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7 Sites That Pay You To Search: Get Paid To Search

Learn 7 Different Ways You Can Get Paid To Search The Internet Online!Have you ever wanted to get paid to search the internet? Great because I’ve put together a list of 7 sites that pay you to search. Getting paid to search the internet isn’t going to make you rich, but how much are you earning now for your searches?

Most of you will probably answer nothing, so why not join some of these sites and start earning cash just for doing something that you already do every single day!

This list has 7 completely scam free sites. Some only pay you to search and some offer others ways to earn as well, but don’t worry I will tell you exactly how you earn with each site.

Lets dive right into this list of 7 sites that pay you to search!

7 Sites That Pay You To Search

SwagBucks 96 Out Of 100

swagbucksOne of the best sites to get paid to search the internet is SwagBucks. This will require to use their search engine, but it’s powered by Yahoo and gives some pretty good results.

You will not earn money for every search you conduct, but every once in a while you will be rewarded cash for your search. The key with this program is to search normally and you will be rewarded for your searches.

There is no limit to how much you can earn daily and they offer a lot of different ways to earn such as surveys, offers, games, and referring your friends.

To join or learn more about SwagBucks Search visit Swagbucks.com

Qmee 97 Out of 100

qmee reviewQmee is a site that pays you only for searching the internet. Qmee works a bit differently then most of the sites on this because it requires you to download a browser extension when joining. Once you install the extension you will be shown separate paid results on the left hand side of your screen.

All you need to do is click on the result and you get paid for the search. The great thing about Qmee is it works on Google, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, and Amazon. It also does not affect the results that you’re shown normally. Qmee results are shown on the left hand sidebar of the page away from the normal search engine results.

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Qmee pays with PayPal and has no minimum cash out amount so after being rewarded for one search you can get paid.

To join or learn more about Qmee visit Qmee.com.

Fusion Cash 94 Out of 100

Fusion Cash ReviewFusion Cash is a paid to do site that is more know for paying you to watch videos, but they also will pay you to search the internet. Fusion Cash doesn’t really have the best reward for searching, but it’s a legit site that does pay for other great things so I wanted to include it in this list.

With Fusion Cash you must download their toolbar to get paid to search. Once you install the toolbar you will get paid $.01 for every 4 searches that you complete, with a limit of $.05 a day. The search seems to be powered by Yahoo so the results are decent.

Like I said not the best reward for searching, but a good paid to do site overall.

To join or learn more about Fusion Cash visit FusionCash.com

CashCrate 95 Out Of 100

Cash Crate Best Online Survey WebsiteCashCrate is a lot like fusion cash where it’s a paid to do site that also offers you the ability to get paid to search. You will not have to download a browser toolbar with CashCrate luckily. On their homepage there is a search bar where you can type in your searches.

But there are some hoops to jump through before you get paid to search. First you need to complete $1 in offers for the day, once you complete $1 in offer earnings you will get paid $.01 for every search with a $.10 maximum for the day.

Really this isn’t that great, but CashCrate does offer a variety of different ways to earn as well.

To join or learn more about CashCrate visit CashCrate.com.

Inbox Dollars 90 Out Of 100

inbox dollars scamInbox Dollars is a paid to do site that offers to pay you for searching. Inbox Dollars has a browser toolbar that you can install or you may search directly from their site. Either way you will earn $.01 for every two searches that you complete, with a maximum of $.15 a day.

There is a $.05 bonus if you search more then 4 days a week with their site. The big thing with this program is you need to search naturally. If you don’t you will not be rewarded any points for your searches.

Inbox Dollars also offers multiple other ways to earn such as surveys, offers, and opening emails.

To join or learn more about Inbox Dollars visit InboxDollars.com.

InstaGC 93 Out of 100

instagc reviewInstaGC search works just like SwagBucks search. Basically you use their search engine which again I believe is powered by Yahoo. You will not be rewarded cash for every search, but every once in a while you will earn a few cents for a search.

The key with InstaGC search is to search normally throughout the day and you will cash. There is no limit to how much you can earn in a day or how many searches you may conduct.

Just like most of the other programs you can also earn with Surveys, Offers, Videos, and much more.

To join or learn more about InstaGc visit InstaGC.com.


Bing Rewards 85 Out of 100

Bing Rewards is actually the rewards system that pays you to search with Bing. This program is very simple. Basically all you need to do is sign up and start using the Bing search engine.

For every two searches you do, you’re given 1 point, with a maximum of 15 points per day. You may also earn up to 15 points per day through mobile search.

Bing Rewards differs from the other programs because your paid for every search and you don’t have to click on paid ads, but you will have to use the Bing search engine. If you don’t like Bing this probably isn’t the right program for you!

To join or learn more about Bing Rewards visit BingRewards.com.

Thank you for reading this post on 7 Sites that pay you to search. Surely you can find at least one site that you like and start earning money searching the internet.

Personally I use SwagBucks and Qmee the most, but am a member to all of these sites. All 7 sites are scam free and good joins.

If you would like to see all the sites I recommend joining visit All Scam Free jobs. To see how I make a full-time income online visit Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thanks again for reading, if you have questions about getting paid to search or any of the programs above make sure to leave comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!


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