AW Surveys Scam

aw surveys scamAW Surveys is not like any other survey site that I have seen. One major difference is most sites have you take surveys that give information to big companies. AW Surveys really aren’t surveys at all, they are actually website reviews.

Anyone who has a website can add their site and people looking to make money visit their site and leave a detail review of the site.

Although the idea is great, AW Surveys is a scam. There have been some major issues with the program, although it has been a bit better recently, they are still scamming people out of their money.

In this AW Surveys Scam Review we will take a look at some detailed information about this site and show you exactly why this product is a SCAM!

AW Surveys Scam

Website: AWSurveys.comaw surveys scam

Price: Free + Premium $15.00

Score: 25 Out Of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave AW Surveys a pretty bad score and marked it a scam, because despite the cool idea, there are too many problems with this site.

From charging people a Fee for their payments, deleting people’s accounts when close to payments, and not paying referral earning.

This is not a site that you want to take your chances with. Read on to see how AW Surveys works and why it’s a scam.

AW Surveys Details

How Much Do I Earn?

AW Surveys keeps it very simple, each time you do a review on a website you will earn $.30. There is an option to earn more with a premium membership which I will cover next.

Premium Membership

AW Surveys does offer a premium membership for $15. This gives you some advantages over the free membership. Like instead of earning $.30 per review you will now earn $.60 each review.

It also changes the referral program structure, which I cover in the next section.

Referring Others

As mentioned above, there’s  two different referral structures, one for a free and one for a premium membership. I’ve included a chart of the breakdown.

aw surveys referrals Basically Free members earn $.30 per review, 10% of all their referrals earnings, plus $1 for each referral that goes premium.

The Premium membership now earns $.60 on the reviews they do, 20% of their referrals earnings, plus $3 when someone upgrades to premium.

Getting Paid

AW Surveys pay by PayPal or Payza. They pay every week as long as you cash out the week before and the minimum cash out amount is $15.

Why Is AW Surveys A Scam

Locked Accounts

One major issue with AW Surveys is they are locking people’s accounts for no reason. Basically the scam is to get you to sign up for free, refer others, and eventually pay for a premium membership.

After that you may get a few more sites to review, but once you get close to the cash out amount your account is locked for no reason and all money you’ve earned is gone.

Referring Others

Another issue with this site is that they don’t pay for referral earnings. From the diagram above you know you earn 10% to 20% on your referrals earnings based on your membership.

Basically what AW Surveys is doing is paying for some of the referrals earnings, but once you go to cash out they are saying this referral is no longer active and the earnings you’re paid don’t count anymore.

Never Paid

The last issue with AW Survey is you’re not going to get paid. EVER! Could be by your account being locked because you’re nearing the cash out amount or by getting referral’s earnings taken away, either way AW Surveys is not going to pay you!

Is AW Surveys Worth Joining?

As you can probably tell from this review, I don’t recommend anyone joining AW Surveys. The site is a complete scam, that just wants your $15 for a premium membership.

There are to many major problems with this site to actually make it worth taking a chance. Plus it’s a ClickBank Product which almost always means it’s a piece of crap.

Stay away from the AW Surveys Scam and you will be happy you did!

Some Legit Ways To Make Money Online

You know that AW Surveys is a scam, but you came to learn if it was a way to make legit money online. So I wanted to include some great ways to earn some extra cash online.

If you would like to see the Survey Sites I Recommend check out All Scam Free Jobs.

To see how I’ve built my own Online Business and built it up to a full-time online income check out Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading this AW Surveys Scam Review. I know you won’t be disappointed when you stay away from this product. Make sure to share with your friends and if you have questions leave comments below!

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