Lucky Day App Scam Review: Do They Pay?

luckyday app reviewI recently came across a cool app called Lucky Day. This app gives you the chance to earn cash every single day through raffles, lotto, and scratchers.

I decided to write this Lucky Day App Review because there are a few people out there saying that this app is a scam and I wanted to find out for myself.

Please understand that this app won’t be a huge income, and you’re leaving your earnings to chance. If you’re interested in making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this Lucky Day review, I’ll cover how it works, how you’re paid and see if this app is legitimate or just another scam!

Known Scam: On Instagram fake accounts are contacting people saying they have won millions of dollars and will ask you to pay to receive your money. These Instagram accounts are not associated with the Lucky Day App. Lucky day accounts use the handle @luckydayapp, and the company said they only reach out to users via emails ending with

With that being said, I still have complaints about the app, so stick around to see why this might not be the best app to use.

Lucky Day App Review

App: Lucky Day

Type: Lotto/Scratcher

Verdict: It’s Okay

In this Lucky Day App review, I marked them okay. There’s a ton of mixed feedback with this app, and please understand that it’s not going to earn you a ton of money. You’ll need to be logging in the app each day and completing scratchers to win.

For this company to pay you, they have to be earning money somehow. Obviously, they aren’t just giving people free money, and they achieve this with ads. Expect to view several ads before you win.

They also have a $10 cash amount which is going to take some time to reach, again they have to make money to pay you money, so they need to earn some ad revenue from you before you’re going to win.

There’s also a lot of complaints about getting close to the cashout amount quickly, then being stuck without winning for a long time. Which again, ties into the company needed to make money.

Overall, this is not an app I’m going to use, you’re leaving your earnings up to chance, there’s a lot of mixed feedback, and I know of much better ways to make an extra income.

How To Earn Cash With the Lucky Day App?

There’re a few ways to earn actual cash inside the Lucky Day app; Cash is what you need to cash out via PayPal once you earn $10.


LuckyDay holds daily and monthly raffles. Most daily raffles are $500, and most monthly raffles are $5,000. For the daily raffle, you earn one entry for free (you must claim your entry each day.) If you’d like to more entries you’ll need to buy them with tokens; each extra entry costs 10,000 tokens.

luckyday app raffle

With the monthly raffle, you can claim one free entry per month and will need to purchase more entries for 10,000 tokens to increase your chance of winning.


LuckyDay has a daily lotto where you pick 6 numbers. If you match 1-3 numbers, you’ll earn tokens which you can exchange for more raffle entries. If you match 4-6, you’ll earn a cash reward. Just like Raffles, you’ll need to open the app and pick your numbers each day to have a chance of winning. Below I’ve included how much you’ll earn in the Lotto. Unfortunately, I could not find how much the Jackpot was anywhere.

luckyday app review lotto


Scratchers are the main way you can earn cash and tokens when you log on to the app. They have scratchers that give you the chance to win cash or tokens. You’ll be able to see how much you could win before you complete a scratcher. If you match 3 symbols, you’ll earn the scratcher amount plus some additional tokens.

luckyday app review scratchers

Even if you do not match three, all scratchers pay out tokens under the bonus section of the scratcher.

Please note, that after every few scratchers you’ll have to watch a video ad before you can do more.

How To Earn Tokens?

Tokens are a currency that you can exchange for more Raffle entries and gift cards (gift cards start at $2 and cost 3 million tokens.) Here’re the ways to earn tokens.


They have scratchers where the main payout, if you match three symbols, is tokens. Also, each scratcher has a bonus section that earns you tokens each time.

Refer Friends

You can also earn tokens by referring friends (you do not earn cash for referring friends.) You can invite friends via text, email, social media, and they will give you a referral code you can give to anyone.

You’ll earn 100,000 tokens for every friend that you refer.

Black Jack

Another way to earn tokens is by playing BlackJack; you can not earn cash for winning. You can bet the tokens you earn up to three hands at a time. As you guessed, the dealer seems to be pretty damn lucky.

luckyday app review blackjack

Free Tokens

In this section, you can earn free tokens by completing offers, surveys, and watching ads. This is very similar to how you would earn at a Reward Site such as Swagbucks. These are unskilled tasks that will earn you a few tokens a piece.

lucky day app review free tokens

How To Get Paid By Lucky Day?

luckyday app gift cardsSo there’re two ways to get paid by LuckyDay, Cash and gift cards. Let me make it clear that you can not exchange tokens for cash; they are two separate currencies.

