Is Paid Surveys And More A Scam:

paid surveys and more reviewHave you recently been told that there is a secret to making more money with Paid Survey Sites? One of the biggest selling points for online scams is making more money.

Paid Surveys and More,, does exactly this. They promise you a secret to making more money with online surveys.

All Paid Surveys and More does is give you a few pointers and show you a list of sites you should join.

Paid Surveys and More is a scam! This program will in no way help you make more money with paid survey sites and will actually make it harder for you to get your hands on your survey earnings.

Lets take a look at why Paid Surveys and More is a Scam.

Paid Surveys And More Scam

paid surveys and more scamWebsite:

Price: $44.50

Score: 10 Out of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave Paid survey and More a bad score and marked it a scam for many reasons. Mainly because this product will in no way help you make money with survey sites.

They get you to buy this product by promising you something that they don’t deliver upon and all the information inside the members area is found for completely free on the internet.

I do not recommend this product to anyone, Paid Surveys and More is a scam!

Why Is Paid Surveys And More A Scam?

Never Pay For Survey Sites

The first thing you should know is that Survey Sites are completely free to join. You should never pay to get access to a survey site.

If you come across any survey sites that do require you to pay I’d stay away from them. They will not pay more than any other site and there are some other great completely FREE sites that are probably better.

What You Actually Get

The biggest misconception about this product is what you actually get when purchasing. Your led to believe that this site actually has surveys that they pay better than any other site out there they also tell you they are only accessible through the program.

That is not the case at all, first Paid Surveys and More will never send you a survey to take or ever pay you for taking a survey.

All they do is give you a list of survey sites. They give you over 100 sites to join. They are all easily found on lists and by simple Google searches.

There is nothing special about the sites on this list. The good ones can actually be found right here.

Secret To Making More With Surveys

The next thing this product promises you is the secret to making more with survey sites.

There is no secret. Making money online is just like offline you actually have to work to get paid, there is no secret around this concept.

You’ll be required to take surveys and put in the time and work to get paid for them. They do not have a way around this.

They do include some training which they consider their “secret method,” but really it’s just some helpful pointers like set up a new email and download a program called robo form that makes it easier to fill in the screener questions for a survey.

Both good tips, but not a secret system to making more money with surveys sites.

Splitting Up Income

One thing you’ll be prompted to do right away once entering the members area is sign up for as many survey sites on their list as possible.

The reason they say this is when you join a site through their link you will become their referral and they will earn a commission on your earnings.

The big problem that I have with this is each survey site has a minimum cash out amount, usually $10 or more. If you join multiple sites you will be taking surveys on multiple sites and earning cash on multiple sites.

Most people give up before they ever reach the cash out amount and for this reason I believe splitting up your earnings is a disadvantage.

Even if you earn $50 you could just have $5 in 10 different survey accounts and not have reached the minimum amount in any leaving you with $0 to your name.

Is Paid Surveys and More A Scam?

Paid Surveys and More is a complete scam. There is no reason for you to pay for a list of survey sites when they are found for free here.

They use some crappy sales tactics to get you to buy, such as the promise to making more money online. They also don’t really explain what you’re actually buying.

There is nothing about that will help you make more money with surveys. Like I mentioned splitting up your earnings between sites you join can actually hurt you.

I do not recommend this product and I bet you now agree that it’s a scam!

If you would like to see some of the survey sites I recommend as legit and completely free check out All Scam Free Survey Sites. 

If you’re like me and are  not satisfied with a survey income, you may want to check out how you can Start Your Own Online business and begin building a full-time income online.

Thanks for reading this post on Paid Surveys And More. This product is a scam so please stay away from it!

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