5 Legitimate Online Transcription Jobs Open Worldwide

5 Legitimate Work At Home Transcription Jobs Hiring Worldwide!One of the most popular work at home jobs is transcription. If you’re not familiar, transcription is listening to an audio file and putting it into words in a word processor. It’s not the easiest skill to master, but it can be a decent income with a flexible schedule.

Today I’d like to give some international love and cover some transcription companies that hire outside of the US, nearly worldwide.

Below I’ve listed five legitimate online transcription jobs, I’ve covered some details, but read my full review to learn more and join.

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General Overview Of Transcription

As mentioned, transcription is listening to audio files and “transcribing” the audio into a word processor. It’s not the easiest skill, but here’re a few things that can help.

To be efficient at transcribing you’ll need to be a good listener and be an accurate/fast typist. If you can’t type more than 60 wpm, transcription is not for you.

Some of the sites below don’t require it, but most transcribers recommend having a high-quality headset and foot pedal. The headset will help you hear the audio clearly, and the foot pedal lets you rewind the audio while you’re still typing. These tools help you get work done faster, which means you’ll make more money!

5 Transcription Jobs That Hire WorldWide

TranscribeMeRead Review

TranscribeMe accepts transcribers from any country that offers a PayPal account, but you need to be fluent in English because almost all the files are in English. There’s a very short transcription test you need to pass. If you do well, you’re accepted and can begin to work immediately.

TranscribeMe pays $20 per audio hour transcribed, but some files do have a higher pay rate. Payments are made weekly via PayPal as long as you have $1 in your account.

ScribieRead Review

Scribie is another site that accepts transcribers in any country you can get a PayPal account, but you need to be fluent in English. Scribie does not require you to have experience, but you need to pass their transcription test before getting hired. You have ten chances to pass the test.

Scribie pays $10 per audio hour transcribed and pays via PayPal once you have $1 in your account. If you complete high-quality work, you can become an editor and make the same rate editing other member’s transcripts.

AppenscribeRead Review

Appenscribe hires worldwide as long as you’re over 18. I’ve read you do not need to be fluent in English because they have many files in other languages. You do not need experience, but you need to pass their transcription test, which is two short audio files.

Appenscribe pays $.005 per word transcribed, in the forums most members report making over $10 an hour. Appenscribe also offers pay bonuses on accurate transcriptions. They pay every two weeks via PayPal.

Casting WordsRead Review

Casting Words hires transcribers in most countries that offer a PayPal account, but you need to be fluent in English. Casting Words does not require experience, and there is no test to pass.

As you transcribe files, you’ll get ratings on your work. As you turn in high-quality work, your rank will increase. Pay per audio file is based on your rank. Most members report earning $.30-$.90 per audio minute transcribed depending on the type of file and rank. Casting Words pays via PayPal when you have $1 in your account.


Rev hires transcribers in most countries that offer a PayPal account. You do not need experience, but they do have a test you’ll need to pass before you’re accepted. From what I’ve heard, the test is not as easy as other sites on this list.

Rev pays between $.50-$.65 per audio minute transcribed. Payments are made weekly via PayPal.

Other Ways To Work At Home

Transcription is one of the most popular ways to work at home, but it’s not the only way. If transcription sounds like your thing, I highly recommend checking out the Course at Transcribe Anywhere. No matter your experience level, it can help you improve your skill. They also offer a course on legal transcription, which has higher pay!

If transcription isn’t for you, here’re some helpful links. Make sure to check out the Extra Income Sites I Recommend.

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Know of any other International companies that hire transcribers? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

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