Once you earn $10 Cash, you can exchange it for a PayPal payment. Their FAQs state that it could take up to 7 business days to get paid.

Tokens are used to buy more Raffle entries (which gives you a chance of earning cash), or you can exchange them for gift cards.

The cheapest gift cards cost 3,000,000 tokens and only gives you a $2 gift card, plus the selection is limited. Starting at 5,000,000 tokens the selection is better, and you’ll earn a $5 gift card.

Again, their FAQs state that it can take up to 7 days to receive your gift card.

Lucky Day App Concerns and Complaints

Not A Guaranteed Income

My first complaint with the LuckyDay app is that it’s not a guaranteed income. There’re tons of apps that will pay you to watch ads, and they guarantee you’ll get paid for watching them. With that being said, with LuckyDay you have a chance of winning big, but there’s no guarantee you’ll ever win.

Ads, Ads, and More Video Ads

LuckyDay isn’t just giving away free money; they have to earn the money that they pay out, so get ready to watch video ads. After every few scratchers, they will prompt you to watch a video ad that’s 15-30 seconds long. If you click “not now” all it does is make you watch a video the next time you click on a scratcher.

luckyday app review

I Made $9.25! $10 Cashout Amount

You can’t get paid cash until you earn $10, so even if you match 4 numbers on the lotto and earn $5, you won’t be paid a thing until you earn over $10. I have seen several complaints of users earning close to the cashout amount rather quickly than being stuck at that amount for a long time.

Making $9 with this app is great, but you won’t get paid a cent until you earn over $10!

Love To Give You Tokens For Another CHANCE of Winning

I’m not a fan of “make money apps” that have more than one currency. Everything you do should earn you the same currency, and it should be redeemable for all rewards. With LuckyDay cash and tokens are two completely different currencies. You need $10 cash to get paid via PayPal and tokens can be exchanged for more raffle entries, or for $2 gift cards once you earn 3,000,000 tokens.

They love to give you tokens after each scratcher, which is great, but all that they can be used for is another chance of winning cash.

Not a Long Term Method To Make Money

If you’re looking for a consistent online income, Lucky Day is not the app for you. It’s going to take some time to win, and there’s no guarantee of ever reaching the cashout amount. To me, it looks like you’ll be spending a lot of time in this app if you want a chance to win big.

I prefer making money with extra income sites that I can count on to pay me every month. But even the legitimate apps are just an extra income.

If you’re looking for a large online income, Lucky Day isn’t for you, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

Is the Lucky Day App Legit or a Scam?

So now the answer that you’ve been waiting for, I can’t say that the Lucky Day App is a complete scam, because I’ve seen a few payment proofs from reputable people that I trust, but winning and earning money through the Lucky Day App is not as easy as they want you to think.

It’s going to take many weeks if not months to win enough to reach the cashout amount; again they have to earn money so viewing ads is going to be required for you to continue to earn.

If you want to earn money on your phone by viewing ads, several other apps will do that, and they guarantee that you’ll earn. Of course, the chance of earning big is not an option with those apps.

Overall, I don’t see the LuckyDay app being worth my time, but you might feel differently. If you decide to join, please understand that this won’t be a quick income and there’re several complaints that current members have.

If you’d like to join, visit to get signed up for free.


I won’t be using the Lucky Day App because I don’t want to leave my earnings up to chance and I don’t want to be stuck near the cashout amount not getting paid. If you agree and would like to see some legitimate ways to earn an extra income and proof they pay, visit All The Extra Income Sites That Pay Me!

Please understand that the LuckyDay App and other extra income sites won’t be a large income. If you’re interested in making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, check out these helpful links to other ways to make money online:

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How I Made Over $13,000 Online Last Month

What is your experience with the LuckyDay App? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

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100 thoughts on “Lucky Day App Scam Review: Do They Pay?”

  1. I have tried ur app twice, I never won any money, I was up to 9.75 for a long time, then when I got close to 10 million, the game wouldn’t let me play anymore! It would have some issue and wouldn’t load up so I had to delete it twice. I was just starting to enjoy the game until that happened.

