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5 Survey Sites That Pay By PayPal

5 survey sites that pay by PayPalI do a ton of reviews on surveys sites, and one thing that I always look for is the option to get paid by PayPal. Getting paid by PayPal is usually the easiest and fastest way to get paid for taking surveys. Instead of you searching through all the survey site reviews I have on this site I thought I’d throw a quick list together of 5 Survey Sites That Pay By PayPal.

This isn’t one of those lists that has some poor quality sites on it, all 5 of these sites are listed on my All Scam Free Jobs page, so you know that they are 100% legit.

The following 5 survey sites are listed in order from my favorite to lease favorite, but like I said I recommend them all!

5 Survey Sites That Pay By PayPal

Cash Crate Best Online Survey WebsiteCashCrate: PayPal/Check

CashCrate is probably my favorite site that pays with PayPal, but there is a small catch to getting paid by PayPal that you should be aware of. You must become a Silver member before unlocking PayPal payments. This means you must refer 50 friends or earn a total of $100 before PayPal is available. This isn’t a problem for me, but for some this may be a hard level to reach.

CashCrate payments come the 1st of every month as long as you’ve reached the $20 cash out amount.

Not only does CashCrate offer a ton of great surveys they also let you earn by completing offers, watching videos, shopping, completing tasks, and many other ways.

To join or learn more visit my CashCrate Review.

Fusion Cash: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit

Fusion Cash is probably my next favorite survey site, and unlike CashCrate PayPal and direct deposit are available for your very first cash out.

Fusion Cash will make you wait a bit longer for you payments, but basically once you reach the minimum cash out of $25 you can request a payment. On the next 20th of the month you payment will be processed and you will be paid the next day.

Fusion Cash not only has great surveys, but they will also pay you to complete offers, watch videos, complete tasks, refer your friends, and much more.

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To join or learn more visit my Fusion Cash Review. 

SwagBucks: PayPal/Gift Cards

Swagbucks is another great survey site that pays with PayPal. The minimum amount you can cash out with the PayPal form of payment is $25. They have a ton of different gift cards that start at $5, but for the sake of this list, I’m assuming you’re looking to get paid by PayPal.

PayPal payments can be requested at any time, once you reach $25, and they will show up in your PayPal account within 1-2 business days.

Along with many surveys, SwagBucks will pay you to complete offers, watch videos, listen to music, refer your friends, and much more.

To join or learn more visit my SwagBucks Review.

PaidViewpoint: PayPal

PaidViewpoint is a bit different than the rest of the sites on this list. It’s what I like to call a pure survey site, or a site that only pays you for taking surveys.

PaidViewpoint is also different than most pure survey sites because they only send you surveys that you’re pre-qualified for which means no more getting kicked out of surveys because you don’t qualify.

PayPal payments can be requested at any time, once you reach the $15 minimum cash out. PayPal payments can take up to two business days, but seem to happen within a few hours most of the time.

To learn more or join visit my Paid Viewpoint Review.

clixsense pays by paypalClixSense: PayPal/Check

ClixSense is also a bit different from the other sites on this list, but you can still get paid by PayPal. Basically, the first payment you receive from them must be by check after that every time you receive payment it can be by PayPal.

ClixSense has a minimum cash out amount of $8. Payments can be requested at any time and are made within a few days after the request.

Along with surveys ClixSense lets you earn by taking offers, but mainly by visiting websites.

To join or learn more visit my ClixSense Review.

There you have it my list of 5 survey sites that pay with PayPal. I know how frustrating it can be to wait on checks so I understand why you’re looking for survey sites that have other options.

Like I mentioned in the intro all of these sites are legit and can be found on my All Scam Free Jobs page along with other ways to make money online.

If these type of low-income opportunities aren’t what you’re looking for you may want to check out how I make a full-time income online and work from home using My #1 Recommendation.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you enjoyed this list of survey sites that pay by PayPal. Have you used these sites in the past? Are you going to join now? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!

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