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PaysForever Scam Review: Do Not Get Involved

paysforever scam reviewCompany:

Price: $39 Fee

Score: 15 Out Of 100

Recommended: No

If you came to this review you’re wondering if PaysForever is a scam. To be honest this company is not a scam at all, but it’s not a great way to make money online. There are thousands of programs online, just like Pays Forever that work the same. Most of them are legit, but you will find that there is a lot better ways to make money online then this.

In this PaysForever Scam Review we will take a look at how the program works, what I did and didn’t like about it, and some great alternatives to help you make money online.

PaysForever Review: How It Works

Pays Forever is a classic pyramid scheme. With these types of money-making systems you will find that you need on top of the pyramid to make a lot of money and all you do is let all the people under you on the pyramid bring in the cash. Problem is the pyramid is already huge and you most likely will never be at the top or even near it. Programs like this usually require a ton of work from you and it usually only ends up making other people money.

But let’s get into exactly how this program works.

  1. It cost $39 to join the Pays Forever Program $20 goes to the person that referred you and $19 goes to the administrator so whoever made this program is bringing in some cash for doing nothing
  2. The whole point of this system is to get others to join through your referral link. This earns you commissions, but there are some terms below.
  3. The first referral or sale that you make won’t earn you any money. The $20 you would have earn actually goes to the person who referred you.
  4. Every sale starting with your 2nd sale will earn you $20 in commissions
  5. Also when one of your sales refers their first person you get that $20 commission.

So the process of this is really easy. To make money with this you need to be referring others and to make a good amount of money your referrals also need to all get sales. This system is not a scam and if done correctly it can make you decent money. Problem is you will not be taught the correct way to get a ton of referrals and the training they do give you won’t work.

What I Liked

Actually Honest

The thing I really liked about this program is they actually give you realistic earning expectations and don’t try to hype up their program on their sales page. Their sales page basically only has the information that you just read in the section above, which is a huge surprise because there is usually at least one false statement or a video that tells you how rich this program will make you.

What I Don’t Like

Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Schemes really have a bad rep and it’s for good reason. Is it impossible to make a lot of money from this program, No, but people really underestimated the amount of work it really will require to make a good income from this opportunity. First off your first sale makes you $0 and every sale after that makes you $20, but let’s say you make one sale every couple of days. That’s $300 a month. To really see a good income you’re going to need to make multiple sales each day and with this system there is no training on how to do that.

You’re probably thinking, but the people I refer are going to make me money too. But that money is not guaranteed. Most people who try this program will give up way before they come close to making their first sale.

PaysForever and the Pyramid Scheme in general requires a ton of work from you and really isn’t a good long-term business model, but I am not saying you can’t make some money with this program. There is just better ways to do so!

Where To Find People To Refer

Here is the problem with most pyramid schemes. People don’t know where to find people to refer. A lot of people use social media and post to their friends and family. Some people don’t like bothering their friends and family and even if you’re okay with it, eventually you will run out of friends and family to refer.

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how to make money online

Another way that PaysForever gives you is a pre made website that basically is a one page website that is a sales page. Problem here is everyone has the same website so Google looks at it as duplicate content. Also Google and other search engines no longer like sites that are one page and have no other content on them. Your website won’t be found in search results which means no traffic and no sales.

No Training

The only real way to get a lot of sales without bothering your friends and family would be have you own website, kind of like the one you’re on now. Like I mentioned above Google doesn’t rank sites like a one page website, but it does rank sites that have a ton of great content like mine. PaysForever does set you up to fail because there is no training on how to get referrals and without a great website that you create yourself you won’t see much income from this opportunity.

Final Verdict

I gave PaysForever a 20 Out of 100 and I do not recommend joining this program. There is better ways to make money online and I would suggest staying away from pyramid schemes completely. I am not saying you could not make your original investment back plus a bit extra, but it will require a ton of work.

The only reason I gave this program a 20 is because they were honest about the earnings expectations and exactly how their program worked. It’s good to see that they were not trying to scam you so Pays Forever is not a scam, but I do not recommend it.

What To Do Now?

You know that I do not recommend Pays Forever, but I’ve already talked about a way that I do recommend making money online. That way is building your own website and making money off referrals and with affiliate marketing.

It’s exactly how I make money online and you can do it too. If you’re interested in creating your own website visit Start Your Own Online Business. 

If you don’t think that is what you’re looking for you can check out some of my scam free online jobs.

Thank you for reading my PaysForever Scam Review. If you’re already part of this program, don’t worry you’re not involved with a scam, but you still should check out the links above to find a better way to make money online.


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