CastingWords Review: Is CastingWords A Scam?

Learn How You Can Work At As a Transcriber For CastingWords!
CastingWords is a company that hires transcribers to convert short audio files to text. I recently had a buddy run across this site and asked me to write a CastingWords Review to see if it’s a scam.

CastingWords is not a scam, but it may not be the best transcription company for you.  Either way, all the details are going to be covered in this review.

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Let’s go ahead and get started with this review to learn more about becoming a transcriber at CastingWords.

CastingWords Review

casting words reviewOverall CastingWords is a really good site for beginners, in my opinion. They do not have strict requirements on experience, and almost anyone can make it through the application process. I like that you can control your earnings and can get paid more when you put out quality work consistently.

There are a few concerns I have with this site, but overall CastingWords is a scam free transcription site.

Make sure to check out the comments for feedback from workers. 

CastingWords Requirements and Application

As mentioned above this is a perfect site for beginners. CastingWords does not require you to have any experience when joining. The requirements are a verified PayPal account, and of course a computer with internet access. They also recommend having a high-quality headset and foot pedal.

They let you easily join with a Facebook account, or you can join with email. You will need to give them your PayPal account for payments and some general personal information.

After you complete the application you’re free to start completing jobs.

Type Of Transcription Jobs

Once you’ve completed the application process you’re free to start transcribing audio files. I’ve included a screenshot below of what you will most likely see. From what I can see my audio files range from 1-55 minutes, I know a long range. Some are marked difficult and some easy, the payment per audio minute will reflect this.

is castingwords a scam

You will see in detail what type of audio file you will be transcribing, such as an interview or academic lecture. They give you clear guidelines and easy to follow instructions.

CastingWords Transcriber Rank & Bonuses

As you complete jobs, you’re given a score of your work. It’s very important to put out quality work for a few different reasons. One if you don’t follow the guidelines and do terrible you won’t even get paid and two, increasing rank unlocks new work that pays higher.

From what I can see each job you complete is given a score of 1-10. 4 and below is awful, and payments won’t be made. 5 is average and you will get paid the rate discussed on the jobs page. But getting scores of 6 and better give you a multiplier bonus on payments. For example get a 6 and get paid 1.5 times the regular rate for the job!

How Much Does CastingWords Pay?

There is not an exact rate you will be paid, because jobs vary, but most pay from $.30-$.90 per audio minute transcribed. The cool thing is they do offer the bonuses for quality work so you can make over $1 per audio minute if you put out quality work.

CastingWords pays by PayPal only and it must be a verified account. CastingWords has a cashout amount of $1. Once you have $1 in your account you may cash out at any time. Payments are made on the following Friday after cashing out.

One thing to mention is that you will be an independent contractor for this company. Meaning if you make $600 or more in a year you’re required to report that come tax time!

CastingWords Transcriber Concerns and Likes

Transcription Isn’t Easy

I’ve actually dabbled in the transcription world and found out that it’s not as easy as you might think. A lot of people struggle with it at first. Luckily CastingWords does give you a guide to get started and “style” that all transcriptions must follow.

If you’ve never transcribed before you may struggle at the beginning, but it does get easier and luckily CastingWords will let you try even if you have no experience.

It does help to be a fast and accurate typist though!

Ranking and Bonuses

I really liked the fact that you can get bonuses on all jobs that results in more cash for you. Instead of having to reach different ranks just to get a pay raise you could get paid more on every job just for being a good transcriber.

From what I’ve seen from a few jobs I’ve completed, as long as you follow their guidelines and do a pretty good job you’re basically guaranteed a 6 which gives you a bonus.

Flexible Hours

The best thing about CastingWords is the flexible schedule. You can work as much or little as you want and at any time you want. The job board is always filled with audio files, so it’s never too difficult to find an easy audio file to transcribe.

This is perfect for a college student or a stay at home mom that’s looking to make some extra cash in their free time and could be turned into a full-time income if you get good at transcribing and put in some full-time hours.

Is CastingWords A Scam?

CastingWords is not a scam. It’s actually one of my favorite transcription sites. I really liked that anyone can join very easily and they let you work whenever you want. As long as you can put out good work you should have no issue rising in rank and picking up bonuses for every job.

One thing to keep in mind is transcription is not easy and if you’re a beginner you will probably struggle at first, but with everything, you will improve with time.

