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Work At Home Making Calls For Upcall: Upcaller Review

If you have experience making calls and dealing with customers working as a caller for UpCall might be perfect for you. UpCall is a company that was started in the middle of 2016 that hires callers to work at home making lead, sales, and customer service calls.

At this time, it’s only available in the US and they pay $15 per hour on the phone plus bonuses.

They do have some requirements and an application process, but as long as you speak clearly and have the necessary equipment it’s easy to get approved.

Working as a caller is extremely flexible, you can work as much or little as you want and only on the projects that you like.

In this UpCaller Review I’ll cover the requirements, application process, how the job works, pay and feedback from other callers.

UpCaller Requirements

At this time the requirements to apply as an UpCaller are a desktop or laptop computer, a microphone (built into the computer is fine,) a reliable internet connection, and a quiet room.

At this time they only accept callers in the US but do say they’d like to expand.

It does ask if you have any call center experience but does not say it’s required.

UpCaller Application Process

The first step is to visit UpCaller.com and sign up using your name, email, and phone number, you’ll also be prompted to create a password. Next, you’ll make sure your browser is up to date, create and create a short bio on your experience. Next, you’ll choose fluent languages, how many years experience, how many hours you’re available each week, and industries of expertise.

Once you’re done the next step is recording your introduction. You need to make sure you have a high-quality headset and that you’re in a quite room. Record a short introduction about yourself, experience, and how you can help customers.

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Once you record your message you have a chance to listen and re-record if necessary. Once you’re happy submit the recording and the application process is complete.

UpCaller will be in touch with the status of your application within 10 business days, but occasionally within 24 hours.

If you’re accepted you’re required to do a few mock phone calls before you’re hired and can begin joining campaigns.

Working As an UpCaller

Finding Campaigns

Once you’re accepted as an UpCaller you can log in to your account and see all of the available campaigns. The campaign clearly states the company, what type of calling you’ll do, available times to call, the goals and objectives of the campaign, and the requirements to receive bonuses.

If you find a campaign you’d like to work on you can apply. The company will take a look at your profile, experience, and past work on the site.

If you’re approved, you’ll be able to make calls within the set hours the campaign is available.

Making Calls

Once you’re approved for a campaign you can begin to make calls. All calls are made within the UpCaller Website and they do a very good job of giving you easy props to follow. You can see an example of a call below:

Once you complete all the information you can end the call and start a new call. You’ll get paid $.25 per rounded up minute on the phone (I go into detail on pay in the next section.)

I’ve received several screenshots of the back-end program that callers use to make to join campaigns and make calls I’ve included them all below.

UpCaller Pay

UpCall pays their callers $.25 per minute for answered call plus commissions and tips. UpCall pays via PayPal at any time, but they do limit you to one cash out per week. Just to clarify, you’re not paid $15 per hour, you’re paid $15 per hour spent on the phone either talking to a customer or leaving a voicemail.

Some of the campaigns include sales so if you make sales you’ll earn a percentage of each sale, which they call commissions.

It says that tips are handed out by the campaign manager at their discretion. I’m not sure how often it happens, but you could get tips if you put out great work.

You’re hired as an independent contractor, meaning if you make over $600 in a year you’ll need to report the income come tax time.

UpCaller Schedule

The schedule of an UpCaller seems to be flexible. From what I can tell there’s not a minimum requirement on how much you work.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the campaigns want you calling during businesses hours so this is not an opportunity to do late at night.

Also, at this time you’re only allowed to make calls during the week, but they say they’ll be expanding to Saturdays here soon.

Is Working For UpCall A Scam?

Working for UpCall as an UpCaller is not a scam, it’s a completely legitimate work at home job. As long as you have the required equipment and have some experience dealing with customers over the phone, you should be able to get approved and start working.

One thing I’d like to point out again is that all campaigns differ. If you don’t want to do sales calls, just don’t apply for those campaigns. You should be able to find plenty of work even if you don’t enjoy sales.

If you’re interested in joining UpCall visit their website UpCall.com to start the application process. Remember you’ll need a built-in microphone or a headset to apply. I’d recommend this headset if you don’t already have one.


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Thank you for taking the time to read my UpCaller Review. If you have any questions or have experience with the company, please leave comments below!


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