The Binary Matrix Pro Scam: Proof In This Review

binary matrix pro reviewThe Binary Matrix Pro System is just Another Binary Options Scam. If you have followed my site the last month or so I have been reviewing a ton of binary option scams and they all seem to work the same.

They have a secret trading system, people are making $100 plus an hour and millions a year, there is no risk with this system, no experience needed, and will be given to you for free.

Unfortunately for all of us, all of the claims made by Binary Matrix Pro are not true which makes this product a complete scam.

In this Binary Matrix Pro Review we will see exactly why this product is a scam and why you should not get involved with programs like this.

Binary Matrix Pro Review


Price: Free + Minimum $100 Deposit

Score: 5 Out of 100

Verdict: Scam!

In this Binary Matrix Pro Review I marked this program a Scam and gave it a very low score. The reason for this is the Binary Option Trading programs simply do not work!

They give you a lot of hype on the sales page to get you to buy, which are all false claims. They advertise the system as free when it’s really not and if you do decide to trade you’re going to have problems withdrawing money.

These programs are not worth your time and money. In no way to do they help you win more trades, if they do anything well it’s they help you lose more money!

Why Is Binary Matrix Pro A Scam?

No Hype… Ya Right

Binary Matrix Pro’s sales page is filled with a lot of BS. One funny thing is the first thing it says within the sales video is that he is cutting out all the false claims and hype…just straight facts.

That is not the case, Binary Matrix Pro has just as much hype as any other program.

Binary Matrix Pro Scam

One of the first things you will notice on the sales page is the large text that claims over $100 an hour just by using this system.

A bit farther down the page there is the same claim and it says it only requires 40 minutes of your time a day to make that kind of money each hour.

binary matrix pro reviews

This income is no realistic especially when you don’t even have to do any work.

They also make some other false claims on the sales page which I cover a bit farther down this review.

No Risk

The phrase that Binary Matrix likes to use is their product is “automatic money” which to me implies that there is no risk of you losing money, just you making money without having to do any work.

Two major problems with this for me.

If you’re familiar with trading or investing you know that there is no guarantee that you will make money on any trade or investment. There is actually no guarantee that you will get any of the money you invested back.

The next problem is while trading on the stock market for your self you know to be successful it requires a lot of work. Whether its analyzing charts or looking into the company no successful trader has made money by doing little to no work.

Completely Free

Binary Matrix Pro is advertised as completely Free, but in truth it actually requires you to make a minimum $100 deposit into your trading account to get started.

This should not be a surprise because obviously you have to put money into your account to trade with, but is confusing for some because they offer a *$300 bonus for signing up.

$300 Bonus

The next big issue with Binary Matrix Pro is the $300 bonus promised. First you need to deposit at least $100 in your trading account before getting this bonus. Also Binary Matrix Pro is not the site that you will have your account on.

Your trading account will be with Citrades. A binary options trading company. They are actually the one that offers the $300 bonus for signing up and putting $100 in your account.

The 300 bonus does sound like a good deal, but they place some heavy restrictions on withdrawing money once you receive your bonus.

There is a minimum trade and dollar amount that has to be reached before cashing out, which means most likely you will have lost that $300 bonus by the time you meet their demands.

System Doesn’t Work

On my site I have done over a dozen Binary Option Reviews. Not once has someone commented that they have made money with the system.

Automatic Systems don’t work and if someone has one that does why would they give it to you for free instead of just making tons of money for themselves?

Should I Buy Binary Matrix Pro?

The answer is NO! Binary Matrix Pro is a scam that should be avoided. This program does not make more successful trades, does not guarantee an income, and has just as much risk as trading without the program.

Along with the false advertising and shady withdraw requirements I have no problem no recommending and calling this program a complete scam!

Read on to learn some low risk and scam free ways to make money online.

Low Risk Way To Make Money Online

You came here because your interested in this product and binary options trading. The process of binary options trading is a legit trading method if done correctly. Although its high risk if it’s something your interested in contact a legitimate professional brokerage house to see how you can get started.

If high-risk trading doesn’t sound right for you here are a few low risk ways to make money online.

First, Supplemental Income Opportunities, these sites can earn you some extra money each month and can be built up into a couple hundred bucks if you work hard. To see this visit All Scam Free Online Jobs.

Second, Starting Your Own Online Business, this is how I make money online which consists of building a website around my hobby and promoting relevant products on my site. The best thing about this option is you can build your income into something huge over time!

Thank you for reading my Binary Matrix Pro Review. We took a look at the program and have come to the conclusion that this site is a complete scam! Make sure to share with your friends and leave comments on your thoughts below!

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