  2. Hello all,

    Lucky Day App is a waste of time unless you want to have fun scratching. I got up to $9.50 and I have beeen playing for one year now, and I still cant get the .50 cents to cash out. This app is a scam and a complete waste. They get paid for the ads, so why dont they want to pay a dime? I have not won not one cent in the scratch off games. I dont understand why it is so very easy to win tokens and not money. This game is the worst ever. I also think that all the winners they posted are all fake and BS, or maybe they work there. Please people, dont waste your time. I gave up on this app and put it on my shit list.

    • Not sure why people are posting that this app doesn’t pay. Gift cards are a form of payment too. Sure you may not get the cash but, what is the difference between $10 cash or a $10 amazon gift card. I play several different apps like this one and have earned hundreds in gift cards. Yes I have ran across some that don’t pay at all and have deleted them. I have one I am waiting a little longer on to see if they pay and that is Lucky Time which so far has not even sent me an email. Some of the emails are hard to find cause they come up as a different name like Giftloop comes up as Tango card on your email.

  3. You didn’t think you would actually get paid any money did you? Nope, not going to happen on this app. or the other one operated by the same crook. – known as “Lucky Day”
    The people that tell you how great and wonderful this paying app is are ALL paid actors, they are paid to give you a line of BS, you know it and so do I. I like it because it is good activity for arthritis in the fingers, by using the scratch offs, it is a great way gain flexible therapy that is almost painless and takes only 5 minutes a day. Look at it this way, and you will not feel bad messing around with it. As far as sending for a trinket, your choice, but quality is your basic “Carnival Junk”, so don’t be disappointed in that.

  4. Go ahead and play! You’ll waist alot of time to end up with nothing. I dont understand how this app has a 4.6 stsrs. If you click on the reviews.. it’s all one stars. Alot of them also stating that there past comments got deleted so they are reposting what they said originally.. it’s sad. Please.. I feel more satisfied leaving negative comments about this app than hoping to get 2 dollars in the next year. It’s a scam. It’s just business.

  5. I have been playing lucky day for 5 months now, I have been stuck at $9.50 for two months now! Just can’t seem to get that last 50 cents, I do hear that is very common. With that being said I have redeemed my tokens four times now and received my prize each time. It’s a good app for small gifts and gift cards, but I doubt I will ever receive money via paypal.

    • Thanks for sharing Chris. Ya you’re in the same boat as most people that have used the app for awhile. Glad you did get your gift cards even if they were for $2.


  6. Been on the lucky day app for about 4 months. Stuck on 8.50 and never seem to have enough tokens for anything. Going to quit playing really time consuming and for all my time all I have is a really clean screen. Don’t waste your time on this

  7. I won enough tokens to get a chew toy for my dog. It’s been like TWO MONTHS and it still says processing. I email support and get no reply. I also have $8.50 cash and seem like I will never reach $10. My question is.. the winners of real money. $100 $500 etc. Are they actually buying things or spending money somehow in order to win? Or can I win without buying anything

  8. I ave been playing Lucky Day every day and never come across nothing everything is tokens I am stuck at $9.75
    For a while now.. I am getting tired of playing this game
    They give the money to whoever they want even the deposits in three random wallets almost everyday.. I give all the tokens to see if my chances are good to win.. And nothing.
    I was looking for something to make me some money but wow l sometimes think that everything is a hoax. 🙁 .

  9. I’ve been playing for at least 6 months now. I had one $3 dollar gift card cash out and am now around 9 million waiting to get a $10 gift card. SIX months..keep that in mind. I also scratch daily. I’ve been stuck at 9.75 for months now..just cant get that last quarter for some odd reason. I don’t think it’s a scam really, but the long wait to cash out is crazy. This is more of a play for fun app than make money, for sure. Definitely something behind them giving you the money and stopping right when you get close to cashing out.

  10. I have been stuck on $9 for 1 year now. I’m bout to delete and have peace of mind instead of anger being stuck there for that long. Bogus BS

  11. I have been playing, scratching tickets, & buying tons of tickets for daily raffles for months and NOTHING! If you look at recent winners, you will see people that have won mostly 50-59$ over the past week. But, it’s funny because they are supposedly doing $500 raffles every night (I know because I have been participating in them), so there should be tons of those “recent winners” on there too. But, of course, they are not. They just randomly hand out small amounts of money and collect all ad revenue for themselves. You can tell from when they started they are playing much more frequent ads too. Yet, money doesn’t seem to be going out. This is a farce

    • We do not advertise all of our winners. Everyone who redeems on the app is not required to also send a photo. In other words, there are more winners than are visible on the app and social media.

