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What Is A Google Alert

What Is A Google Alert? What Is A  Google Alert

A Google Alert is a tool powered by non other than Google. It’s one of many useful tools that Google offers to all of us for Free. The Google Alerts systems main function is to show you when there has been a content change or new content added on a subject of your choosing. Google will send these alerts straight to your email account with a link to the new content.

I want to mention there is a website out there with a similar URL that offers the same type of services, but for a fee. Google Alerts is a FREE tool offered by Google make sure to visit: Google Alerts

I use Google alerts for mentions of my website name on the web and for new topics related to my niche. I am going to show you how to set up a Google Alert Properly in this tutorial.

How To Set Up A Google Alert

1) Visit Google Alerts

2) Add Search Query: In this section add the keywords that you would like to get updates on. Keep in mind if you enter a very broad term you will get more results that don’t apply. The more targeted your search is the best results you will receive.

3) Choose Results Type: You can choose the format of the results. You can choose news, blogs, discussion, video, and books. If you would like all forms choose everything. I recommend keeping it on everything.

4) Choose How Often You Want To Receive Alerts: In this section you have the options of as it happens, once a day, and once a week. This setting controls the frequency of the alerts sent by Google.

5) Choose How Many Results: Here you can choose only best results or all results. I would suggest keeping it on only best results to keep your search narrow and to improve the results

6) Deliver To: In this section you can choose what email will receive the alerts. By default Google will send alerts to the Gmail account your logged into. If you have multiple Gmail accounts tied together each email will be an option. You can also decided to have them delivered to your Feed.

7) Click On Create Alert: Once you’ve completed the steps above click on Create Alert. You will be taken to a page with all the alerts you have created. You may edit or delete alerts by clicking on the proper button to the right.

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I hope this helps give you an overview of Google Alerts. This is a great tool used to see exactly whats going on in your niche everywhere on the web. If you have any questions please comment below.

Thank you for reading this post on what is a Google Alert. Make sure to comment with thoughts and questions and don’t forget to share with your friends. The information that can be gained from Google Alerts is irreplaceable if you run an online business or do internet marketing.



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