My Advertising Pays Is A Real Scam: My Honest Review

Learn Why My Advertising Pays Is A Scam That Won't Help Your Website Make More Money!
I recently came across a product called My Advertising Pays. This product has had a lot of hype due to a well known marketer putting out a video saying this product is the next big thing, but is it really?

There are basically three different parts to this website that are all pretty crappy. That’s why I have no problem saying My Advertising Pays Is A Real Scam. I don’t ever recommend traffic exchanges to website owners because the traffic does nothing for you, the rest of the site has to do with viewing the sites for money and referring others.

There really isn’t a part of My Advertising Pays that I recommend using, but lets take a look at everything this site has to offer in this review!

My Advertising Pays Review

Website: MyAdvertisingPays.commy advertising pays is a real scam

Price: $49.99 Plus Hidden Fees

Score: 5 Out Of 100

Verdict: Scam!

My Advertising Pays is a scam, no matter which side of the business you look at. I will go into detail on the opportunity below, but there really isn’t anything about this site that makes it worth your time.

There are much better ways to make money online that don’t require you to pay a fee and stay active to make money. In my opinion there are too many hoops to jump through with this product, they are affiliate with scam artists, and there are too many fees to make this profitable.

I recommend staying far away from My Advertising Pays because it’s a complete scam.

Why My Advertising Pays Is A Real Scam

So let’s get into what this product actually is. Basically My Advertising Pays is a traffic exchange website or in other words a site that pays you to click on websites. The way you make money is pretty simple, you purchase a credit pack that is $49.99 you must then click on 10 websites a day to stay active. You make money by referring others to the website either to click on ads and refer others, which requires them to buy a $49.99 credit pack. Or by referring people to put their website on the view website for cash page of this site.

I have a lot of problems with both sides of this site so let’s take a look.

Traffic Exchange (Paying For Traffic)

One way you will be earning is by getting website owners to pay for advertising. I mentioned before that this site is a traffic exchange site, which basically means you’re paying for people to visit your site for a few seconds.

The major problem with this is the only reason people are visiting your site is to make money, they have no interest in the content or products on your site. This means that your basically paying for more traffic, but the traffic your paying for isn’t going to convert.

I guess if you’re just looking for big numbers inside your Google Analytics account this may be for you, but if you’re running a website as a business this will not help you out in anyway.

If you’ve ever been a member at a site that pays you to visit websites, just think about what you did. You’d visit the website, not really giving a crap about what’s on the page, then close the window after you’ve been paid for viewing it.

Why would you want to pay for traffic when they don’t give a crap about what you have to say or are trying to promote? 

Since you know that this portion of the site is a scam and won’t help any website owner, are you comfortable promoting it to make money even though you know it won’t help them?

Viewing Website & Referring Others

The other portion of the site you will make money with is by viewing ads to stay active and referring others. You already know that the Advertising portion of this site is no help to website owners, but what about the viewing website portion.

Basically what you will be promoting in this section is a get rich quick scheme. There really isn’t a way around this because you’re not going to make good money by giving an honest opinion of this site and saying that you will barely make your money back just by viewing websites on your own.

The problem here is for you to get paid your referrals need to be purchasing the $49.99 credit packs that you will be earning 10% commission on.

Once again you’re going to have to really build up this site and basically mislead people on how much money can be made with this product to get people to buy the credit pack.

For this reason alone I feel like My Advertising Pays is a site built and made for scammers to make money. If you have one honest bone in your body you won’t feel comfortable lying to people just to get a 10% commission on their credit pack. 

Is My Advertising Pays Legit?

My Advertising Pays is a real scam. In no way do I feel like this product is legit. Like I said before this product was created to scam people.

Don’t get me wrong clicking on websites is a legit way to make money online, but it’s not going to earn you much. The big problem I have with this site is they make you pay for a membership and to make any money with this product you’re going to have to give misleading information to your leads and friends to get them to join.

I recommend staying far away from My Advertising Pays.

If you would like to learn a scam free way to make money online visit All Scam Free Jobs. Or if you would like to learn how I make a full-time income online being honest and not misleading people to buy and join products visit Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thanks for reading this review, My Advertising Pays is a scam, but if you have questions about this product please leave comments below!

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