      The best way to increase your odds of winning is to play all your games every day! We send out hundreds of scratch cards with cash prizes and award cash to a raffle winner every day!

      The easiest way to start winning is collecting tokens and redeeming them in the Redeem Rewards section. Tokens are rewarded generously and add up quickly!

      Here are more tips on how to win:

      – Scratch all of your daily cards. They refresh 3x every day!
      – Enter the daily lotto
      – Exchange tokens for more raffle tickets
      – Earn more tokens through the Free Tokens section

      We look forward to seeing your future wins!

  12. I’ve been stuck at $8.25 for months now, and tried all the weird things people recommended to get to $10… still no luck… has anyone actually won and cashed out $10 or more?

    by the way, just got contacted by Chris who is working on a new scratch app that lets you cash out a minimum of $1! anyone heard of Lucky Dollar?

    • Hey Ashley,

      There’s a lot of mixed feedback and in my opinion, it’s not worth using.

      How did Chris contact you? Any claims of making a ton of money?


  13. I’ve been stuck at $8.50 forever, but have gotten enough tokens to get a couple SBUX gift cards and a Domino’s Pizza card! It’s kind of fun to just play for a few minutes a day and eventually get GCs.

  14. I’ve been playing around with this app for about a month now and have made it to $2. My fiance has been playing for about the same amount of time and only has $1. They did contact me on instagram saying i won a big amount of money so i asked what the catch was and they said there wasn’t any no upfront fees or anything but didnt say when or if i would actually get anything. It is a bit annoying that even playing everyday and doing all the extra surveys still only made it to $2. Not a bad app to just play with but the odds and payout should be more or easier to reach the $10 payout.

    • Hi Kihauna,
      So sorry to hear this! These accounts are not associated with Lucky Day. We will never ask you for personal information or payment. Our official social media accounts are @luckydayapp. Thank you for letting us know. Please advise of the username via email to Then, we can block that account directly.

    • No, please wait, its not scam. I received 10.25$ after 2 weeks and 2 times amazone gift card worth of 10$. You can write a mail to lucky day team with a screenshot. Thanks.

      • I do agree that if you reach the cashout amount, you will eventually get paid. With that being said there’re reports of issues reaching the cash out amount, which is true with all extra income sites.

        As I said in the review, it’s not a complete scam, but there’re 100% issues that you’ll have to work through.

        Thanks for sharing Ashraf.


  15. I’ve enjoyed Lucky Day and just cashed out $10.50 after a month of playing 5 minutes each day. Easy money, straightforward cash. I’ll keep playing for sure.

  16. I’ve been playing Lucky Day for about 8 months and have cashed out $10.25 once and am currently back up to $9.00 (was stuck at $8.50 for 3 months, then after making it to $9, I’ve been stuck for 2 more months). I’ve also cashed in 5 million tokens for a make-up bag (I did receive it but it took several weeks). I’m currently holding 13 million tokens and am waiting to cash out. I have never received any ‘bogus’ emails or social media messages informing me that I’ve won anything ‘big’. The ads are a bit annoying but it’s something to do if you have a few spare minutes during the day and the tokens really accumulate fast if you play daily. I just won 500,000 tokens on one scratch off! I wonder who sponsors them or how they accrue the funds to pay out anyway?

    • Hi Lisa! Our advertisement sponsors are the driving force behind Lucky Day. They enable us to award our winners with cash and other fantastic prizes!

