Is ClickIntensity A Scam? Find Out In This Review

clickintensity reviewClickIntensity is a pyramid scheme revenue sharing website that pays you to build your downline and sell advertising packs. ClickIntensity has only been out for a few short months, and there’s already a ton of hype surrounding it.

Although it’s free to join ClickIntensity, to build an income, you’ll have to make a financial investment and refer tons of members to your downline.

In this ClickIntensity Review, I’ll cover how the program works, how to earn money, how to get paid, and why I do not recommend this site.

ClickIntensity Review

Site: ClickIntensity

Price: Free + $25 Per Ad Pack

Verdict: Not Recommended

ClickIntensity is a site that offers a few different ways to earn but requires a financial investment to get going really; you’ll also need to refer others to buy ad packs. For that reason, I’m considering this a pyramid scheme and do not recommend it.

I’m not going to say that ClickIntensity is a scam, but it’s set up for the small percentage of people on the top of the pyramid to make good money and not for the people like you, reading this review.

To make money, you’ll either have to put in a significant financial investment (which makes your ROI small,) or have a way to refer hundreds of people to this system.

If you already have a way to drive hundreds of visitors to this site, you’re probably better off promoting great, awesome products to build trust!

How Does ClickIntensity Work?

Okay, sit tight and let me explain this complicated system.

General Overview

The summary of how ClickIntensity works is this. You buy or earn points to exchange for ad packs. These ad packs cost $25 and mature for $30. The whole point is to redeem as many ad packs as possible. The way you do this is by visiting others sites (doesn’t earn much,) purchasing ad packs with your own money, or building your downline and having others earn for you (the most important part.)

Viewing Ads

The first way to earn is by viewing ads. Every day there’re links to other sites that make you one coin for viewing. To put this into perspective, you need 1,000 coins to purchase an ad pack, so it’s not much.

Ad Packs “The Product.”

The main way to earn is through purchasing or exchanging coins for ad packs. Ad packs cost $25 or 1,000 coins and when they mature they’re worth $30.

Building Downline “The Pyramid.”

The key to earning a lot from the program is building your downline. As you refer members, you receive a percentage of what they spend on ad packs. As you earn coins from your referrals, you invest them in ad packs. The more ad packs you have, the higher percentage, you’ll earn from their purchases. The downline is seven levels, so it’s also important for your referrals to refer members.

The goal is to purchase as many ad packs as possible with the coins you earn from referrals. This means you’re spending $0 to make ad packs and when they mature you’ll receive $30 each.

How Does ClickIntenisty Pay?

The only type of earnings you can cash out is what you earn when the ad packs mature. Coins are only redeemable for more ad packs. There is no guarantee on when your ad pack will mature, I saw on one forum that it takes around 60 days, but I have no idea if that’s true.

Although you can buy ad packs with PayPal and Bank Wire, there’re only two ways to cash out your earnings, AdvCash and Solid Trust Pay. Both payment methods charge a 2% fee.

ClickIntensity Complaints

Hard To Understand

As I signed up for ClickIntensity, I really wasn’t sure what it was, after signing up and spending way to much time researching I finally have a general understanding of how it works. It’s really a very simple concept; you earn by referring people and pushing them to buy ad packs. But for some reason, ClickIntensity makes it difficult to understand and doesn’t explain most of the important information about how you actually make money. They go into great detail on paying them for ad packs, but other than that there’s not much information.

Pyramid Scheme

There’re a lot of different views when it comes to pyramid schemes, but most people think they’re a waste of time, including me. From what I’ve found the compensation plan is always confusing and the whole point is to get as many people to sign up, even if the product/site is crappy.

I know that not all pyramid schemes are terrible, but I’m not a fan and never will be.

How Are You Going To Refer Members?

The whole key to your success with this system is to refer others and build your downline. Do you have a website with thousands of daily visitors? How about an email list with thousands of targeted leads? Probably not, which means that you don’t have a way to refer a high volume of members, which again is the key.

As you can see, the way to be successful with this program is something most of you won’t have, which means you’ll be at the very bottom of the pyramid earning very little to nothing.


This made me lol, while investigating this site, I found they have 11 ways for you to purchase ad packs, including PayPal and Bank Wire, but when you go to cash out/withdraw your earnings you only have two options, AdvCash and Solid Trust Pay. With these two options, there’s a 2% fee taken out of your payment.

Seems legit, make it easy and convenient to give them money, but make it a pain in the ass to get paid.


Do They Pay?

So the whole point of this system is to buy ad packs up front and wait for them to mature, but there’s no guarantee when the ad packs will mature and earn you money. With that being said, I’ve actually found a few complaints from members who requested a payout and are yet to receive it. Overall, most of the payment feedback is positive, but it’s something to look into.

Is ClickIntensity A Scam?

Honestly, I can’t say that ClickIntensity is a complete scam, but there’s no way I would ever recommend it to my readers. Again, it’s a pyramid scheme. If you have a blog or list that can drive hundreds or thousands of referrals, you can make decent money with this system, but you could probably make a lot more promoting awesome products and not pyramid schemes.

For most of you, you’ll have to purchase the ad packs, and you won’t be able to drive enough referrals to help you passively earn coins. This means you’ll be one of the losers at the bottom of the pyramid not making much.

In my opinion, ClickIntensity sets you up to fail and only wants you to build their downline.


Now that you know ClickIntensity isn’t for you make sure to check out how you can make a legitimate online income promoting products you love by starting your own profitable blog!

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Do you think ClickIntensity is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below, even if you don’t agree! 🙂


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