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EarnOnlineTakingSurveys Reviews: Why It’s A Scam!

I recently came across a product called EarnOnlineTakingSurveys, and I thought I’d write a review to prove that it’s a scam.

If you’re familiar with taking surveys online, you know that there’s not much money in it, but this product tells you otherwise.

This product is set up to give you unrealistic earning expectations, make you purchase the product, and scam you once you’re inside the member’s area.

In this EarnOnlineTakingSurveys Review, I’ll cover what you get, the false claims they make, why this won’t help you make more money, and why this product is a scam!

EarnOnlineTakingSurveys Review

earnonlinetakingsurveys review is it a scamProduct: Earn Online Taking Surveys

Website: EarnOnlineTakingSurveys.org

Price: $97, $49.97 if you “act now” 

Score: 10 out of 100

Verdict: SCAM

In my EarnOnlineTakingSurveys review, I gave them a terrible score and marked it a scam. I’ve seen and reviewed many sites/programs like this, but they’ve gone a step further and promised a software that fills out surveys for you.

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If you’re familiar with Roboform, it’s the same concept. The problem is that it can help you fill out some of the screening questions before each survey, but is worthless after that. Still, you usually have to change some information because each study is set up differently.

They also give you unrealistic earning expectations and promise you very high paying surveys. Earn Online Taking Surveys doesn’t even have their own surveys, there’re no surveys that pay more than the standard $.50-$3.

This product is a complete scam, and I do not recommend it in any way! If you still want to take surveys, avoid this product and take a look at a free list of legitimate survey sites.

Why EarnOnlineTakingSurveys’ A Scam!

You already know that EarnOnlineTakingSurveys is a complete scam, but now I’d like to show you some examples of exactly why!

Unrealistic Earning Expectations

The first thing you’ll notice about their sales page is the amount of money they claim their surveys pay and how much you can earn a month. I’ve included a few screenshots below:

earnonlinetakingsurveys scamearnonlinetakingsurveys review scam 2


First off let me make it clear that this site does not have their own surveys, you will have to sign up for other survey sites to take surveys.

You can see from the screenshots above that they promise surveys that pay $10-$40 per 15-minute survey. If you’ve ever taken surveys, you know this is not true.

Most 15 minute surveys pay from $.50-$2, occasionally you’ll find some that pay more, but they usually have strict requirements to qualify.

Even longer surveys, taking 30 minutes or more, don’t pay much more than $2 per survey.

The next paragraph of the screenshot says you can make $3,800+. To put this in perspective, most survey takers earn $20-$50 at the most if they devote time to taking surveys.

I make $250-$500 a month on survey sites, but I don’t take a single survey. All of my earnings come from referring members to survey sites, which is the only way to earn more than $50 a month.

To build up enough referrals to earn that kind of money you need a website and it requires a lot of work and learning, but it is possible with My #1 Recommendation.

Other than referring people, $20-$50 is a realistic monthly income for taking surveys!

Fake Owner

earnonlinetakingsurveys fake ownerThe first thing under the video on their sales page is a picture and name of the owner: Michelle Stevens. I decided to do a little research on the owner and I was not surprised what I found. It’s not a real person, and the image has been used on scams in the past.

If you do some investigative work on Google, you’ll see that the picture has been used as a stock image on many small business websites and also some other making money online products.

For example, Survey Money Machines, a similar product that I wrote a review on and marked it a scam. This product is very similar where they give you fake earning expectations, have you sign up for a bunch of survey sites, then earn a commission on all of your earnings even if you do get a refund on their product.

As you can see, you can’t even trust the owner of this product!

Is Taking Paid Online Surveys A Scam Too?

Thank you for reading my EarnOnlineTakingSurveys Review, as you can see this product is complete crap and a scam. You’re probably wondering if all surveys sites are scams. I have to admit that I did take surveys for a long time and I still do promote survey sites, but you have to understand that it’s just extra income. Surveys don’t pay much, and you’ll most likely make less than minimum wage per hour of taking surveys.

But if you’re still interested in taking surveys, there’re legitimate sites to use. To see a full list of the best-paid survey sites visit Top Extra Income Survey Sites, but keep in mind you won’t be earning much money.

I stopped taking surveys a few years back because I found a much better return on my time. I now make a full-time online income with My #1 Recommendation. It requires a lot of hard work and time to learn and apply the methods, but it makes it possible to make a huge online income!

Thanks for reading my review! Do you think TakingPaidOnlineSurveys is a scam? 

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