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What’s New For Full Time Job From Home in 2015

full time job from home 1 year Full Time Job From Home is officially 1 Year Old! It has been a great first year for my website and I want to start off this update thanking everyone who has ever visited my website. I want to thank all of my email subscribers and social media followers. It’s been a great year and it’s all because of you.

2015 is going to be an even better year for Full Time Job From Home. In October of 2014 you probably noticed that the design, logo, and color scheme of the site has changed. For now that is here to stay, but don’t worry 2015 will bring a lot of great changes that will be much better than a simple logo change.

I have put together this post to keep everyone informed on exactly what will be going on over the next year. Read on to learn more about what to expect from Full Time Job From Home in 2015


The format of my reviews are staying the same for the most part, but if you have followed my site you would notice that in 2014 I posted 1 review a week on each Monday. In 2015 I am kicking it up a notch and will be posting 6 reviews each week. Who knows there might even be more throughout some months, but for now the schedule will be a brand new review on Monday through Saturday.

Other than posting more reviews nothing will change I will still be reviewing money-making online opportunities and scams. If you have suggestions for companies you would like me to review comment on this post!

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Email Subscribers

Throughout 2014 I usually sent out one email each week updating you on the new post for the week. Although in 2015 I will be posting 6 times a week or more I don’t want to send that many emails out. The plan for now will be to keep the one email a week format, but make it a weekly overview and inform you of all the posts that week.

The reason for this is simple, I don’t want to be someone spamming up your inbox. I want my emails to be read and informative of what’s new at Full Time Job From Home. I think for now the best way to do this is by keeping it all in one email. This may change but I won’t be sending you more than a couple emails each week.

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Redesigned 5 Day Course

One of the most popular things on my website is my 5 Day Training course. I plan on redesigning the course in early 2015 to make it even better and to help teach you exactly how you can build your own business online.

The course will still teach about building a website and using affiliate marketing to make money with the website. It will also still follow along with the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

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YouTube & Social Media

In November of 2014 I started a Brand New YouTube Channel. The channel has reviews of online money-making products and opportunities. It also has short videos that gives tips on how to make money online. Subscribe to my channel here.

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how to make money online

Using YouTube and video marketing is new to me, but I am extremely excited to see how it grows by business and I would love for you to subscribe.

The rest of my social media accounts will stay the same. I will be sharing great content that has to do with making money online and then sprinkling in a few of my posts to go along with it.

If you aren’t following me on social media I highly recommend it. I will soon be telling you a bit more about some products that I will be creating and I will be giving away free copies throughout my social media accounts.



Google +



New Getting Started On YouTube Course

I mentioned above that I recently started a YouTube Channel. So far it has been pretty successful for finding new customers and driving visitors to my website. So along with my 5 Day Get Started Making Money Online Course. I will be creating a Free video course on how you can get started on YouTube.

The purpose of this course is not to learn how to make viral videos and make money off of ads, but to create quality videos and how to optimize your videos to get ranked on YouTube and by Google. This will ultimately lead to more traffic to your website or product.

At this point in time I plan on releasing this course sometime mid 2015. But don’t worry once it’s done I will be sending out social media updates and emails to keep you informed.

Brand New Training Products

One of the biggest changes happening in 2015 will be me releasing my own training products. As of now I do have the free course available, but all of my reviews are about other people’s products. In mid 2015 I plan on releasing a few different training programs that will be available to buy on my website. Don’t worry none of these products are going to be expensive. But I will be charging $10 or less for a kick back on my time.

As of now the products I plan to release are:

  • Advanced Techniques To Drive Traffic From YouTube
  • Growing Your Twitter Following & Increasing Engagement
  • Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business
  • How To Increase Facebook Engagement
  • How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

At this point in time I have no date set for any of these products and who knows if I will create them all in 2015 or not, but I have a good deal of knowledge in all of these subjects and would love to share these with you on my website.

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2015 Will Be A Great Year For All Of Us

Thank you all for reading this update. As you can see there is going to be a lot of new changes and more great content coming to you this year! I created this website and update it regularly for you the reader so I want to hear your feedback. If there are things you want to hear about or suggestions on what you want to see in 2015 please comment on this post and I will take all suggestions to heart.

I can’t wait to share the rest of the year with all of you and look forward to your feedback and helping each and every one of you make money online. 2015 is going to be a year of huge growth for Full Time Job From Home and I hope you will continue to follow my site and start making money online yourself! 🙂

To a Great Year,



My name is Brok and I am the Owner of Full Time Job From Home. I started making money online in 2013 and created this site to teach others how they can do the same. To see exactly how I make money online visit Start A Profitable Blog

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