving a message. If you are successful at this stage, you will be invited for a phone meeting. If you are a good fit, they will send you a contract to review and sign before you can begin.

How Much Does NextWave Pay?

The Write for NextWave position pays $13 per hour. The Political Outreach Telephone Rep can make $12 to $16 per hour.

You receive your base pay, plus bonuses for hours worked and performance.

When Does NextWave Pay?

NextWave uses a cloud-based technology to track your hours. They issue payments weekly, and direct deposit is available. You will be hired as an independent contractor, so you will be responsible for your taxes.

NextWave Schedule

Both at home positions want you to work 20 or more hours per week. When the jobs end, NextWave will try to quickly get you into a new job based on your performance.

You can build your own schedule. Weekday, evening, and Saturday work are available, depending on the project and the time zones you’re calling.

When you are assigned to a project (which you decide if you will accept), you will have access to the project calendar so you can make your schedule. Available hours are posted, and you sign up in 1-hour blocks. Each session must be 2 hours minimum.

NextWave Feedback

I found some reviews on Glassdoor. Overall, 56% would recommend to a friend. Here’s what some people had to say:


  • Interesting to hear peoples point of view on things
  • Good money
  • Always paid on time
  • Learn about topics and issues both locally and nationwide
  • They provide training on their systems, plus they prepare you for each project


  • Not constant work; jobs can end abruptly

That was basically the only con. But it sounds like it’s pretty clear that projects are only a few days to a few weeks. You should go into it prepared to have gaps between projects.

Is Working for NextWave a Scam or Legit?

Based on my research, NextWave is Legit! If you find it interesting to learn about political issues, this could be an interesting at home job for you. Here’s the link to get started.


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