How I’ve Made Over $877 Searching The Internet!

This is only available in the US, UK, CA, IE, and AU. Visit InstaGC to get paid to search Worldwide!

If you live in the US, UK, CA, IE, or AU, you can take advantage of the site I’m about to show you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below! Here’s a step by step guide to getting paid to search the internet!

1) Join Swagbucks For Free

Signing up for Swagbucks is completely free, and you can do so by visiting At this time they’re offering a $5 sign-up bonus to new members!

2) Use The Swagbucks Search

Swagbucks has their own search engine powered by Yahoo that you can use to earn. You won’t earn for every search that you conduct, but occasionally you’ll earn 8-25 ($.08-$.25) Swagbucks for your search!

Once you complete a winning search, just fill in the captcha, and you’ll see your Swagbucks added to your account!

Swagbucks search 100

3) Use Swagbucks To Earn Other Ways

Although getting paid to search the internet is my favorite way to earn at Swagbucks, they also offer several other ways to earn! I’ve listed them below:

  • Watch Videos
  • Shop Online
  • Buy Gift Cards
  • Visit Websites
  • Complete Offers
  • Take Surveys
  • Refer Friends

4) Get Paid via Gift Card or Cash!

Swagbucks has 100s of gift card options available to your favorite stores most starting at just $5. You can even get paid via PayPal starting at $25. Below are screenshots of a few gift card options.

TIP: They occasionally have gift cards at a discount so you can get a $5 gift card for 400 Swagbucks instead of 500!

swagbucks gift cards

Join Swagbucks and Earn $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Proof I’ve Earned $877 Searching at Swagbucks

Swagbucks earnings

1 Swagbuck is equal to $.01. The 88,731-lifetime earnings is equal to $887.31! Below I’ll show you some of the PayPal payments I’ve requested from all of these earnings!

Join and Earn $5 Sign-Up Bonus!

Payment Proofs From Swagbucks!

swagbucks paypal payments

I prefer to get paid via PayPal, but you can also get paid via hundreds of gift card options starting at just $5!

Sign Up For Free and Earn Money Searching!

Start Earning Now!

Signing up for Swagbucks is completely free and easy to join. At this time Swagbucks is even offering a $5 sign-up bonus to all new members!

To start earning money for searching the internet, visit!


Again, this is only available in the US, UK, CA, IE, and AU. If you don’t live in these countries, you can’t join. Visit InstaGC to learn a way you can get paid to search the internet worldwide!

Did you know you could get paid to search the internet? With Swagbucks I've made over $877 just by using their search engine. I'll show you proof and that I've been paid via PayPal!

4 thoughts on “How I’ve Made Over $877 Searching The Internet!”

  1. Hi Brok
    Thanks for sharing another way to make money on the internet,
    It sounds good to me if you get pay by searching on the internet or by doing some tasks.
    I would ask you how much time did you spend on making these almost 900 dollars?
    Thanks for sharing this idea, I will take a look at it.

    • Alejandra, 

      Thanks for taking the time to read and great question that I forgot to mention in the post. I’ve been a member since 2011 so when you average it out it’s still over $100 a year just from searching. 


  2. I’ve used Swagbucks in the past and it wasn’t quite what it is today. Even so, making money for doing various online tasks is okay for some extra pocket money here and there, but I want to earn money online and I’d like to work on something that will earn me a lot of money for my time in the long run. Do you have any suggestions?


    • Hey Dan,

      As you said, Swagbucks is just extra money. Luckily they pay you to search so I like using it since I’m already searching, might as well get paid for it. 

      If you’re looking for a larger income, I highly recommend learning about starting a website. In my opinion, it’s the best way to build your own online business and a passive online income. 

      If you’re more interested in a work at home job you can check out my directory

      Hope this helps,



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