Full-Time Job From Home November 2016 Income

Welcome back to another Income Report. Today I’d like to cover November 2016. It was a pretty slow month with not a lot of income, but hey, it’s better than no income from blogging.

Before we get started, the typical disclaimers. This is my income from this blog only. If you’re interested in making money with a blog, visit how to start a profitable blog. I started this site over three years ago; I didn’t just make thousands a month overnight. You’ll see extra income sites listed where I make much more than $10-$20 a month. Most of my earnings come from referrals; I’m not making that much just by taking surveys, watching videos, etc.

If you have any questions about this income report, please leave comments below!

Read on to learn exactly where my income came from this month.

November Income Breakdown

Affiliate Income

Wealthy AffiliateRead Review$407 (Blogging Training and Community)

Panthera NetworkRead Review$627.30 (CPA Network Most Offers are “Make Money Online”)

SwagbucksRead Review$25 (Favorite Rewards Site)

Paid Viewpoint – Read Review$39.14 (Favorite Paid Survey Site)

Instant Cash SweepstakesRead Review$9.97 (Favorite Poll Site)

CashCrateRead Review$20.51 (Rewards Site)

Fusion CashRead Review$220.50 (Rewards Site)

ClixsenseRead Review$12.36 (Paid To Visit Websites)

IbottaRead Review$761 (Paid To Grocery Shop)

EarnablyRead Review$5 (Rewards Site)

QmeeRead Review$14 (Paid To Search Google)

FeaturePointsRead Review$10 (Paid To Download Apps)

InstaGCRead Review$11.14 (Rewards Site)

Amazon Associates$33.96 (Amazon Affiliate Program)

BevRAGERead Review$36 (Paid To Buy Alcohol)

Total Affiliate Income: $2,232.88

Ad Revenue

Monumetric$1,056.43 (Formerly Bloggers Network, Min. 10,000 monthly Page Views to Apply)

Adsense – $22.47$9.13

Private Advertising$300

Total Ad Revenue: $1,388.03

November 2016 Income: $3,620.91

How Can You Make Money Blogging?

I hope you enjoyed this income report and that seeing exactly where my income comes from inspires you to start your own blog! There’re two different sites I recommend checking out if you think starting a blog is a good option for you.

Wealthy Affiliate: Is a training community and course that teaches you the basics of creating a website, creating content, driving traffic to your site, and making money with affiliate marketing. The best part is they’ll let you get started and test drive the course for completely free. Visit My #1 Recommendation to learn more.

Elite Blog Academy: This is a paid course I took in the middle of 2016 that spiked my traffic and income tremendously. They are only open one time a year, but you can get some free resources and get on the waiting list by visiting!

Have questions about my income report? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Full-Time Job From Home November 2016 Income”

  1. I do have over 11,000 PV per month so I meet the requirements. It would be great if you don’t mind contacting them about the initial payment. I just hope that if I do have to pay that I can make the money back soon.

  2. Hi,

    I am interested in using Monumeric to bring in some ad revenue. I just went to the site and it costs $99 for the Propel program.

    How does this all work. Is it like adsense where you paste a code on your site and they show other peoples ads? But then why do I have to pay to sign up?

    I kind of a newbie and just a little confused. Thanks.

    • Hey, Kyle.

      I was not aware that it cost money to join. I was above the 80,000 MOPV, so there was no fee for the next up program.

      It’s similar to Adsense, but not as user-friendly. They can implement the ads for you, which is what I did, but there’s an option of them just sending you the ad codes and you placing them on your site. At least at the level I joined at.

      In the beginning, they do a few months of split testing and optimizing ad space so I’m assuming the fee is to cover that and make sure they cover their investment with a site that doesn’t have that much traffic.

      IF you’d like, I’d be happy to contact them and see if there’s any way around the fee. If you can meet the page view requirements, I recommend the program my earnings with Adsense were crap compared to switching to Monumetric.



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