  17. I have been playing Lucky day for over 6 months now I have never had any problem getting the money or my rewards however I did have a issue of a long wait waiting for a gift card so I recommend waiting until you can get the PayPal $10 or the PayPal gift card. I have never had any problems yes I have had all these weird things coming to me talking about I have one this or that or the other from different websites that seem to be hacking in as a matter of fact I just had one from your website talking about they were from YouTube and I could win $2,000 for just a few simple questions asked. So it seems like they’re hacking you also. I do have questions about an app called lucky goddess or lucky Paradise they are using the same layout as lucky day and I’m wondering if they are a scam or not or just a counterfeit of Lucky day trying to use lucky day to get them in your app please check on this for me and get back at me at

  18. I have been playing this game for fun and hoping to win through my hard times. I got as far as 8.00$ on my cash and not a penny more it’s been over a month now. So yes I think it’s fake but it is fun to play. If you ask me don’t download if you think you will be a winner only download if you have nothing else to do but play for fun

  19. Brak, Can’t we report to the Better Business Bureau or the FBI or someone and report the scam? Track down the sleezeballs and let justice be served?

    • Hey Becky,

      They are listed with the BBB and if you look at their profile here, it’s all negative reviews. The thing is all they have to do is pay the BBB to give them a good rating, and as you can see they have an A+ rating even though they have negative reviews.

      If enough people complain they might take action but always take BBB ratings with a grain of salt because businesses can pay.


    • Hi Becky! Please email us at We would be happy to review what has given you a bad feeling about Lucky Day.
      Our winners have won a total of more than $5 million in cash and other prizes so far! We give out over $500,000 a month and have 30,000 winners every week. Like all games of chance, winning cards are randomly selected, and raffle odds depend on the number of people who enter. The only way to win is to test your luck and play!

  20. I also received a message on Instagram that I won a million and a $5000 amazon card.. If you rally look at the profile you can tell its a fraud. I then went to the lucky day app and I emailed customer service. They told me it was a scam and wanted me to photo shot the messages and send them so they could turn it in. They tell you they do nothing over social media so it’s not the app themselves. As far as the app and winning money, well I’ve yet to see any value come out of it. Now I have played rewardit on and actually won a real $1000 and received a check in little over a week and it cleared in my bank account after 7 days so that is a legit site if you want to try and win some real money.

  21. I just received $10.25 in my PayPal. Took a couple weeks to figure out I needed to click “claim your code” button on the order history page b4 they sent payment, received the payment a few minutes after that. 12/7/18

    • Melinda,

      Be very careful. Even if it says you won does not mean you’ll get paid. I would recommend not using the app. Make sure you don’t pay anything to get the money!


      • I received a message on Instagram from luckyday_manager telling me I had won $750,000.00. He even called me to explain how I would receive my winnings. A lot was said and I asked a lot of questions, one being that there should be legal documents signed and notorized sent to me and documented proof that they are a legitimate company. The guy said they had no such documents and were not required to have or provide such ducumentation.The only thing required was that I pay $150.00 claim check to the bank that would cut the check in order for me to receive and cash the check. He also said he would send the media to take pics and prove that they do pay out. I again told him that the rule of thumb is that if I have to pay anything for my winnings then they are not true winnings.I also explained that just a strange voice on the phone wasn’t enough to convince me to send $150.00 on blind faith. I told him he could pay the claim check and I would happily pay him back the moment I
        cashed my $750,000.00 check. I guess he didn’t trust me by my word alone either. He became frustrated with me and said he’d give me till the morning to think about it and make a decision before he called me back to hear my decision. If I don’t pay the $150 claim check then I don’t get my winnings. Now what do you all think I should do? Ha!

  22. My mother used this app and supposedly won over 1,200 dollars. She cashed out and got the confirmation e-mail like many others say it would arrive within 5-7 business days. Afterwards her order history on the app disappeared. She waited 2 weeks. She was then told it would arrive within the next 3 days. The very next day they told her it was an error and she hadn’t really won. I’d recommend not using this app if some people still are. Completely bogus, just to get you to waste your time on their idiotic app

  23. Just about 3/4 days ago it said I’ve won 1752.50. Went thru the process of cashing outPayPal and it also told me 7 business days

  24. So just wondering I see where you have said on this review where it’s legit then where it’s not legit! So I have won $1001 dollars it said and even got a confirmation email! So this was last night and it said it could take 7 business days, so is this right or not? I mean I guess I will have to see if it’s legit and if I get it in the next 7 days, but by the sounds of this, it isn’t going to happen?!?

    • Did you actually win through the app or did they contact you on social media?

      Most likely won’t get paid. Just make sure not to pay anything.

      If you received a confirmation email you can try but again make sure not to pay anything to get that money.