If you’d like to learn more or to apply, visit the CastingWords Transcription Application.

If you have any interest in transcribing from home, make sure to check out the course at TranscribeAnywhere. The course will teach you how to transcribe and how to find high-paying transcription jobs. You can also sign up for their Free 7-day course just to make sure Transcription is right for you!

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Have more info for this CastingWords Review? Worked as a transcriber? I’d love to hear about your story in the comments below! Thanks for reading.


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12 thoughts on “CastingWords Review: Is CastingWords A Scam?”

  1. I started off researching work at home jobs for someone, and I myself became interested. I have a full time job actually, but on the weekends I thought it would be ok to transcribe for them just to get some practice and experience in it. I completely agree that the rate at which they pay is horrible. Took me two hours to work on a 6 minute transcription once. I always try to listen to the easier ones. But I have to make sure that my work is perfect. But after doing one transcription, I go do other stuff that I would do later in the day anyways, so no real sacrifice for me right now. I mean in a lazy Saturday you can earn a few bucks. Not Bad! also you can work whenever you want so When you don’t want to do the job, you never have to.

    So to sum, I think the site is okay for students or people who want to get some transcription work and practice in and put on their resume. For me at this point, I see it as a course instead of a job. I want to one day do real transcription work. If you have the free time and want some free change and I mean CHANGE, then this site’s a great option. If you are looking for actual at home employment, this job is to be avoided at all costs.

    hope that helps. you can’t expect a site like this that lets you join or “get hired” so easily to actually give you any supplemental income.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with Castingwords Nonnia!

      One thing to think of is you are gaining experience and improving your transcription skill.

      Even though they might not pay much now that you have some experience you might be able to join a site that pays more or go in to business for yourself and earn more.

      Thanks again for sharing, it will be very helpful information for my readers!


  2. Brok, As you asked – does anyone know of a trustworthy transcribing site? It would be great if disgruntled people shared that info, too!


  3. They are a little tricky with their pay. You’ll take an assignment and then they nitpick so that you don’t actually get what you should. I work for 2 other sights that I always get good grades on, but they always keep me out of that bonus. Without the bonus, you are really getting screwed.
    I cashed out and will not return.

  4. Similar to others, I’ve been doing transcription work for many years (18+). I’m fast with the keyboard and generally can get through at 80 – 85% of regular speech speed (depending on the speaker of course). I decided I would try out castingwords and did a transcription for them last week. The audio was awful. It sounded as though the audio had been speed up (reducing the per minute pay but increasing the actual words typed). It took me three hours to complete the project (less than half an hour of audio). Their site indicated that I had the potential to make $1.96 on that project after I completed it, but when I took the project, it had a higher rate. I cannot remember the number now, but somewhere in the $10 – $12 range plus a bonus. The job I submitted is still in pending status. No grade, no review, no money available – but like the other comment mentions, I can’t find any reference to it other than my dashboard stating I have 1 pending.

    I’m now thinking of taking on another job from them, but instead of actually transcribing it, type a bunch of gibberish. I’d keep doing this until they freeze my account – which if the current project I submitted is still “pending” may take forever. If they are going to scam people into working for free, they should be retaliated against.

    At any rate, I disagree with the idea that this is not a scam. It is absolutely a scam in my opinion. Even if they do eventually release the job I submitted, $1.96 for three hours of work is hardly appropriate.

    • Sorry to hear about the issues Jay and thank you for sharing your experiences.

      I’ll make sure readers refer to the comments before joining.


  5. I recently provided work to Casting Words, it took me 3 hours to do their audio (I’ve had 10 years experience in transcription) and paid $1.30 total. Ridiculous.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences Tamy. Sounds like a terrible rate. Since you have experience, any other sites you recommend?


  6. That’s what I’m thinking. I did an eight minute audio for them two weeks ago and it was added to the pending approval section. And when I check just now and I can’t find it anywhere in the dashboard. It wasn’t even rejected . It simply disappeared.

  7. I have been transcribing for over 16 years and after sitting down to read their rules, I decided to try a 18 min interview. First off the formatting alone is going to take time, next not having a foot pedal to stop and start the recording makes it take even longer, next when I finished formatting, typing and reviewing the audio to make sure it was accurate, instead of letting me submit my work it told me the job I just did was no longer available and would not let me submit it. To me that is a scam. I have never heard of such a thing.


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