eBesucher Review: Is It A Scam?

Learn How You Can Get Paid Passive Income to Leave Your Browser Open At eBesucher! Payments made via PayPal! Open Worldwide!eBesucher is a German traffic exchange website that pays you to leave you browser open. It’s very similar to getting paid to visit websites, but with eBesucher, all you have to do is open your browser, and it continues to view ads and earn you money.

Obviously, this is going to be a very small income, but it seems to be a completely legitimate passive income site. eBesucher is possible because website owners want traffic to their site. That’s why you can sign up for completely free and get paid to visit these sites.

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In this eBesucher review, I’ll cover how the site works, how to get paid, the complaints, and if this extra income opportunity is a scam!

eBesucher Review

Site: eBesucher

Type: Passive Income

Verdict: Legitimate

In this eBesucher review, I marked it legitimate. This is a very small earner, but it’s incredibly easy, and the cashout amount is low. It looks like this is a $5-$10 a month income if you leave your browser running 24/7.

If you’re looking for a small passive income eBesucher is a good site to check out.

If you’re a website owner, please do not use eBesucher to drive traffic to your website!

How Does eBesucher Work?

1) Join For Free

eBesucher is completely free to join, and it only takes a few minutes. Visit and fill out the short form. Then confirm your email, and you’re ready to start earning.

2) Open Your Browser

On the main page, click on “surf now,” this opens a new tab where you’ll get paid to visit websites. You do not need to enter a captcha or click anything else. Just keep the tab open, and you’ll continue to earn.

I recommend opening the tab in a new window, that way if you need to use your computer you can just minimize the window with eBesucher running.

3) Open Paid Emails

eBesucher also pays you to read emails. This is not as passive as opening a tab, but they do pay pretty well. Emails are sent to your inbox inside your eBesucher account. You have 14 days to view them before they expire.

4) Get Paid

Once you earn 2 Euros, you can cash out via PayPal.

How Does eBesucher Pay?

All earnings at eBesucher are in Euros. You’ll need 2 Euros in your account to cash out. You can get paid via PayPal or EU-Transfer. Once you request a cashout, it will show up in your PayPal account within 7 days, but usually much quicker.

If you’re in the US, when you get paid in Euros to PayPal, it converts it to USD, so it’s incredibly easy to get your money.

eBesucher Referral Program

eBesucher does offer a two tier referral program. You’ll earn 8% of your referrals earnings and 5% of their referrals earnings. When it comes to this passive income opportunity, you can only make so much.

If you refer some friends, it can be an easy way to make more!

eBesucher Complaints

Is It Even Worth It?

Based on my calculations, you should make around $5 a month if you left this running continuously. Honestly, unless you just put this on in another browser while you’re using your computer, it’s probably not enough to even pay for the internet and power for the computer.

If you do join, make sure to know this is going to be a very small monthly income.

Traffic Exchange Traffic

If you’re a website owner, I highly recommend staying away from eBesucher and other traffic exchange sites for traffic. Normal traffic exchange website users are just looking to earn points or money. They usually have zero interest in your content.

With eBesucher, it’s even worse. Members don’t even have to press next or acknowledge they were on your website. You’ll be sending untargeted traffic to your site, and they won’t interact with any of your content.

Is eBesucher A Scam?

eBesucher seems to be a completely legitimate way to make a passive income online. There’s a ton of payment proof online, including US members. Please note, if you do decide to join, that this is a very small passive income. This won’t make you rich. Without referring hundreds of active members, you’re looking at a $5 a month income or less.

Luckily this is available in most countries, so it’s an excellent opportunity for my international readers. If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit

eBesucher is not my favorite extra income opportunity, but it’s legitimate. Make sure to check out these 7 Passive Income Apps/Sites to learn more ways to make passive income.

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Do you think eBesucher is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments section below! 🙂

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