    • Katie, mine said I won $1,258.25 the other night. I cashed it out and received an email to my Paypal stating it would be there within 7 days. I checked my order history and everything was there and it showed it was “sending”. Then it changed to “order flagged” then it disappeared from my order history. I contacted them and they said it was a “glitch” and it shouldn’t have been cash that was rewarded but coins. Riiight. I think that’s just a way to get people to keep using the app but not ever pay any money out.

  25. Dude I got contacted through Instagram and was told that I won $350,000 and $7,000 a month, but that I would have to pay a small fee. That small fee was $287 and $1000 in stamps and a third fee! I have the thread! That’s crazy! I thought it was real but not now because why would they charge you that much if you’re the winner!?

  26. I was playing the $5000 card tonight the one where you have to match 3 yellow cars. I had 3 at the bottom and the program glitched on me and said I already played the card which I had not. Once that flashed i clicked it again and played the same card about 5 or 6 times in a row. They have it fixed. So messed up and here I was excited. That’s bad business

    • Same thing happened to me the way you explained to the T. Mine was only a 500 dollar scratcher with football helmets…but revealed 3 and said I played the card alreadt. Contacted them and they told me I’m the one who’s wrong and it never happened.

  27. Have only been playing about a week got $7 quick now it’s been a week & a half the last 4 days not a thin dime. Will let y’all know if & when that changes or not…

  28. I won, supposedly 15,000 but did not get it, all I got was more freakin tokens, this has done this to me 2 times is this just a SCAM after all!!!! Thanks for nothing I guess

  29. Scratched match 3 twice first one was 10K No pay off Second on was for 15K..No pay off however I have won 5$ so far waiting to see if that 10$ will pay off when I reach that…Believe it’s not all true about winning real cash.

  30. Hi!! I also got a message stating that I won 1.5 million dollars and a BMW but I would need to send them all my info like my name and address phone number and email. I am a little skeptical because I already had my identity stolen so I wanted to ask if this was legit?

  31. hi today i got a message on Instagram saying i have won second place prize of 1 mil with a bonus of 7,000 a week for life from the message also gave me instructions to go to a money gram or western union saying i need to get a claimers receipt for my prize money and the receipt has to accumulate 200 hundred dollars.It also says that the receipt is to get my prize license and the receipt once accumulated the government upstate will approve my delivery presentation and that also my winner documents will be sent over to the BBB diplomatic crew to have my name authorized on the package. Is this a scam or legit?I can’t tell since i have never won any contest in my life.

    • Hi Kelsea, I recently did see them advertising on social media. Do you even use the app or did you just get that message randomly?

      If it were me I would not pursue the money. Just by the pain in the ass list of instructions they are giving you makes it seem like it’s a scam.

      If you won they should be able to pay you very easily via PayPal or gift card. You should not need to go through all that trouble to get paid.

      I’d just let it be and stay away.


  32. The app has mysteriously stopped working ever since I made enough coins to cash out on a cash prize.

    I can’t believe shady companies like this!

  33. It’s not a scam i just cashed out for a 5$ walmart card.All i needed was 5,500,000 the points add up really fast and it’s free i luv it u wont get rich but it’s fun to play

  34. I am using the app for several weeks but i am not so happy with it.Support doesnt answer the emails you send to them.And I dont think this is a reliable company.They wont give you a 100k dollars if you won.

  35. I have been contacted through Instagram from someone stating that I have been selected as the first winner for a 500,000 contest which includes a MacBook. Is this a scam because I’ve never seen prices that have gone up so high. If so please reply thank you.

    Barbara Florenzan

    • Barbara,

      I would be very careful with that since you were contacted through Instagram, especially if you did not sign up for any drawing or anything like that. It’s most likely a scam.


    • They accused me of taking advantage of a bug and that’s why I won $100 on blackjack. So they informed me, 5 weeks after I won, that I would not be getting paid. This app is poorly made and does not own up to their coding mistakes and pay out when a user wins. Instead they accuse you of taking advantage of their poorly made app.

    • Yea, I cashed out my winnings of 16 dollars 2 weeks ago today, I have contacted them numerous times and they keep saying it will be done within 3 business days, still nothing then I was told it’d be 7 business days, psst it’s been 2 weeks now and I downloaded the app to earn money not have my time wasted on something I can’t even receive


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