How I Earned $100 Shopping On Ebates Last Week

Returning visitors already know that I’m a huge fan of making extra money doing things I already do, and with the Holiday Shopping Season right around the corner, there’s a huge opportunity for you.

Last week I was able to make $100 just by using a site called Ebates to shop online. Most of you have probably already heard of this site; they have commercials on TV all the time.

But don’t worry, if you don’t know how it works, I’ll show you exactly how to join and make $100.

How I Earned $100 Shopping Last Week

First off, let me cover exactly how I made $100 and how you can do the same. Ebates has a referral program that pays out big commissions. What I did was referred three members last week that all made a purchase through Ebates. Ebates has a referral special going on right now that pays you $100 for referring three members.

ebates referral program proofIf you do a little math, you’ll see that I received $5 for every friend plus a bonus of $85, equaling the $100 I made last week!

So how can you earn $100? 

Well, it’s simple. Since the holiday season is right around the corner, you should have no problem finding three people to sign up. Most of you can get three just by sharing with your family & friends.

Once you refer three friends, you’ll get $100 to use for your holiday shopping!

How To Join Ebates: How Does It Work?

Below I’ll show you exactly how to join Ebates and how the whole process of getting paid to shop works. It’s a video I made for another post, so if it seems a bit out of context, that’s why. If you already know how Ebates works, you can skip to the next section, where I’ll cover how to take advantage of the refer a friend program and how to earn $100.

Join Ebates Now

How To Get Three Referrals

Now first let me be clear, you do not need to refer anyone to make money shopping at Ebates. If you’d rather just shop and get cash back, that’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to refer others to take advantage of this awesome cash back program.

But if you’d like to earn a $100 bonus, here’s how the program works and how you can refer others to Ebates.

how to refer people to ebates and earn $100

You’ll make $5 for every friend that you refer to Ebates, but when you refer more than one friend you’ll earn an additional bonus.

So if you just have one buddy that wants to join, no worries, you’ll still get paid. If you refer two friends, you’ll earn $50. But if you refer three friends you’ll receive a larger bonus in a total of $100!

How Can I Promote Ebates?

Ebates has a few ways to get referrals. The first and best option is through your referral link that can be posted on your website/blog. That’s how I get referrals for everything that I promote, but I know some of you don’t have a website and might not be interested. But if you are, here’s how you can create one for free with My #1 Recommendation.

The next option is by using the built-in emailing system. This is perfect to send to your friends and family. Just enter in their email, and you’ll send them your link. TIP: I’d recommend talking to them about it first before just sending them a referral email out of the blue.

The last way is by posting on social media. Almost everyone has some social media account. Ebates has built-in social sharing buttons, or you can copy your referral code and paste it in a social media post you create. TIP: I’ve found that if you’re posting on social media, show proof that you’ve shopped already and been paid. This gives people the comfort that Ebates is legitimate.

Start The First Step To $100 At Ebates

What To Do Now?

I feel like this is a pretty easy product to promote, even for the people that don’t have websites. Most people have at least heard the name Ebates before, because of the commercials.With the holidays coming soon, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to a lot of friends and family about how they could save money on their Christmas shopping and all the online shopping they do year round.

If you’d like to take advantage of this Ebates refer a friend program, you can join for Free at

Do You Have Plans To Make Money For Your Holiday Shopping Other Ways?

I’d love to hear what you have in mind in the comments below! I’ll be using money from My #1 Recommendation and other extra income sites for my holiday shopping, check it out!

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