NeoBux.com Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Learn How You Can Earn $2 PayPal Payments Just By Visiting Websites At NeoBux!NeoBux.com is one of the more popular “paid to click” or paid to visit website programs out there. I decided to check it out and write a review giving you all the information you need to make money with this site.

I’ve seen some reports of people calling NeoBux a scam, but from what I can see it’s completely legit. Personally I’m a bigger fan of Clixsense, but with either option you should know that visiting websites is a small, extra income opportunity.

In this NeoBux Review I’ll show you how it works, how much you get paid, and of course answer is it a scam or legit.

NeoBux.com Review

Site: Neobuxin this NeoBux.com Review I'll show you how you can get paid to click on ads and visit websites. I'll show you proof that NeoBux is one of the most popular paid to click websites and that it's completely scam free and legit!

Price: Free To Join

Score: 80 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit

In this Neobux Review I gave them a good score and marked it legit. This is a scam free site that will pay you to view websites and ads. The first thing to know, is that Neobux will not be a huge income. This is an extra income site that pays a few cents for viewing websites.

As long as you know this is super easy unskilled work that pays pennies you should be happy with this site. I have a few complaints and concerns with the site, such as buying referrals and the paid membership, but overall this is a pretty good paid to click site.

How Does NeoBux Work?

In this section, I’ll show you how you can earn money on Neobux. Here’s the process of viewing ads and getting paid.

1) Visit the Ads Page

neobux.com ads

Click view ads to be taken to a page full of ads and websites you can click to get paid. It shows you how much each ad pays. All you need to do is click on the ad to get started.

2) View The Ad/Website for a few seconds and get paid

Once you click on the ad, it will open in a new tab. The website will need to load completely, and after a few seconds you’ll get a confirmation that your account has been credited.

neobux viewing websites

Once you see this notification it’s okay to close the tab. You’ll go back to the full list of ads and you can repeat the process to earn more. There’s usually at least 20 or more ads available to view. Ads update daily.

How Does NeoBux Pay?

NeoBux pays with PayPal, Payza, and Neteller. You can cash out at anytime once your account reaches $2. From what I can see, payments seem to be in your account within 24 hours after cashing out.

Seems easy enough, but there’s a little catch in the payment system that I found after cashing out the first time. After you cash out the minimum cash out goes up $1 each time. For instance the first payment can be made after $2. The next payment can be made after $3.

It continues to increase until you reach the $10 minimum payment. After that your cash out amount will be $10 from now on.

NeoBux Referral Program

Neobux does have a referral program. You can directly refer people or you can buy referrals. The program is super confusing and there’s a ton of stipulations to getting your referrals earnings. I’ve done my best to cover the program in a simplified version.

Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are people that click on your link and sign up. To take advantage of the program you have to be a member for 15 days and have made 100 clicks on advertisements. After you meet these conditions there’s limitations on how many referrals you can have based on your account membership and how many ads you’ve clicked on.

If you can meet all the specifications you’ll earn 1% of your referrals purchases. The earnings are delayed 90 days as well.

Rented Referrals

Renting referrals is where you go out and buy the referrals. Of course there’s very little requirements to do this compared to direct referrals, because Neobux is making money off you renting referrals. Basically you’ll pay for a pack of referrals and you’ll earn a percentage of their earnings for 30 day.

NeoBux Golden Account

NeoBux does have a level of membership that you can purchase to grant more access and decrease the limitations on the site. Personally I don’t recommend upgrading, but if you’re set on joining this site it may be something you need to do.

To upgrade it costs anywhere from $40-$650, depending on what level you’re currently at.

Some of the advantages are more ads to view, no limit on the number of referrals you have, lower cash out amount, and quicker payments.

Like I said this seems to be an outrageous amount of money to pay for a site that pays you less then 1 cent to view an ad. I don’t recommend upgrading.

NeoBux Complaints & Concerns

Minimum Cash Out Increase

I’ve honestly never seen any site that does this. Every time you cash out the minimum goes up $1. Luckily they did put a limit of $10 being the highest cash out amount, but still it sucks that you’ll have to earn more to get paid every time you cash out. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something I’ve never seen before, and it just makes it harder to get your money.

Direct Referrals: Hoops to Jump Through

I’ll be honest. On every extra income site that I promote, 95% of my earnings comes from directly referring others to the site. Well with Neobux you’ll have to meet so many requirements that it’s almost not worth referring other people too.

Of course you can pay $600 and eliminate most of the hoops, but that’s ridiculous on a site that pays you pennies to view websites.

Golden Membership: Paying For Upgrades

I really hate when “free” sites offer and upgraded version. Really all that does is limit the free version and eventually requires you to upgrade to make good money because of some limitation. I will say you can still join for free, make money, and get paid. But it’s much more difficult then with a paid account.

I do not recommend the paid account in any way. If you’re interested, join for free. If you’re not okay with the small income, then look elsewhere for some extra income.

Is NeoBux Legit Or A Complete Scam?

NeoBux is a completely legit site that’s scam free. But I have a lot of complaints with this site. I really wish there was not a paid membership, because when they do that they always limit the free account so much that it’s almost not worth joining. You can still join for free and make money, but there’s a lot of limitations on the account. Especially if you plan on referring others and making a good amount of money through referrals. To do this you almost must have a paid account.

With that in mind, you can join NeoBux here, but know that there’s much better ways to earn an extra income and that there’s going to be limitations on your account unless you pay a large amount of money to upgrade your account.

If you don’t want to deal with all this BS and would like to work at home as your own boss, check out how I do this with My #1 Recommendation. You can even try for completely free.

Do you think NeoBux is a scam? Are you a happy Neobux member? Let me hear your story in the comments section below!


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