DealsNCash Review: Is DealsNCash A Scam?

Learn How You Can Earn Up To $.05 For Every Email You Read At DealsNCash! But Is It Really Worth It? DealsNCash is a site that pays you to view ads from its advertising partners. DealsNCash will send ads straight to your email so you’ll never miss an ad.

I decided to write a review of DealsNCash after a reader asked if it’s a legitimate way to get paid to view emails. From what I can see DealsNCash is a legitimate site that can make you a bit of extra income, but it’s not going to be a big income.

In this DealsNCash Review, I’ll show you how it works, how to get paid, the complaints I have, and if this site is a scam!

DealsNCash Review

Site: DealsNCashdealsncash review: is dealsncash a scam?

Type: Paid To View Ads

Score: 70 out of 100

Verdict: Legitimate

In this DealsNCash Review, I gave them an okay score and marked it legitimate. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of this site. It takes forever to reach the cashout amount of $30, but if you do reach it, you’ll get paid your earnings.

I wish they made payments a bit faster, and they had PayPal or Direct Deposit as an option. As of now Check is the only method of payment.

Overall, it’s a legitimate site that can make you a few extra bucks each month, but I recommend a lot of extra income site over DealsNCash.

How To Earn At DealsNCash?

There’re two ways to make money at DealsNCash; I’ll cover both in detail below:

Viewing Ads/Emails

The main way to earn cash at DealsNCash is by viewing websites, ads, and emails. They are all the same thing, but it’s referred to as one of those three.

When an ad is available to view you’ll get an email saying so. All you need to do is click on the link in the email and view the ad on the DealsNCash website.

For your time you’ll earn $.02-$.05 for every email that you view.

Affiliate Program aka Refer A Friend

The other way to earn at DealsNCash is by referring your friends. They call it an affiliate program, but it’s the same as a refer a friend program.

You can refer your friends to DealsNCash by sending them your unique link. All they need to do is visit the link and sign up.

You’ll earn $.02 for every email that your friend (referral) views at DealsNCash.

How Does DealsNCash Pay?

When you sign up for DealsNCash, you’ll earn a $5 signup bonus. The rest of your earnings will be from viewing ads or referring your friends. You’ll be earning less than $.o5 per ad, so it’s going to take a while to reach the $30 cash out amount.

Once you reach the $30 cash out, amount you can cash out via Check.

They make payments once a month. Payments are processed on the first of the month, and your check is mailed out before the 15th of the month.

DealsNCash Complaints

High Cash-Out Amount

My biggest complaint is the high $30 cash out amount. As mentioned, you’ll be earning less than $.05 for every ad that you view. Although you do get a $5 sign up bonus, it’s going to take you tons of ads to reach the cashout amount. Most members will give up before they ever reach $30.

This site is only profitable for people who have the ability to get 1,000s of referrals earning them income. If you have that ability, you could probably make a lot more money promoting other sites. For most, DealsNCash will be a very small income and will take you many months to reach $30 in earnings.

Late Payments?

From what I’ve seen, DealsNCash has been pretty good at making payments over the last few years, but I saw a few complaints back in 2009-2011 that state payments were delayed a month or so.

There haven’t been any recent complaints about the company not paying, so it seems that they got whatever the issue was fixed.

With that being said, it’s always good to know that there may have been payment issues in the past with this company.

Is DealsNCash A Scam?

DealsNCash is not a scam, there’s payment proof from quite a few members, but I still do not recommend this site. I have some major issues with the high cash out amount and that the company has had some issues in the past with payments.

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Do you think DealsNCash is a scam? Let me hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below! 🙂

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