ClickBank University Review: Sell Your Own Product Online!

If you're looking to create your own ClickBank Product and sell it, ClickBank University may be the perfect product for you!Have you ever wanted to sell your own product online? I am in the same boat. I have multiple E-Books that I have created over the
last few years that I have been wanted to sell, but truthfully. I did not know where to start or how to go about doing so.

That all changed when I found ClickBank University. ClickBank University is an online training course that teaches you exactly how to create your own product, sell your product online through ClickBank, and have ClickBank Affiliates market your product for you!

In this ClickBank University Review you will find out exactly why you need this system if you want to sell your own product online!

I will show you an in-depth look into ClickBank University and why I like this product so much.

What Is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University ReviewClickBank University is a training product and community that teaches you how to effectively create and sell your own products through ClickBank. ClickBank University will also teach you how to promote other people’s product using affiliate marketing.

Short ClickBank University Review

ClickBank University is a must have product for people looking to sell their own products online. The training is very high quality and will teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful selling your own product. The ClickBank University is so so does have some activity and most of the time you will get a response to your questions. This product is a great for someone looking to sell their own product and have other affiliates generate them sales.

ClickBank University Review

Website: ClickBank University

Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Allen

Price: $1 7 Day Trial. $97 a month, $797 a year

Score: 89 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT!

I gave this product a 89 out of 100 because honestly it is the best training I have ever seen for selling your own product online. The training is top-notch! The only reason the score is not higher is because I believe the community lacks compared to Wealthy Affiliates community, but hey most products don’t have communities just support.

I like how they offer you a cheap trial to test the product out, some might think that the monthly fee is high, but the information you receive in the training really is worth it.

I recommend this product to anyone looking to start selling their own products online or anyone who is already doing so and looking to expand their business.

What I Liked & What I Didn’t

What I Liked!


I really liked the training at ClickBank University. I thought it was the best training I have ever seen on selling your own product online. They offer over 100 videos on various topics and really do take you from step 1 to the end.

ClickBank University starts at beginners level and covers 8 different modules. Then moves on to more advanced techniques in 5 modules.

This training is top-notch and I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this aspect of ClickBank University.


The layout of the training is absolutely amazing. All the training is accessed through drop down menus that are extremely easy to navigate. You might not think this is a big deal, but believe me when you start trying to work through the training you will get confused if the information is not easy to access!

clickbank university training

Training Presentation:

Another thing that most people overlook is how well the information in the training is presented. Each and every video on ClickBank University is clearly thought out and the information is presented in a professional and easy to understand way.

This is something that really makes ClickBank University training stand alone from other products.


Although I found ClickBank University’s community to be limited and have it as something I don’ like, I still feel like it’s an advantage CB University has over most products. The only other product that I have found with a community is Wealthy Affiliate. Now CB University’s Community is not comparable to WA’s, but still having somewhere you can go to ask questions is always a help.

What I Didn’t Like!


I really like the fact that ClickBank University does have a community, but the community they have is very lacking! I guess I am spoiled and used to the Wealthy Affiliate community which is by far the most active and helpful community online. But as I reviewed this product and worked through the training I kept a close eye on the community and found many questions that go unanswered and many more that have poor answers.

Without a doubt this is the #1 disadvantage to ClickBank University, but honestly I am just glad to see someone else having a community other than Wealthy Affiliate because I have not seen one anywhere else!

Training Schedule:

Something that really bothered me with ClickBank University is that they do not give you all the training up front. The training is released in weekly increments. Now ClickBank University says the reasoning for this is because they do not want you to rush through the training and really focus on each and every lesson. Which I agree with that is what you should do, but I do not like the fact that they are setting the pace for you.

The only way to unlock the rest of the training is to pay the yearly price which gives you access to all of the videos at once.

Final Verdict

I gave ClickBank University a very high score and have decided that this product is completely LEGIT! I would recommend buying this product, because first hand I know that the training gave me what I needed to start selling my own E-books online.

Even though there were some things I didn’t like and felt there is room for improvement on I still feel like this training is #1 online for selling your own products on ClickBank. See How ClickBank University compares to My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online Below!

Approved website


What To Do Now?

If your interested in gaining access to ClickBank University for $1 click here. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

If selling your own product isn’t what you’re looking for, but you would like to make money promoting other people’s products (my main source of online income), then check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review! They offer a FREE 7 day trial and the training on Affiliate Marketing is much better than ClickBank University’s.

Thank you for reading my ClickBank University Review. This is one of the best training systems out there for learning how to create and sell your own product. I hope you enjoyed this review and would love to hear what you think in the comments section below! Don’t forget to share!


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